ILC (Bratislava, Slovakia)

International Laser Centre as an independent research and educational institution, providing inter-disciplinary research infrastructure for the high-level research and development in many fields of laser-based and photonic technologies and their applications in biomedicine and industry. ILC has more than two-decade long history of cooperation with Slovak universities and academic institutions, integration to European research landscape and is open for new opportunities for collaboration in research, education and outreach of photonics.
Research highlights

International Laser Centre, Bratislava,
Slovak Republic


Biophotonics: Alzbeta Marcek Chorvatova
Imaging and spectroscopy: Dusan Chorvat
Laser technology & materials sci.: Frantisek Uherek

Laser microscopy and spectroscopy

Fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy of intrinsic cell fluorophores, study of anti-cancer effect of selected photosensitizers, laser-induced photobleaching.  Study of polymer complexes and their interaction with cells and tissues. Pulsed laser polymerization and study of interaction of biological systems with synthetic materials using optical methods.

Cell Biophotonics

Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging (macro/micro), observation of living cells to comprehend their function, such as study of photosynthesis and/or oxidative metabolic state directly in living cells by means of natural (endogenous) fluorescence. Design and development of biosensors for biomedical and environmental applications.

Laser microtechnology

Application of intense laser radiation as a technological tool in micro- dimensions: surface treatment by pulsed and continuous laser radiation, laser micro machining, pulsed laser deposition of thin layers (ZnO, TiO2, MgO films) and metallic contact layers. Laser micro-treatment of materials: surface marking, drilling with attention on new, hard or materials not-treatable by classical technologies (ceramics, sapphire, diamonds, etc.). Interactions of laser irradiation with materials and related secondary effects. Production of nanoparticles (Zn, Co, Cu, Ni) by laser ablation and their interaction with biological material.

Applied optics, material and surface analysis

Characterization of nanostructures and topography of surfaces by optical means – flatness of surfaces, thin layer surface nanoparticles distribution, surface micro/nano-texture measurement by scanning and integral optical methods etc. Mechanical/thermal properties testing and characterization of microelectronics materials, determination of residual stress inside multilayer systems.  Diagnostic and measurement of fundamental material parameters of thin films, holographic/interferometry studies microinterferometry of MEMS.

Further application highlights

Lasers and the Universe Lasers and Cancer Lasers and Water


Setup for two-photon photopolymerization and material processing using femtosecond laser pulses

Research and development of experimental approaches for imaging of subcellular, cellular and tissue structures and processes, based on multi-modal and multi-parametric optical microscopy and digital 2D/3D image analysis. Fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy and imaging of intrinsic cell fluorophores and development of methods for observation of non-labeled tissues and cells. Application of advanced biophotonic methods to study responsiveness of photosynthetic organisms to environmental pollution.

Monitoring and analysis of laser based technological processes (spectroscopy, high-speed imaging etc.), laser surface treatment and micro-machining of materials, pulsed laser deposition of thin layers. Characterization of micro / nanostructures and topography of surfaces, optical assessment of residual stress and mechanical properties of materials, elemental analysis (SEM, SIMS, Raman).