Management structure

Management Structure

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the ultimate decision-making body of the project. It consists of one representative of each Partner, who may appoint a permanent substitute. In addition, three User Representatives are Members of the General Assembly.


The coordinating institution is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Partners and the EC. This institution is responsible for the efficient implementation of the project and communication flow. The coordinating institution is CNRS, France, represented by Sylvie Jacquemot, LULI, the Coordinator of the project.

Management Board

The Management Board is the supervisory body for the execution of the project, in compliance with the directions and decisions of the General Assembly. The Management Board consists of nine members, including the Activity Board chairs, the Executive Director of Laserlab-Europe AISBL and one User Representative. The members are:

Sylvie Jacquemot, LULI (Coordinator)
John Collier, CLF (Vice Chair of the Management Board)
Britta Redlich, FELIX
Marc Vrakking, MBI
Pascal D'Oliveira, LIDYL (Chair of the Access Board)
Dusan Chorvat,  ILC (Chair of the Networking Board)
Philippe Zeitoun, LOA (Chair of the JRA Board)
John Collier, LLE-AISBL (Executive Director)
Rosa Weigand, UPM (User Representative)

Activity Boards

The Activity Boards manage the activities Transnational Access, Networking and Joint Research and support the Management Board in supervising the implementation of the activities of the project.

Access Board - Chair: Pascal D'Oliveira, LIDYL

Networking Board - Chair: Dusan Chorvat,  ILC

JRA Board - Chair: Cord Arnold, LLC

Administrative Unit

The Administrative Unit assists the Management Board and the Coordinator in all administrative tasks. The office is located at MBI, Berlin, Germany.

Committee of User Representatives

The Committee of User Representatives delegates User Representatives to the project bodies and represents the interests of the European User community.

Industrial Advisory Committee

The Industrial Advisory Committee provides advice and assists the Consortium with regard to exploitation and innovation opportunities.