Research Topics

research topics


What can be studied with lasers?

Lasers are indispensable and most versatile high-tech tools in most areas of sciences, life sciences and technologies. The laboratories in Laserlab-Europe develop lasers and laser-driven light sources and use them for research in many different areas of science, such as biology and biotechnology, medicine, materials science, chemistry, environmental sciences, fundamental physics as well as emerging technologies.

Laser Science for Society

The research conducted within Laserlab-Europe ranges from fundamental science to technology-driven research and applied science. One of the distinguishing characteristics between these types of research is the time it takes for the findings published in scientific papers to find application in society. For fundamental science this delay can be quite long. History teaches, however, that many results from the fundamental science of today might form the basis for solving the 'grand challenges' of society in the future. In contrast with more fundamental types of science, the societal relevance of applied science is usually clear at first sight. Many projects performed by Laserlab members give examples of applications in a wide range of fields that rightfully deserve the label 'Science for Society'.