PHOTMAT - Photonic Techniques for Material Analysis, Nanoscience and Sensing

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Visualisation of CH in a turbulent flame using laser

The main objectives of this JRA are to integrate state of the art and newly developed photonic sources and technologies to provide frontier analytical capability in the temporal, spatial and compositional domains for Laserlab Users. The specific objectives are as follows:

Objective A: Develop stations with Advanced Vibrational Analytical Capability comprising nonlinear vibrational techniques such as degenerate four-wave mixing, laser induced fluorescence in mid-infrared spectral range, femtosecond (fs) stimulated Raman scattering combined with cytometry, (resonance) Raman spectroscopy with fluorescence gating capabilities and mid-IR frequency comb spectroscopy for trace gas sensing (Task.1).

Objective B: Develop stations with Advanced Temporal Analytical Capability including frontier systems for high-harmonic generation and attosecond temporal resolution capability, fs X-ray and electron diffraction, 2D electronic spectroscopy, ultrafast photoemission spectroscopy for a systematic study of electronic response of materials subjected to intense femtosecond laser irradiation and optical frequency comb spectroscopy, novel nano-imaging systems using coherent wavefront sensing and the extension of coherent imaging to attosecond metrology for characterization of complex photonic nanostructures (Task 2-3-4).

Objective C: Develop stations with Advanced Nanosensing Analytical Capability comprising scanning tunneling microscopy combined with sub-picosecond terahertz detection, photonic and plasmonic biosensors, miniaturized ultrasensitive fiber-top sensors for trace gases and their isotopes, novel plasmonic metamaterials for ultrasensitive bio-sensing (Task 5).

The above experimental stations will be applied individually or in combination by the partners and Users of the LASERLAB-EUROPE consortium to address topical issues, principally, in material characterisation and environmental sensing sciences.

Coordinator: Mike Towrie


Industrial Partner

Fastlite (SME), Amplitude Systems (SME), Amplitude Technology(SME), Femtolaser(SME), Optics11 (SME), Philips Innovation Services