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Laser light, by virtue of control of coherence, differs fundamentally from natural light in terms of attainable power, intensity, pressure forces, pulse duration, monochromaticity, focusability, etc. This has made it the most versatile tool in almost all areas of science, engineering and medicine. Today, optical technologies and photonics have become key technologies of the 21st century with a world market volume for lasers alone of 4B€ annually. The market leverage through optics products for micro- and macro-processing, life sciences, communication, etc. is orders of magnitude higher. Consequently, laser research has become an important part of the science policy in all industrialised nations. Europe presently appears to be at the forefront, featuring an unparalleled breadth of academic institutions, national Research Infrastructures (RI), and the EU funded RI network Laserlab-Europe. In addition, Europe is preparing to establish the world's first multi-national, pan-European Laser RIs both in basic science, ELI, and in energy research, HiPER.

A number of major trends have been clearly emerging during the last few years in the field of lasers and their applications which have guided the Laserlab-Europe activities in laser research.

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