Access Projects performed at LULI

LULI100TW001471 Investigation of damage induced by intense x-ray pulses for the European XFEL beamline optic components Jerome Gaudin 2009 European XFEL
LULI100TW001474 Enhancement of ion acceleration via Debye sheath confinement on reduced mass targets Marco Borghesi 2009 Queen's University Belfast
LULI100TW001528 Energy loss of ions in moderate to strongly coupled plasmas Marco Borghesi 2011 The Queen's University of Belfast
LULI100TW001557 Approach to ultra-high Electric Fields in the TNSA Mechanism using K-shell X-ray Spectroscopy Ingo Uschmann 2010 IOQ, University of Jena
LULI100TW001635 Narrow band neutron sources for ultrafast probing applications Marco Borghesi 2012 The Queen's University of Belfast
LULI100TW001758 Amplifying at high energy short laser pulses using SBS-based plasma amplifiers Livia Lancia 2012 University of Rome LA SAPIENZA
LULI100TW001760 Constraining fast electron propagation in laser irradiated solids by use of an external, axial magnetic field Marco Borghesi 2013 Queen's university Belfast
LULI100TW001893 Optimization of a plasma-based SBS short pulse laser amplifier LIVIA LANCIA 2013 University of Rome LA SAPIENZA
LULI100TW001895 Characterization of Blast-wave dimensionless parameters for Laboratory Astrophysics Alberto Marocchino 2014 Universita' di Roma La Sapienza
LULI100TW001993 Plasma-based Laser Amplifier: beyond the Brillouin backscattering mechanism. LIVIA LANCIA 2015 University of Rome "La Sapienza"
LULI100TW001996 Gamma spectroscopy of short lived nuclear states produced by laser-driven high energy ion sources Florin NEGOITA 2014 IFIN-HH
LULI100TW002073 Plasma optics: Short pulse amplification and polarization rotation in a plasma livia lancia 2015 university of Rome
LULI100TW002076 Enhanced proton acceleration with near critical solid hydrogen targets Stephan Kraft 2016 Helmoltz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR)
LULI100TW002184 Time-controlled fast electron self-collimation luca volpe 2016 CLPU
LULI100TW002189 Nanostructure synthesis using laser-accelerated protons Patrizio ANTICI 2017 INFN
LULI100TW002270 Relativistic Laser-Plasma and Atomic Physics in High-Energy-Density Nanowire Targets Robin Marjoribanks 2016 University of Toronto
LULI100TW002322 Nonlocal Heat Transport in Strongly Magnetized Plasmas Alberto Marocchino 2018 INFN
LULI100TW002323 Relativistic Laser-Plasma and Atomic Physics in High-Energy-Density Nanowire Targets Robin Marjoribanks 2017 University of Toronto
LULI100TW002422 Orbital angular momentum laser coupling with a plasma medium through stimulated Raman scattering Kevin Glize 2019 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
LULINANO2000001467 Picosecond X-Ray Diffraction from Shocked and Off-Hugoniot States of Iron and Copper Crystals Justin Wark 2010 University of Oxford
LULINANO2000001478 A study of the mean fast electron energy entering solid density plasmas with the use of high contrast ratio intense laser pulses. Peter Norreys 2010 STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
LULINANO2000001531 Generation of cosmological magnetic fields in laboratory experiments Gianluca Gregori 2010 Oxford University
LULINANO2000001632 Study of cone target perturbation by shock and related fast electron generation and transport in warm dense matter Alessio Morace 2011 Università di Milano
LULINANO2000001757 Laboratory simulation of magnetic field generation and amplification at protogalactic shock fronts Gianluca Gregori 2013 Oxford University
LULINANO2000001899 Diagnostics development for shock ignition studies maria richetta 2013 university of rome tor vergata
LULINANO2000001991 Crystallographic Studies of Dynamics of Shock-compressed Quartz: Implications for Meteorite Impacts on Earth and Other Planetary Bodies Emma Elizabeth McBride 2014 DESY
LULINANO2000001994 Proton irradiation of cellular media at ultrahigh dose rates Marco Borghesi 2015 Queen's University Belfast
LULINANO2000002071 Particle acceleration in laser-produced shocks by lower-hybrid wave turbulence Gianluca Gregori 2015 University of Oxford
LULINANO2000002183 Experimental study of accretion processes in X-ray binary stars using an external B-field Alexander Pelka 2016 HZDR
LULINANO2000002186 Proton irradiation of human cell lines at ultrahigh dose rates Marco Borghesi 2016 Queen's University Belfast
LULINANO2000002320 Dynamics of Stars Death and Birth: from the cosmos to the laboratory Gianluca Gregori 2018 University of Oxford