Publications 2017

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A desktop extreme ultraviolet microscope based on a compact laser-plasma light source Wachulak, P., A. Torrisi, A. Bartnik, L. Wegrzynski, T. Fok, H. Fiedorowicz Appl. Phys. B 123, 25 2017
A stand-alone compact EUV microscope based on gas-puff target source Torrisi, A.; P. Wachulak, L. Wegrzynski, T. Fok, A. Bartnik, T. Parkman, S. Vondrova, J. Turnova, B. Jankiewicz, B. Bartosewicz, H. Fiedorowicz J. Microsc. 264, 251 2017
Age or ischemia uncouples the blood flow response, tissue acidosis, and direct current potential signature of spreading depolarization in the rat brain Menyhárt, A., D. Zölei-Szénási, T. Puskás, P. Makra, F. Bari, and E. Farkas Advances in Cardiovascular Geroscience 313, H328-H337 2017
Altered Adipogenesis in Zebrafish Larvae Following High Fat Diet and Chemical Exposure Is Visualised by Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy. Den Broeder, M.J., M.J.B. Moester, J.H. Kamstra, P.H. Cenijn, V. Davidoiu, L.M. Kamminga, F. Ariese, J.F. De Boer, J. Legler Int. J. Mol. Sci. 18, 894 2017
An Optical Setup for the Study of Mechanotransduction in Living Cells at the Single Molecule Level Sergides, M., T. Galgani, C. Arbore, F. S. Pavone, M. Capitanio Biophys. J. 112 (3) Supplement 1, 588a 2017
ATP sensing in living plant cells reveals tissue gradients and stress dynamics of energy physiology De Col, V, P Fuchs, T Nietzel, M Elsässer, CP Voon, A Candeo, I Seeliger, MD Fricker, C Grefen, IM Møller, A Bassi, BL Lim, M Zancani, AJ Meyer, A Costa, S Wagner, M Schwarzländer eLife 6, e26770 2017
Bioimaging using full field and contact EUV and SXR microscopes with nanometer spatial resolution Wachulak, P., A. Torrisi, M. Ayele, J. Czwartos, A. Bartnik, L. Wegrzynski, T. Fok, T. Parkman, S. Salacova, J. Turnova, M. Odstrcil, H. Fiedorowicz Appl. Sci. 7, 548 2017
Bodipy-squaraine triads: Preparation and study of the intramolecular energy transfer, charge separation and intersystem crossing Dong, Y. A. Iagatti, P. Foggi, J. Zhao, G. Mazzone, K. Xu, W. Ji, M. Di Donato, N. Russo Dyes and Pigments 147, 560-572 2017
Delineating the anatomy of the ciliary body using hybrid optical and photoacoustic imaging Avtzi, S.; G.J. Tserevelakis; M.K. Tsilimbaris; G. Zacharakis J. of Biomedical Optics 22, 060501 2017
Demonstrating Improved Multiple Transport‐Mean‐Free‐Path Imaging Capabilities of Light Sheet Microscopy in the Quantification of Fluorescence Dynamics Rieckher, M., S.E. Psycharakis, D. Ancora, E. Liapis, A. Zacharopoulos, J. Ripoll, N. Tavernarakis, G. Zacharakis Biotechnol. J. 13, 1700419 2017
Depth sensitivity of frequency domain optical measurements in diffusive media Binzoni, T., A. Sassaroli, A. Torricelli, L. Spinelli, A. Farina, T. Durduran, S. Cavalieri, A. Pifferi, and F. Martelli Biomed. Opt. Express 8, 2990-3004 2017
Development of a 3-dimensional tissue lung phantom of a preterm infant for optical measurements of oxygen—Laser-detector position considerations Larsson, J., P. Liao, P. Lundin, E. Krite Svanberg, J. Swartling, M. Lewander Xu, J. Bood, S. Andersson-Engels J. Biophotonics, e201700097 2017
Direct imaging of APP proteolysis in living cells Parenti N, Del Grosso A, Antoni C, Cecchini M, Corradetti R, Pavone FS, Calamai M PeerJ 5, e3086 2017
Distinction between breast cancer cell subtypes using third harmonic generation microscopy Gavgiotaki, E. et al. J. Biophoton. 2017
Ectopic fat deposition contributes to age-associated pathology in Caenorhabditis elegans Palikaras, K. et al. J. Lip. Res. 58, 72-80 2017
Effectiveness of Autologous Fat Grafting in Adherent Scars: Results Obtained by a Comprehensive Scar Evaluation Protocol Jaspers, M E. H.; Brouwer, K. M.; van Trier, A. J. M.; Groot, M.L., Middelkoop, E. Van Zuijlen, P Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 139, 212-219 2017
Electrical defects of the transverse-axial tubular system in cardiac diseases Crocini, C., C. Ferrantini, R. Coppini, L. Sacconi J. Physiol. 595, 3815–3822 2017
Elemental and molecular analysis of metal containing biomolecules using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and sonic spray ionization mass spectrometry: A step towards full integration and simultaneous analysis Marmatakis, K., S. A. Pergantis, D. Anglos Spectroc. Acta B 126, 103-109 2017
Extracting morphologies from third harmonic generation images of structurally normal human brain tissue Zhang, Z., N. V. Kuzmin, M. L. Groot, and J. C. de Munck Bioinformatics 33, 1712-1720 2017
Fiber-probe optical spectroscopy discriminates normal brain from focal cortical dysplasia in pediatric subjects Anand, S., R. Cicchi, F. Giordano, A. M. Buccoliero, V. Conti, R. Guerrini, and F. S. Pavone Proc. SPIE 10050, 1005005 2017
Fluorescence Diffusion in the Presence of Optically Clear Tissues in a Mouse Head Model Ancora, D., A. Zacharopoulos, J. Ripoll, G. Zacharakis IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 36, 1086-1093 2017
Fluorescence Properties of Chlorella sp. Algae Teplicky, T. et al. Adv. Electr. Electron. Eng. 15, 352 2017
High-Resolution Morphological Approach to Analyse Elastic Laminae Injuries of the Ascending Aorta in a Murine Model of Marfan Syndrome López-Guimet, J., J. Andilla, P. Loza-Alvarez & G. Egea Sci. Rep. 7, 1505 2017
Hybrid subtractive-additive-welding microfabrication for lab-on-chip applications via single amplified femtosecond laser source Jonušauskas, L., S. Rekštyte, R. Buividas, S. Butkus, R. Gadonas, S. Juodkazis, and M. Malinauskas Opt. Eng. 56, 094108 2017
Imaging tissue-mimic with light sheet microscopy: A comparative guideline Andilla, J., Jorand, R., Olarte, O. et al. Sci. Rep. 7, 44939 2017
Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Quantifies Calcium Oscillations in Root Hairs of Arabidopsis thaliana Candeo, A., F. G. Doccula, G. Valentini, A. Bassi, and A. Costa Plant Cell Physiol. 58, 1161-1172 2017
Lysosomal tracking with a cationic naphthalimide using multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy Li, M., H. Ge, V. Mirabello, R.L. Arrowsmith, G. Kociok-Köhn, S.W. Botchway, W. Zhu, S.I. Pascu and T.D. James Chem. Commun. 53, 11161-11164 2017
Macroscopic Domains within oriented TQ1 Film visualized by 2D Polarization Imaging Täuber, D.; W. Cai, O. Inganäs, and I. G. Scheblykin ASC Omega 2, 32-40 2017
Mapping the orientation of corneal sutural lamellae by means of backward-scattered SHG microscopy Mercatelli, R., F. Ratto, F. Tatini, F. Rossi, L. Menabuoni, R. Nicoletti, R. Pini, F. S. Pavone, and R. Cicchi Proc. SPIE 10069, 100690B 2017
Multimodal Probes: Superresolution and Transmission Electron Microscopy Imaging of Mitochondria, and Oxygen Mapping of Cells, Using Small-Molecule Ir(III) Luminescent Complexes Shewring, J.R., A.J. Cankut, L.K. McKenzie, B.J. Crowston, S.W. Botchway, J.A. Weinstein, E. Edwards, M.D. Ward Inorg. Chem. 56, 15259-15270 2017
Nanoscale imaging applications of soft X-ray microscope based on a gas-puff target source Wachulak, P. W., A. Torrisi, A. Bartnik, L. Wegrzynski, T. Fok, H. Fiedorowicz J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 849, 012050 2017
Nearly Aberration-Free Multiphoton Polymerization into Thick Photoresist Layers Horváth, B., P. Ormos and L. Kelemen Micromachines 8, 219 2017
Optical mapping of neuronal activity during seizures in zebrafish Turrini, L., C. Fornetto, G. Marchetto, M. C. Müllenbroich, N. Tiso, A. Vettori, F. Resta, A. Masi, G. Mannaioni, F. S. Pavone & F. Vanzi Sci. Rep. 7, 3025 2017
Optically Clear and Resilient Free-Form μ-Optics 3D-Printed via Ultrafast Laser Lithography Jonusauskas, L., D. Gailevicius, L. Mikoliunaite, D. Sakalauskas, S. Sakirzanovas, S. Juodkazis, M. Malinauskas Materials 10, 12 2017
Phase-Retrieved Tomography enables Mesoscopic imaging of Opaque Tumor Spheroids Ancora, D., D. Di Battista, G. Giasafaki, S. E. Psycharakis, E. Liapis, J. Ripoll, G. Zacharakis Sci. Rep. 7, 11854 2017
Photoacoustic imaging methodology for the optical characterization of contact lenses Tserevelakis, G.J., M. Tsagkaraki, M.K. Tsilimbaris, S. Plainis, and G. Zacharakis Opt. Lett. 42, 4111-4114 2017
Photoacoustic imaging reveals hidden underdrawings in paintings Tserevelakis, G.J., I. Vrouvaki, P. Siozos, K. Melessanaki, K. Hatzigiannakis, C. Fotakis and G. Zacharakis Sci. Rep. 7, 747 2017
Probing single processive molecular motors with high-speed optical tweezers and fluorescence microscopy Gardini, L., F. S. Pavone, M. Capitanio Proc. SPIE 10071, 1007111 2017
Quantitative assessment of passive electrical properties of the cardiac T-tubular system by FRAP microscopy Scardiglia, M., C. Crocini, C. Ferrantini, T. Gabbrielli, L. Silvestri, R. Coppini, C. Tesi, E. A. Rog-Zielinska, P. Kohl, E. Cerbai, C. Poggesi, F. S. Pavone, and L. Sacconi PNAS 114, 5737-5742 2017
Quantitative comparison of 3D third harmonic generation and fluorescence microscopy images, Zhang, Z., N. V. Kuzmin, M. L. Groot, and J. C. de Munck J. Biophotonics 2017
RAPID: Real-time image-based autofocus for all wide-field optical microscopy systems Silvestri, L., M. C. Muellenbroich, I. Costantini, A. P. Di Giovanna, L. Sacconi, F. S. Pavone bioRxiv, 170555 2017
Relevant aspects of unmixing/resolution analysis for the interpretation of biological vibrational hyperspectral images Olmos, V., L. Benítez,M. Marro, P. Loza-Alvarez, B. Piña, R. Tauler, A. de Juan TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 94, 130-140 2017
Single Molecule Characterisation of the Molecular Motor Myosin Vb Gardini, L.; Heissler, Sarah M.; Arbore, Claudia; Sellers, James R.; Pavone, Francesco S.; Capitanio, Marco Biophys. J. 112 (3), Supplement 1, 264a-265a 2017
Single-molecule observation of DNA compaction by meiotic protein SYCP3 Syrjänen JL, I Heller, A Candelli, OR Davies, EJG Peterman, GJL Wuite, L Pellegrini eLife 6, e22582 2017
Soft x-ray imaging with incoherent sources Wachulak, P., A. Torrisi, M. Ayele, A. Bartnik, J. Czwartos, Ł. Węgrzyński, T. Fok, T. Parkman, Š. Vondrová, J. Turnová, M. Odstrcil, H. Fiedorowicz Proc. SPIE 10243, 102430O 2017
STED imaging performance estimation by means of Fourier transform analysis Merino, D., A. Mallabiabarrena, J. Andilla, D. Artigas, T. Zimmermann, and P. Loza-Alvarez Biomed. Opt. Express 8, 2472-2482 2017
Super-Resolution Nanoscopy Imaging Applied to DNA Double-Strand Breaks D'Abrantes, S., S. Gratton, P. Reynolds, V. Kriechbaumer, J. McKenna, S. Barnard, D. T. Clarke, S. W. Botchway Radiation Research 189, 19-31 2017
Time domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy with a high coherence pulsed source: in vivo and phantom results Pagliazzi, M., S. Konugolu Venkata Sekar, L. Colombo, E. Martinenghi, J. Minnema, R. Erdmann, D. Contini, A. Dalla Mora, A. Torricelli, A. Pifferi, and T. Durduran Biomed. Opt. Express 8, 5311-5325 2017
Time-domain diffuse optics using bioresorbable fibers: a proof-of-principle study Di Sieno, L., et al. Proc. SPIE 10413, 104130E 2017
Twenty-five years of optical coherence tomography: the paradigm shift in sensitivity and speed provided by Fourier domain OCT [Invited] de Boer, J. F., R. Leitgeb, and M. Wojtkowski Biomed. Opt. Express 8, 3248-3280 2017
Whole-brain vasculature reconstruction at the single capillary level Di Giovanna, A. P., A. Tibo, L. Silvestri, M. C. Muellenbroich, I. Costantini, A. L. A. Mascaro, L. Sacconi, P. Frasconi, F. S. Pavone bioRxiv, 191502 2017