Case Study Catalogue


Case Studies:

Validating a neonatal lung monitor - GPX Medical and LLC

Developing blueprints for realistic lung models, so that the lung monitor can be validated for use in monitoring pre-term babies.

Developing an XUV source for wafer lithography - ASML and LLC

Developing a new numerical tool was developed, modelling coherent XUV sources for use in wafer lithography.

Designing the Sylos attosecond laser system - VULRC and EKSPLA

Combining OPA with CPA to produce a more powerful laser without overheating internal components.

Diffractive beam splitters for surface texturing - HiLASE and HOLO/OR

Developing and testing a new category of diffractive beam splitters for efficient, large-area surface texturing.

Laser shock peening improves cavitation resistance - HiLASE and SIGMA GROUP

Improving the cavitation erosion resistance of pump parts, improving their lifespan.

Designing a dual spectroscopic NIR/fluorescence probe for continuous medical screening - ULF-FORTH and ANT Ltd

Designing a fibre-optic-based illumination and signal collection head for nanodrop tensio-spectroscopy