Programme - Lasers Fighting Cancer Symposium, 25 May 2021

Malignant breast tissue - ULF-FORTH

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Open networking

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8:30 am

Pre-event networking

Session 1 – Lasers in Cancer Diagnosis

Session chair: Prof. Luis Arnaut

8:45 am

Opening address

Dr Sylvie Jacquemot – Laserlab-Europe Coordinator

8:50 am

Clinical Translational Laser Spectroscopy for an Improved Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

Prof. Juergen Popp – Director, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology

9:05 am

Quantitative OCT signal analysis for tumor detection

Prof. Ton van Leeuwen - Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam

9:20 am

Raman spectroscopy for cancer diagnosis: adding a new molecular dimension

Mónica Marro - ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Science

9:35 am

Vibrational imaging approaches for cancer diagnosis: status, needs and perspectives

Dr. Renzo Vanna - Italian National Research Council, Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies IFN-CNR

9:50 am

The SOLUS project: smart optical and ultrasound diagnostics of breast cancer

Prof. Paola Taroni – Politecnico di Milano

10:05 am

Real time widefield TCSPC imaging of a model tumour system (pdf version)

(mp4 version with animations - 62 MB)

Dr Graham Hungerford – Horiba

10:20 am

Q&A with the speakers from session 1

10:35 am

Coffee Break

Session 2 – Lasers in Cancer Treatment


Session chair: Prof Paola Taroni

11:00 am

Very high energy electron beams for cancer radiotherapy

Prof. Dino Jaroszynski - Director of the Scottish Centre for the Application of Plasma-based Accelerators, SCAPA

11:15 am

High dose rate in vivo proton irradiation based on a laser plasma accelerator

Prof. Ulrich Schramm – Director Institute for Radiation Physics and Head Laser Particle Acceleration Division, HZDR

11:30 am

Translating optical systems into surgery & radiation oncology: academic & industry

Prof. Brian Pogue – Thayer School of Engineering and Geisel School of Medicine

11:45 am

Translation of a combination between a laser device and a medicinal agent, from bench to bedside

Prof. Luis Arnaut - Chemistry Department, University of Coimbra


Photonics research in cancer therapy and industrial spin-off

Prof. Katarina Svanberg – Department of Clinical Sciences and Lund Laser Centre; Board member, SpectraCure

12:15 pm

Q&A with the speakers from session 2

12:30 pm


Closing Statements

Dr Anke Lohmann - Anchored In

12:35 pm

Room open for post-meeting discussions and networking

 1:00 pm

Event finishes