Information for Users

Users' feedback to the EU:

To enable the Commission to evaluate the Research Infrastructures Action, to monitor the individual contracts, and to improve the services provided to the scientific community, each Group Leader of a user project supported by Laserlab-Europe is requested to complete the "User Group Questionnaire". This questionnaire must be submitted once by each user group as soon as the experiments on the infrastructure come to end.

You will find the questionnaire at:

When completing the questionnaire please indicate the EC contract no. 871124 and the acronym of the host institution as given in the proposal ID you have received by email after submission of your proposal.


Users' feedback to the host institution

1. Project Summary Report

After having completed their stay at the host institution users are requested to fill out the Project Summary Report and submit it to the host institution. The form for the Project Summary Report can be downloaded here.
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2. Laserlab User Group Questionnaire

In addition, users will be asked to complete the Laserlab User Group Questionnaire. Users will receive an e-mail with a login key that will provide them with the questionnaire customised for their proposal.

The questionnaire's purpose is to get users' feed-back in order to evaluate the Laserlab access programme, to give useful advice to the individual host facilities, and to generally improve the services offered to users.

Please note that this is an additional questionnaire to the one issued by the EU that you will find at the link given above. The EU questionnaire aims only at a general evaluation of the EU Access programme and does not provide any details or feedback to Laserlab-Europe.


Publications resulting from access to a specific Research Infrastructure

Users are expected to publish their results within a reasonable time in the open literature. Suitable publicity shall be made for the access provided to users under the Laserlab-Europe contract by the European Community, specifying that the project leading to the publication has received research funding from the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, e.g. 


The research leading to these results has received funding from LASERLAB-EUROPE (grant agreement no. 871124, European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme).

(For access projects carried out from 2015 to November 2019: grant agreement no. 654148, EU H2020 )

Please remember: It is a contractual obligation to acknowledge the EC support in all publications and presentations, to which users agree when they submit an application. Please, inform the host institution where you have performed your project about any publication of related results.

Open access: Users are encouraged to deposit peer-reviewed research articles or final manuscripts into an online repository, allowing for online access at no charge to EU-funded results.


Presentation of the results of your access project

When you present the results of your access project at scientific meetings or conferences, please also acknowledge support from Laserlab-Europe. You may use the Powerpoint slide provided here.


Patenting the results

Results of your access project may also be patented. Details should be negotiated on a bilateral basis with the host lab where the project has taken place. In view of the EU funding, specific conditions for access apply, e.g.: "Only user groups that are allowed to disseminate the results they have generated under the action may benefit from the access, unless the users are working for SMEs."

Thus, it is important that you will publish your results without preventing any patenting of results that you have obtained. The EU emphasises that participants must examine the possibility of protecting results and must adequately protect them — for an appropriate period and with appropriate territorial coverage — if:
(a) the results can reasonably be expected to be commercially or industrially exploited and
(b) protecting them is possible, reasonable and justified (given the circumstances).

When deciding on protection, the beneficiary must consider its own legitimate interests and the legitimate interests (especially commercial) of the other beneficiaries.
In addition, applications for protection of results (including patent applications) must include the following information:
"The project leading to this application has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871124 Laserlab-Europe".


User Meetings

Annual User Meetings are organized bringing together the Laserlab users and facilitating and fostering their exchanges with the infrastructures. They are a unique opportunity for the access providers to present to the user community recent upgrades, new experimental set-up or diagnostics, and for the users to present their scientific results. User Meetings cover a wide range of research themes in order to gather the whole user community and all the facilities.

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User Representatives

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