Programme - Laserlab-Europe, ELI and CASUS Workshop "Better Data for Better Science" 28-29 October 2021


28 October 2021, 9:00 – 13:00h

(all times are Berlin/CEST)

1st session

Chair: Silvie Jacquemot, Laserlab-Europe Coordinator

9:00 am

Opening address

Sylvie Jacquemot – Laserlab-Europe Coordinator

9:10 am

The importance of a scientific data management system/DMP

Andrew Götz - PaNOSC Coordinator/ESRF

9:40 am

Data Policies supporting the scientific community

Joy Davidson - FAIRsFAIR/University of Glasgow

10:10 am

Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Better training leads to better operations and better science

Stella d'Ambrumenil - PaNOSC/ESS

10:40 am

Coffee Break


2nd session

Chair: Michael Bussmann, HZDR/CASUS

11:00 am

Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Platform

Oonagh Mannix - HMC/HZB

11:20 am

HELIPORT (HELmholtz ScIentific Project WORkflow PlaTform)

Guido Juckeland - HZDR

11:40 am

HELIPORT use case POLARIS: Integration of a High Intensity Laser in a complete data life cycle workflow

Oliver Knodel - HZDR

12:00 am

Round Table "open discussion on expert platforms"

Moderator: Andrew Götz - PaNOSC Coordinator/ESRF

13:00 am

End of meeting - day 1

29 October 2021, 9:00 – 13:00h

1st session

Chair: Dusan Chorvat, ILC

9:00 am

Data Standards and Data Strategy

Teodor Ivănoaica, Birgit Plötzeneder -  ELI

9:30 am

FAIR combination of diverse experimental data in specialized repositories - Challenges and possible solutions?

Julian Hniopek - Leibniz-IPHT

10:00 am

Data Policies supporting the FAIR standards/experiment reproducibility challenge

Teodor Ivănoaica, Lajos Schrettner - ELI

10:20 am

Coffee Break

2nd session

Chair: Bernhard Zielbauer - GSI

10:40 am

Past, Present and Future of Data in Biophotonics

Dusan Chorvat - ILC

11:00 am

Data challenges at the CLF

Daniel Rolfe - CLF

11:20 am

Optical/photonic data science: the journey from optical/photonic data to bio-medical information

Thomas Bocklitz - Leibniz-IPHT

11:40 am

Image processing and management of large datasets in LightSheet Microscopy"

Giacomo Mazzamuto - LENS

12:00 am

Round Table "open discussion on electronic laboratory book and online experiment documentation"

Moderator: Bernhard Zielbauer - GSI

13:00 am

  End of meeting - day 2