Publications 2016

Title Author Reference Year Url / DOI
7 µm, ultrafast, sub-millijoule-level mid-infrared optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier pumped at 2 µm Sanchez, D., M. Hemmer, M. Baudisch, S. L. Cousin, K. Zawilski, P. Schunemann, O. Chalus, C. Simon-Boisson, and J. Biegert Optica 3, 147-150 2016
Chirped pulse amplification in an extreme-ultraviolet free-electron laser Gauthier, D. et. al. Nature Communications 7, 13688 2016
Close to transform-limited, few-cycle 12 µJ pulses at 400 kHz for applications in ultrafast spectroscopy Furch, F.J., A. Giree, F. Morales, A. Anderson, Y. Wang, C.P. Schulz, M.J.J. Vrakking Opt. Express 24, 19293-19310 2016
Generalized projection retrieval of dispersion scans for ultrashort pulse characterization Miranda, M., J. Penedones, C. Guo, A. Harth, M. Louisy, L. Neoricic, A. L'Huillier, C. L. Arnold arXiv:1610.04502 [physics.optics] 2016
High power multi-color OPCPA source with simultaneous femtosecond deep-UV to mid-IR outputs Baudisch, M., B. Wolter, M. Pullen, M. Hemmer, and J. Biegert Opt. Lett. 41, 3583-3586 2016