Publications 2023

Title Author Reference Year Url / DOI
3D nanopolymerization and damage threshold dependence on laser wavelength and pulse duration Samsonas, D., Skliutas, E., Čiburys, A., Kontenis, L., Gailevičius, D., Berzinš, J., Narbutis, D., Jukna, V., Vengris, M., Juodkazis, S. & Malinauskas, M. Nanophotonics 2023
49 W carrier-envelope-phase-stable few-cycle 2.1 µm OPCPA at 10 kHz Seeger, M.F.; Kammerer, D.; Blöchl, J.; Neuhaus, M.; Pervak, V.; Nubbemeyer, T. and M. F. Kling Optics Express 31, 24821 2023
A beamline to control longitudinal phase space whilst transporting laser wakefield accelerated electrons to an undulator Dewhurst, K. A.; Muratori, B. D.; Brunetti, E.; van der Geer, B.; de Loos, M.; Owen, H. L.; Wiggins, S. M. and D. A. Jaroszynski Sci. Rep. 13, 8831 2023
A guide to perform 3D histology of biological tissues with fluorescence microscopy Laurino, A.; Franceschini, A.; Pesce, L.; Cinci, L.; Montalbano, A.; Mazzamuto, G.; Sancataldo, G.; Nesi, G.; Costantini, I.; Silvestri, L. and F. S. Pavone Int. J. Mol. Sci. 24(7), 6747 2023
A multi-MeV alpha particle source via proton-boron fusion driven by a 10-GW tabletop laser Istokskaia, V.; Tosca, M.; Giuffrida, L. et al. Commun. Phys. 6, 27 2023
A visible-light-driven molecular motor based on barbituric acid Kuntze, K.; Pooler, D.R.S.; Di Donato, M.; Hilbers, M.F.; van der Meulen, P.; Buma, W.J.; Priimagi, A.; Feringa, B.L. and S. Crespi Chem. Sci. 14, 8458–8465 2023
Ablation holes in tape targets induced by ultra-intense laser pulses Ehret, M.; Apiñaniz, J.I.; Henares, J.L.; Lera, R.; de Luis, D.; Pérez-Hernández, J.A.; Volpe, L. and G. Gatti Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 541, 165-168 2023
Acceleration of a high-charge electron bunch to 10 GeV in a 10 cm nanoparticle-assisted wakefield accelerator Aniculaesei, C. et al. Matter Radiat. Extremes 9, 014001 2023
Additive Manufacturing of SiOC, SiC, and Si3N4 Ceramic 3D Microstructures Merkininkaite, G., Gailevicius, D., Staisiunas, L., Ezerskyte, E., Vargalis, R., Malinauskas, M. and Sakirzanovas, S. Adv. Eng. Mater. 2300639 2023
Amyloidogenic and non-amyloidogenic molten globule conformation of β-lactoglobulin in self-crowded regime Venturi, S.; Rossi, B.; Tortora, M.; Torre, R.; Lapini, A.; Foggi, P.; Paolantoni, M. and S. Catalini Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 242, 124621 2023
Anti-reflective coatings produced by atomic layer deposition for hybrid-polymer 3D micro-optics Astrauskytė, D.; Galvanauskas, K.; Gailevičius, D.; Drazdys, M.; Malinauskas, M. and L. Grineviciute Nanomaterials 13(16), 2281 2023
Biocompatibility enhancement via post-processing of microporous scaffolds made by optical 3D printer Jeršovaitė, J.; Šarachovaitė, U.; Matulaitienė, I.; Niaura, G.; Baltriukienė, D. and M. Malinauskas Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol., 11:1167753 2023
Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Extended-Wavelength–Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (EW-DRS) - Proof of Concept in Ex Vivo Breast Specimens Using Machine Learning Chaudhry, N.; Albinsson, J.; Cinthio, M.; Kröll, S.; Malmsjö, M.; Rydén, L.; Sheikh, R.; Reistad, N. and S. Zackrisson Diagnostics 13(19):3076 2023
Calcination-Enhanced Laser-Induced Damage Threshold of 3D Micro-Optics Made with Laser Multi-Photon Lithography Gailevicius, D., Zvirblis, R., Galvanauska, K., Bataviciute, G., Malinauskas, M. Photonics 10, 597 2023
Dosimetry for radiobiological in-vivo experiments at laser plasma-based proton accelerators Reimold, M.; Assenbaum, S.; Bernert, C.; Beyreuther, E.; Brack, F.-E.; Karsch, L.; Kraft, S.; Kroll, F.; Nossula, A.; Pawelke, J.; Rehwald, M.; Schlenvoigt, H.-P.; Schramm, U.; Umlandt, M. E. P.; Zeil, K.; Ziegler, T. and J. Metzkes-Ng Physics in Medicine and Biology 68, 185009 2023
Double-pass optical parametric generator pumped by Yb thin-disk laser for efficient 1.4–2.9 µm mid-IR radiation generation Csanaková, B.; Novák, O.; Roškot, L.; Mužík, J.; Cimrman, M.; Huynh, J.; Smrž, M.; Jelínková, H. and T. Mocek Laser Phys. 33, 025005 2023
Efficient generation of few‑cycle pulses beyond 10 μm from an optical parametric amplifier pumped by a 1‑μm laser system Heiner, Z.; Petrov, V.; Panyutin, V. L.; Badikov, V. V.; Kato, K.; Miyata, K. and M. Mero Sci. Rep. 12, 5082 2022
Enhanced ion acceleration from transparency-driven foils demonstrated at two ultraintense laser facilities Dover, N.P. et al. Light Sci Appl 12, 71 2023
Enhanced quantum conductivity and many-body effects in a semi-metallic light-matter hybrid Sidiropoulos, T.P.H.; Di Palo, N.; Rivas, D.E.; Summers, A.; Severino, S.; Reduzzi, M. and J. Biegert Nature Communications 14, 7407 2023
Establishing PQ-ERA photoclick reactions with unprecedented efficiency by engineering of the nature of the phenanthraquinone triplet state Fu, Y.; Alachouzos, G.; Simeth, N.A.; Di Donato, M.; Hilbers, M.F.; Buma, W.J.; Szymanski, W. and B.L. Feringa Chem. Sci. 14, 7465–7474 2023
Fabrication of glass-ceramic 3D micro-optics by combining laser lithography and calcination Balčas, G.; Malinauskas, M.; Farsari, M. and S. Juodkazis Adv. Funct. Mater. 33(39), 2215230 2023
Fast time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy with superconducting nanowire single-photon detector: system validation and in vivo results Parfentyeva, V., Colombo, L., Lanka, P. et al. Sci. Rep. 13, 11982 2023
Field-driven attosecond charge dynamics in germanium Inzani, G. et al. Nature Photonics 2023
Hybrid Fluorescence and Frequency-Domain Photoacoustic Microscopy for Imaging Development of Parhyale hawaiensis Embryos Tserevelakis, G.J.; Tekonaki, E.; Kalogeridi, M. et al. Photonics 10, 264 2023
Large field of view aberrations correction with deformable lenses and multi conjugate adaptive optics Furieri, T.; Bassi, A. and S.Bonora Journal of Biophotonics, e202300104 2023
Laser pulse compression by a density gradient plasma for exawatt to zettawatt lasers Hur, MS; Ersfeld, B.; Lee, H.; Kim, H.; Roh, K.; Lee, Y., Song, H.S.; Kumar, M.; Yoffe, S.; Jaroszynski, D.A. and H. Suk Nature Photonics 2023
Laser-dressed photoionization for the temporal characterization of attosecond pulses generated from plasma mirrors Dakroub, L.; Sinyakova, T.; Cubaynes, D.; Bomme, C.; Chopineau, L. et al. The European Physical Journal. Special Topics, 232 (13), 2055-2067 2023
Lipid content evaluation of Drosophila tumour associated haemocytes through Third Harmonic Generation measurements Mari, M.; Voutyraki, C.; Zacharioudaki, E.; Delidakis, C. and G. Filippidis Journal of Biophotonics 2023
Micro-Optics 3D Printed via Multi-Photon Laser Lithography Gonzalez-Hernandez, D.; Varapnickas, S.; Bertoncini, A.; Liberale, C. and M. Malinauskas Adv. Opt. Matter., 2201701 2023
OCTOPOD: single bunch tomography for angular-spectral characterization of laser-driven protons Reimold, M. et al. High Power Laser Science and Engineering 11, E68 2023
Optimization of highly inclined Illumination for diffraction-limited and super-resolution microscopy Gardini, L.; Vignolini, T.; Curcio, V.P.; Pavone, F.S. and M. Capitanio Optics Express 31, 26208-26225 2023
Origin of intersystem crossing in highly distorted organic molecules: a case study with red light-absorbing N,N,O,O-boron-chelated Bodipys Zhang, X.; Sukhanov, A.A.; Liu, X.; Taddei, M.; Zhao, J.; Harriman, A.; Voronkova, V.K.; Wan, Y.; Dick, B. and M. Di Donato Chem. Sci. 14, 5014–5027 2023
Photoinduced charge carrier dynamics in germanium Inzani, G. et al. Nuovo Cimento 46 C, 110 2023
Polarisation Control in Arrays of Microlenses and Gratings: Performance in Visible–IR Spectral Ranges Mu, H. et al. Micromachines, 14, 798 2023
Pulse shaping in a midwave-IR OPCPA for multi-μJ few-cycle pulse generation at 12 μm via DFG Bock, M.; von Grafenstein, L.; Fuertjes, P.; Ueberschaer, D.; Duda, M.; Novák, O.; Abrosimov, N. and U. Griebner Opt. Express 31, 14096 2023
Rapid On-Site Pathology Visualization of COVID-19 Characteristics Using Higher Harmonic Generation Microscopy van Huizen, L. M. G.; Kalverda, K. A.; Bugiani, M.; Poletti, V.; Bonta, P. I.; Annema, J. T. and M. L. Groot Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2023
Realizing attosecond core-level X-ray spectroscopy for the investigation of condensed matter systems Summers, A. M. et al. Ultrafast Science 3, 0004 2023
Roadmap for Optical Tweezers 2023 Volpe, al. Journal of Physics: Photonics 2023
Sensing the interaction of living organisms with microplastics by microscopy methods Marcek Chorvatova A., Uherek M., Mateasik A., Bondarev D., Ariese F., Chorvat D. Jr. Proc. SPIE 12394, Nanoscale Imaging, Sensing, and Actuation for Biomedical Applications XX; 1239407 2023
Simultaneous nonlinear spectral broadening and temporal contrast enhancement of ultrashort pulses in a multi-pass cell Kaur, J.; Daniault, L.; Cheng, Z.; Tourneur, O.; Tcherbakoff, O.; Réau, F.; Hergott, J.-F. and R. Lopez-Martens J. Phys. Photonics 6 015001 2023
Single-step 3D printing of micro-optics with adjustable refractive index by ultrafast laser nanolithography Gonzalez-Hernandez, D.; Sanchez-Padilla, B.; Gailevičius, D.; Chandran Thodika, S.; Juodkazis, S.; Brasselet, E. and M. Malinauskas Adv. Opt. Mater. 11(14), 2300258 2023
Teeth Microcracks Research: Towards Multi-Modal Imaging Dumbryte, I.; Narbutis, D.; Androulidaki, M.; Vailionis, A.; Juodkazis, S.; Malinauskas, M. Teeth Microcracks Bioengineering 2023, 10, 1354 2023
The role of transient plasma photonic structures in plasma-based amplifiers Vieux, G. et al. Comm. Phys. 6, 9 2023
Transient Laser-Induced Breakdown of Dielectrics in Ultrarelativistic Laser-Solid Interactions Bernert, C. et al. Physical Review Applied 19, 014070 2023
Two-Photon Polymerization Lithography for Optics and Photonics: Fundamentals, Materials, Technologies, and Applications Wang, H., Zhang, W., Ladika, D., Yu, H., Gailevičius, D., Wang, H., Pan, C.-F., Nair, P. N. S., Ke, Y., Mori, T., Chan, J. Y. E., Ruan, Q., Farsari, M., Malinauskas, M., Juodkazis, S., Gu, M., & Yang, J. K. W. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2023, 2214211 2023
Versatile and robust reconstruction of extreme-ultraviolet pulses down to the attosecond regime Dolso, G. L.; Inzani, G.; Di Palo, N.; Moio, B.; Medeghini, F.; Borrego-Varillas, R.; Nisoli, M. and M. Lucchini APL Photonics 8, 076101 2023
Versatile tabletop setup for picosecond time-resolved resonant soft-x-ray scattering and spectroscopy Borchert, M. et al. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 94, 063102 2023
X-photon laser direct write 3D nanolithography Skliutas, E.; Samsonas, D.; Čiburys, A.; Kontenis, L.; Gailevičius, D.; Beržins, J.; Narbutis, D.; Jukna, V.; Vengris, M.; Juodkazis, S. and M. Malinauskas Virtual. Phys. Prototyp. 2023