Laserlab Newsletter

WP2: Publicity, Dissemination and Community Support

This activity activity deals with all aspects of external communication of Laserlab Europe, aiming to increase the awareness of the opportunities offered by the Consortium to scientists, potential Users in diverse scientific fields and to industry. It promotes the recognition of Laserlab-Europe and the impact of laser research in all areas of modern society. Dissemination of project results and their exploitation is to promoted. The involvement of national communities is strengthened by promotional and information activities of National Contact Points.

Additionally, a biannual newsletter is published and the results of the JRA and Access projects are disseminated.


WP3: Scientific and Technological Exchanges

The combined scientific and technical expertise of the Consortium is a core asset of Laserlab Europe, making it highly attractive for Users and supporting a leading role of European science in photonics research. Exchange on crucial scientific and technological issues of relevance for many partners and sharing of know-how and good practice are provided through activities such as

  • Bridge workshops, linking to other light source infrastructures and communities,
  • Thematic Networks on Extreme Intensity Laser Systems (NEILS), Data Analysis in Imaging and Spectroscopy (NAIS), and Data Management (NEDA),
  • Staff exchanges.


WP4: Training and Development of User Communities

Engagement and stimulation of growth of future generations of Users is one of the main tasks of Laserlab Europe. This work package is dedicated to the development and coordination of User training activities, as well as to the development of future User communities in the field of photonics and laser-related research and its applications. This will include the development of new laser User communities in domains of emerging and interdisciplinary science such as nano/biophotonics, ICT, materials research, biomedicine and biotechnology, environmental sciences, etc.


user meeting

WP5: Access Management and Monitoring Infrastructure-Users Connections

This activity aims at monitoring and improving the quality of services provided to Users by Access providing infrastructures at the Consortium level with substantial involvement of User Representatives. User Meetings bring together Users and potential Users, in order to facilitate and foster their exchanges across different disciplines and with the infrastructure operators.


WP6: Foresight and Sustainability Activities

Lasers and photonic-based techniques are omnipresent and indispensable in modern society and their role will even increase in the future. Foresight Activities aim to anticipate future strategic scientific, technological and innovation-related challenges with regard to laser science, technology and applications within the European research landscape of photonic-related installations, clusters of infrastructures and societies, and to enhance the long-term sustainability of cooperation within the Consortium.


WP7: International Relations

This activity area aims to establish links to laser-related communities and networks outside Europe with the aim to promote laser science and research beyond the European Research Area, to exchange information on best practices between Research Infrastructures, and to promote Access opportunities offered by Laserlab Europe to non-European users.


WP8: Innovation Management and Industry Relations

Advanced laser sources and associated technologies enable a wide range of novel applications with high industrial and social impact, such as bio-and nanophotonics, (bio)material analyses, (bio)medical diagnosis and treatment, communication and data processing. This is reflected also in the fact that photonics is recognised as a Key Enabling Technology within the framework of H2020. The objectives of this work package are to foster Laserlab Europe’s relations with industry and to implement supporting measures that will promote the use of laser RIs by industrial researchers, enhance technology and knowledge transfer and help to fully exploit the innovation potential of the participating research infrastructures.


Related Networks

Laserlab-Europe and its members cooperate with many other networks and activities that offer further opportunities for collaboration.