Networking Board


Networking activities are the glue that binds Laserlab-Europe together and, in addition, they link the Consortium to the user community and to the scientific community at large. Emphasis is put on the efficient exchange and transfer of know-how through development and sharing of best practices, staff exchanges, training activities, human resources development, and on enhanced collaborative research efforts among partner labs. Strategic issues concerning laser infrastructures and research within Europe as well as collaboration with networks in regions outside Europe are addressed through specific activities.

The Laserlab Networking Board supervises the quality and the smooth operation of the networking activities and co-ordinates the interaction between them. Questions, comments or suggestions from Members, Users and other interested persons are always welcome and highly encouraged. Please, contact any of the members of the Networking Board at the email addresses given below.


Partners Representative Responsibility /
Task / Role
ILC Dusan Chorvat (chair) Chair  Email
CLF Cristina Hernandez-Gomez  
FELIX Britta Redlich  Email
GSI Vincent Bagnoud  
ICFO Jens Biegert  Email
IST Goncalo Figueira  Email
LACUS Majed Chergui  
LIDYL Catalin Miron  
PALS Miroslav Krus  Email
LULI Sylvie Jacquemot  Email
Susan Quinn User representative  
Sandra Lang User rep. (substitute)