Laserlab-Europe achievements 2019-2024

Publicly available deliverables

Laserlab-Europe is funded under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 871124 Laserlab-Europe, as an "Integrating Activity", and as such is obliged to communicate and disseminate the results of the research and of any other activity of interest to the community or the public. In addition to the scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, a number of deliverables will be produced throughout the lifetime of the project, which are mainly reports reflecting the background and status of the various work packages of the project.

D1.1 1st Annual Meeting M12 (CNRS), Review of past activities, implementation plans for second year
D1.2 2nd Annual Meeting M24 (CNRS), Review of past activities, implementation plans for third year
D1.3 3rd Annual Meeting M36 (CNRS), Review of past activities, implementation plans for fourth year
D1.4 4th Annual Meeting M48 (CNRS), Review of past activities and finalisation of project

D2.1: Laserlab Newsletter issue 1 – M10 (FVB-MBI)
D2.2: Laserlab Newsletter issue 2 – M17 (FVB-MBI)
D2.3: Laserlab Newsletter issue 3 – M25 (FVB-MBI)
D2.4: Laserlab Newsletter issue 4 – M32 (FVB-MBI)
D2.5: Laserlab Newsletter issue 5 – M40 (FVB-MBI)
D2.6: Laserlab Conference – M54 (CNRS)
D2.7: Laserlab Newsletter issue 6 – M48 (FVB-MBI)

D3.3: Intermediate report on “Scientific and Technological Exchanges” – M24 (LLE-AISBL)
D3.4: Second and open joint JRA meeting – M54 (POLIMI)
D3.5: Final report on “Scientific and Technological Exchanges” – M60 (LLE-AISBL)

D4.1: Intermediate report on “User Training” – M24 (ILC)
D4.2: Final report on “User Training” – M60 (ILC)

D5.1: Intermediate report on User relations – M24 (CNRS-LULI)
D5.2: Final report on User relations and User meetings – M60 (CNRS-LULI)

D6.2: Second Foresight workshop – M45 (ICFO)

D7.1: Report on International Relations – M60 (LLE-AISBL)

D8.1: First workshop on innovation and industry relations – M18 (LLE-AISBL)
D8.2: Report on relations with industry – M60 (LLE-AISBL)