Laserlab's Services for Industry

Laser light reflecting on UFI mirrors. Ultrafast Innovations GmbH (UFI)
was founded as a
spin-off from Laserlab partner MPQ. ©UFI

Advanced laser sources and associated technologies enable a wide range of novel applications with high industrial and social impact, such as bio-and nanophotonics, (bio)material analyses, (bio)medical diagnosis and treatment, communication and data processing. Laserlab-Europe aims to promote the use of laser research infrastructures by industrial researchers and to enhance technology and knowledge transfer between the research facilities and industry as well as medical centres in order to fully exploit the innovation potential of the participating research labs.


Laserlab-Europe's expertise at your service

Laserlab-Europe gives you access to a broad range of laser and photonics experts and state-of-the-art technology platforms at leading European research institutes, ready to support your R&D project. Explore our catalogue of expertise!

Expertise for industry sectors:
Semiconductor, photonics, electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, biomedical industry, automotive and aeronautics, precision manufacturing, etc.

Services offered:
Testing, characterisation, technology development, early stage product development, consultancy, technology transfer, etc. 


Industrial use of the Laserlab facilities

Laserlab-Europe offers the opportunity to use state-of-the-art laser research facilities in Europe for your company's R&D. The facilities are open for industry, either through proprietary access or through proposals evaluated by peer review based on scientific excellence. SMEs can benefit from European support.

Companies and medical centres are invited to submit research proposals through the Laserlab proposal submission tool. Instructions may be found in the section 'Using our Facilities'.


Your needs and questions

You are looking for support and/or a partner

  • to solve technical problems;
  • to test the feasibility of technological ideas;
  • to develop innovative technologies.

Complete the inquiry form and send it to the Laserlab contact team.


Laserlab events with industry

Workshop "Visions on Future Laser-based X-ray Science and Technology", 19-20 November 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Metrology of high power ultra-short pulse lasers: user and supplier perspectives, 10 May 2017, Berlin, Germany

Best practice for turning scientific results into innovative products and companies, 11 May 2017, Berlin, Germany


Industrial Advisory Committee

The Laserlab Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) will help define common fields of interest and supporting actions, such as:

  • opportunities for companies and medical centres to engage in Laserlab-Europe's research;
  • promotion of specialized training;
  • discussion platforms for specific technological issues and instrumentation.

The IAC comprises representatives of companies and Laserlab participants and will hold regular meetings to monitor progress and provide advice. The first IAC meeting was held in Paris on 4 May 2016.


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