Foresight and Sustainability Activities

WP6 Coordinator: ICFO

Foresight Activities aim at anticipating future strategic scientific, technological and innovation-related challenges with regard to laser science, technology and applications, to adjust Laserlab-Europe’s strategic positioning within the European research landscape of photonic-related installations, clusters of infrastructures and societies, and to enhance the long-term sustainability of cooperation within the Consortium.

>> Call for interest / expert groups within Laserlab-Europe: Deadline for proposals: 15 November 2020

Foresight Workshops

Foresight meeting 2010

Laserlab-Europe Foresight Workshop on Opportunities with Future Laser-Based Technologies, 4 October 2022, Lausanne, Switzerland

Laserlab-Europe Foresight Workshop "Landscape Analysis of European Laser Science and Roadmap", 19 October 2022, Brno, Czech Republic

Past Workshops

Workshop "Visions on Future Laser-based X-ray Science and Technology", 19-20 November 2018, Barcelona, Spain

We are currently witnessing spectacular advances in laboratory and facility-based x-ray sources which enable a wide range of investigations with unprecedented time resolution and element specificity. The aim of this Laserlab-Europe foresight workshop is to assess the state of the art and to discuss visions for future opportunities in laser-based x-ray science through technological developments and novel methods for scientific investigations.