LP3 (Marseille, France)

LP3 is a multidisciplinary academic laboratory of excellence. Its major activities focus on: i) generation of secondary sources such as hard X-ray by laser-induced plasma technology ii) fundamentals and technological research of laser-matter interactions and iii) development of laser-based processes. The main applications are related to laser structuration and fabrication with major outcomes in photonics, microelectronics, medicine and laser-based diagnostics.
Research highlights

Laboratoire Lasers Plasmas et Procédés Photoniques,
CNRS, Marseille, France



Contact: Olivier Uteza

Imaging and Diagnostics Techniques

We are able to perform elementary analysis of multi-element thin film materials by spectroscopy with extremely high precision and resolution (user access provided) [Anal. Chem. 91, 2544 (2019)].

Materials Science and Emergent Technology

LP3 masters Laser-Induced Forward Transfer additive stamping technology able to print a pixel of matter on a solid substrate with high resolution and flexibility allowing us to develop cutting-edge applications for microelectronics, photonics and in-vitro medical processes (user access provided) [Opt. Mater. Express 9, 3476 (2019)].

Plasma Physics and Secondary Sources

Using the ASUR platform, we study and operate pulsed hard X-ray sources induced by high peak-power high-average power laser sources with the perspective to develop imagery and X-ray diffraction diagnostics for material and life science [Sci. Rep. 10, 6766 (2020)] [Opt. Lett. 43, 3574 (2018)].

Emergent Technologies

We have developed a unique workstation to understand and develop laser inscription inside silicon bulk with IR short-pulse laser for exploring future 3D inscription applications in micro-electromechanics and silicon photonics. (user access provided) [Phys. Rev. Applied 12, 024009 (2019)] [Opt. Express 28, 26623 (2020)].

Laser Technology and Optics

We developed a well-mastered well-controlled metrology of laser damage addressing the technically-complex ultrashort regime with the perspective to benchmark new innovative robust materials and optical components for high peak-power laser installations (user access provided, collaboration and contracts with industry [Adv. Opt. Technol. 9, 131 (2020)].

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LP3 Laboratory is a Joint Research Unit of Aix-Marseille University (AMU) and CNRS. LP3 conducts original research on the physics of pulsed laser-matter interactions and the development of new laser-based processes. To develop its research, the laboratory relies on a staff of about thirty people (19 permanent staff) with diversified skills and expertise (optics and lasers, physics and material sciences, physical-chemist/biologist), and operates a rich and unique set of laser sources and advanced in-situ and ex-situ diagnostics.

Even if rather modest in size, the LP3 laboratory is a major national and international player in many fields of pulsed laser-matter interaction, including ablation and plasma diagnostics, LIBS spectroscopy, laser plasma X-ray source generation and in the development of innovative processes and laser-based procedures for the functionalization and transformation of matter. Recent achievements encompass 3D laser writing in silicon, 3D (sub)-micrometric additive printing, laser-synthesis of nanoparticles and development of theranostics processes, and (sub)micro-structuration of dielectrics materials. Moreover, the laboratory operates two high-tech laser platforms (ASUR: Applications of Ultra-Fast Sources and LaMP: Lasers for Micro-Processes) attracting local, national and international socio-economic actors from various horizons. This allows us developing a large volume of contracts which makes the lab a top partner for industry.

Services for industry
Materials manufacturers/environmental/agricolture and Food/Archology

Analysis - Expertise in Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy setup for monitoring with high precision (ppm) chemical composition of materials (can be important for any industry requesting material composition analysis from food security to diagnostics of contamination or acheology, etc.).

Photonics, Lasers

Characterization/technology development - Expertise in laser - matter interaction and experimental setup for measuring laser-induced damage threshold of materials and optics in ultrashort femtosecond regime.

Medical and pharmaceutical/Biotechnologies

Materials development/technology development - Expertise and setup for production of functionalized nanoparticles and nano-objects through electrospinning and/or ablation in liquids for applications in detection, plasmonics and biomedecine; capacity to characterize and functionalize them and then develop in collaboration with other Universities and Institutes applications for photonics, biology, pharmacy and medecine.

Biotechnologies/Medical technologies

Bioprinting - Expertise in additive laser fabrication of biological scaffolds for tissue engineering and study of biological in-vitro processes and systems

Photonics/lasers, Electronics, Semiconductors

Micromachining/Surface processing - Expertise and available setup for additive/substractive laser micro-machining and laser structuration of materials for applications in photonics and (opto)-electronics (functionalized dielectric and/or semiconductor components)

Equipment offered to external users

LP3 operates a large set of pulsed laser sources, from ns to fs, and from UV to near IR. It is also equipped for in-situ (high speed imaging, pump-probe, spectroscopy, etc.) and ex-situ (SEM, AFM, confocal and optical microscopes, ellipsometer, SNOM-RAMAN …) characterization of laser matter interaction, plasmas and samples. These facilities allow LP3 researchers to perform complete studies from well-mastered laser source to matter processing, sensing or imaging technologies, and laser-fabrication innovative demonstrators. Among the numerous (> 15) laser sources of LP3, it is worth noting that one is unique in the world: a 100 Hz – 10 TW- 25fs Ti:Sa laser (ASUR platform).

Other Information

Please have a look at our laser platforms and recent achievements illustrating high-tech lab equipment, knowledge and know-how of LP3 laboratory in fundamental and applied research.

ASUR Platform

LaMP Platform