Intra-Consortium exchanges

Intra-Consortium exchanges

Objective: Fostering the organisation of staff exchange and joint experiments by scientists or technicians from several Laserlab Infrastructures in order to increase the intra-consortium exchange of know-how.

There are three different lines of networking activities:

a) Joint experiments

Joint experiments help and encourage experiments jointly proposed and conducted by scientists from several Laserlab members. The objective is to reinforce the scientific collaboration between these Laserlab-Europe partners and to gather their expertise in order to carry out very ambitious research studies at the forefront of their scientific domain. An experiment may be performed at the most suitable facility or at several facilities with complementary contributions. Proposals may be submitted any time through the access proposal management system. They will be evaluated by an external selection panel with regard to scientific excellence. Proposals for Joint Experiments are eligible only if they are not related to research topics of JRAs in which both partners of the planned joint experiment participate. (In such a case, the visits can be made within the JRA.)

These experiments must not be confused with access provided for external users only. Nevertheless, the administrative procedures for submission and evaluation of the applications are managed by the same electronic system. Therefore, please apply as if you were an external user, but mark the field 'joint experiment' during the submission procedure.

Note: Decision of the Laserlab-Europe General Assembly on 4-5 October 2017 (amendment of decision of 12 October 2016):

The General Assembly decides that the maximum T&S reimbursement for any visit will be limited to 5000 €, and the level of T&S reimbursement for repeated visits by the same partner is reduced to 50%.

Permanent call open!

Submission of proposals for 'joint experiments' >>


Joint experiments documentation >>


b) Staff exchange (short-term training visits)

Laserlab-internal staff exchanges target technical training and exchange of know-how and best practice. Proposals from scientists and technicians are welcome and will be evaluated with regard to the needs of the sending facility, to the appropriateness of the approach and to the appropriateness of the host facility.

>> Call for proposals for Laserlab-internal staff exchanges: Deadline for applications: 18 October 2023

For the application form, please check the call.

Following the exchange, a short report should be submitted to the Coordinator's office. A report form is provided for download.


Other staff exchange and knowledge transfer actions

Short-Term Scientific Missions facilitated by related COST Actions