Access Projects 2015 - 2019

ID Title PI Year Home Institute
CLF002155 Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Study of Excited State Dynamics in Organic Semiconductors Sophia Hayes 2016 University of Cyprus
CLF002156 Real-time monitoring of nanoparticle binding to optically trapped microparticles - an in-situ assay for surface affinity Susan Quinn 2016 University College Dublin
CLF002157 Membrane lipid peroxidation in T-cells during activation. Katarzyna Jodko-Piorecka 2016 University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry
CLF002164 Out-of-equilibrium electron dynamics in the three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 Alberto Crepaldi 2016 Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste
CLF002175 Unfolding the relation between charge order and the dynamics of quasiparticles and oxygen states in cuprate superconductors Claudio Giannetti 2016 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
CLF002232 Interplay between nuclear quantum effect and local charge transport in prototype hydrogen-bond ionic liquid ethylammonium nitrate maria grazia izzo 2016 Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste
CLF002266 Ultrafast Demagnetization of Gd and Tb Driven by Infrared Laser Pulses Robert Carley 2018 European XFEL
CLF002391 Following molecular wavepacket dynamics by time- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy Luca Castiglioni 2018 University of Zurich
CLF002397 Resolving spin polarized photocarriers in WS2/graphene van-der-Waals stack Isabella Gierz 2018 Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter
CLF002435 Role of Laser Plasma Interactions in the Shock Ignition regime Leonida Antonio GIZZI 2018 Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto Nazionale di Ottica
CLF002437 Brilliant, Fast Neutron Source employing Cryogenic Ribbons of Solid Deuterium Daniele Margarone 2018 ELI-Beamlines, Institute of Physics (ASCR)
CLF002562 Investigation of Excited State Dynamics of a conjugated polyelectrolyte self-assembled with ss-DNA Sophia Charalambous Hayes 2019 University of Cyprus
CLF002563 Spherical aberration correction using adaptive lenses for optical tweezers microscopy Stefano Bonora 2019 CNR-IFN
CLF002564 Fast 3D imaging and combined aberration correction using adaptive lenses for ER Single particle trajectories Stefano Bonora 2019 CNR-IFN
CLF002565 Using TRIR and TA to unravel the mechanism leading to population of the excited states in BODIPY Polymers with Dual Applications: Antimicrobial Agents & Photosensitisers for H2 Generation Mary Pryce 2019 DCU
CLF002566 Ultrafast Dynamics of Ruthenium Polypyridyl Vibrational Stark Probes in Solution and Bound to DNA Susan Quinn 2019 University College Dublin
CNRS-CELIA002228 Surface characterisation and photodetachment dynamics of functionalized carbon quantum dots Minna Patanen 2016 University of Oulu
CNRS-CELIA002255 High ion acceleration in TNSA regime using Advanced targets and fs laser irradiation conditions Lorenzo Torrisi 2016 Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche -MIFT
CNRS-CELIA002294 Strong electromagnetic pulses generated through laser-solid interactions Piotr Raczka 2016 Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion
CNRS-CELIA002338 Non-linear interaction of the self-trapped excitons under intense laser excitation in the perspective molybdate cryogenic scintillators. Dmitry Spasskiy 2017 Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
CNRS-CELIA002340 Characteristics of intraband heating of the conduction band electrons in optical crystals by ultrashort laser pulses resulting in their modification and damage Sergey Klimentov 2017 General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
CNRS-CELIA002382 Investigation of ultrafast laser-induced structural transformations by time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy Robert Grisenti 2018 GSI - Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research
CNRS-CELIA002413 Induction and Observation of Transient Chirality in an Achiral Molecule Jason Greenwood 2019 Queen's University Belfast
CNRS-CELIA002428 New scheme for production and acceleration of Negative Ions by combining laser beam and pulsed power techniques Stavros MOUSTAIZIS 2017 Technical University of Crete
CNRS-CELIA002523 Controlling and resolving the photoionization dynamics of chiral molecules with a bilinear two color field Nirit Dudovich 2019 Weizmann Institute of Science
CNRS-CELIA002572 Photon emission during relaxation of hot electrons and holes in wide-band-gap crystals Andrey Vasil'ev 2019 Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University
CNRS-CELIA002573 Study of the interaction and conversion of electronic excitations in insulators under intense laser excitation Dmitry Spasskiy 2019 Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
CNRS-LP3002150 Calibration-free Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy as a tool for in-situ and real time analysis of steel composition Emanuel AXENTE 2016 National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (NILPRP)
CNRS-LP3002201 LIBS-based determination of the spatial distribution of hydrogen in optical glasses implanted by atmospheric pressure plasmas Christoph GERHARD 2016 Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst
CNRS-LP3002226 THz generation from IR femtosecond filamentation in semiconductors Anastasios Koulouklidis 2017 Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL-FORTH)
CNRS-LP3002330 Protein Analysis on Foods by Using Calibration Free-Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Technique Gonca Bilge 2017 NANOSENS
CNRS-LP3002337 Fabrication of nanostructures in silicon by laser irradiation and chemical etching Shuting Lei 2017 Kansas State University
CNRS-LP3002366 Utra-short pulsed laser induced graphitization of CVD diamond Francisco José Gontad Fariña 2017 Università del Salento
CNRS-LP3002460 Understanding the physics and chemistry of fs-laser induced damage threshold Doina Craciun 2019 National Institute for Laser, Plasma, and Radiation Physics
CNRS-LP3002479 Development of new hybrid nano-partciles for advanced biophotonic applications Igor Meglinski 2018 University of Oulu
CNRS-LP3002491 Analysis of the impact of classical polishing methods on the composition of optical glass surfaces via laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Christoph Gerhard 2019 Technische Hochschule Wildau
CNRS-LP3002580 Sodium Analysis on Foods by Using Calibration Free-Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Technique BANU SEZER 2019 NANOSENS Enhanced Technologies Energy Machine Project Design Consultancy Industry and Trade Inc.
CNRS-LP3002581 Enabling silicon photonics by laser-induced deep amorphization Jan Siegel 2019 CSIC
CNRS-LP3002585 All-inorganic perovskite films deposited by laser ablation: free-calibration LIBS to determine the target composition for the right film stoichiometry Anna Paola Caricato 2019 Department of Mathematics and Physics “E. De Giorgi”, University of Salento
CNRS-LP3002589 The effect of multipulse fs-laser irradiation at fluences below the damage threshold on the properties of thin metallic layers Valentin Craciun 2019 National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics
CNRS-LP3002593 Laser induced damage threshold for antireflection coatings MIHAELA FILIPESCU 2019 National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics
CNRS-LP3002611 Time resolved temperature measurement during microsecond pulsed laser melting of thin films Jiri Martan 2019 University of West Bohemia
CUSBO002125 3D nanostructuring of YAG laser crystals for novel active photonics Airan Rodenas 2016 Universitat Rovira i Virgili
CUSBO002133 Femtosecond electron dynamics in a MoS2 transistor under operation Christoph Gadermaier 2016 Jozef Stefan Institute
CUSBO002145 Ultrafast Dynamics of the magnetic order parameter in a 2D Heisenberg antiferromagnet. Alexey Kimel 2016 Radboud University
CUSBO002151 Coupling of vibrational modes to electronic states in hybrid lead halide perovskites Felix Deschler 2016 University of Cambridge
CUSBO002159 Time resolved angle resolved photoemission of organic semiconductors Enrico Da Como 2019 University of Bath
CUSBO002192 Enhance quantification by multispectral time-resolved diffuse optical tomography in reflectance geometry thanks to SPAD systems Lionel Hervé 2016 CEA-Leti Grenoble
CUSBO002193 Deciphering the ultrafast energy flow in LH2 Molischianum by two-color 2D electronic spectroscopy Craig Lincoln 2016 TU Wien
CUSBO002194 Structural and Photophysical Diversity across sub-micrometer scale govern the performances of high efficient hybrid perovskite solar cells. Giulia Grancini 2017 EPFL Energypolis
CUSBO002202 2-Dimensional electronic spectroscopy of Anabaena Sensory Rhodopsin 2D-ASR Jérémie Léonard 2016 IPCMS-CNRS
CUSBO002210 Ultrafast dynamics of light induced charge separation in hybrid semiconductor-metal nanoparticle photocatalysts Uri Banin 2017 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
CUSBO002222 FRET-based characterization of tip-focused calcium oscillations in growing maia and perseus root hairs using Single Plane Illumination and Two-Photon microscopy. Kris Vissenberg 2017 University of Antwerp
CUSBO002261 A non-linear image reconstruction approach to fluorescence diffuse optical tomography Ville Kolehmainen 2016 University of Eastern Finland
CUSBO002278 Singlet Exciton Fission in Man-Made Protein Maquettes Jenny Clark 2016 University of Sheffield
CUSBO002280 Novel compact and cost effective laser sources for Time-Resolved Diffuse Optics Jan Nissinen 2016 University of Oulu, electronics laboratory
CUSBO002299 Ultrafast two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy of an organic photovoltaic blend Antonietta De Sio 2016 Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
CUSBO002324 Photo-luminescence properties of pigments commonly used from the antiquity to the end of the 19th century Giovanni Verri 2017 The Courtauld Institute of Art
CUSBO002331 3D+Time compact analysis of plant growth with Light sheet fluorescent microscopy by use of graph-theory. David ROUSSEAU 2017 Université Lyon 1
CUSBO002335 Probing the history and the degradation of the Cadmium-yellow (CdS) pigment by its photoluminescence properties Victor GONZALEZ 2017 C2RMF
CUSBO002345 Investigating the photocatalytic activity of titanium white pigments by means of their photoluminescence properties. Birgit van Driel 2017 Rijksmuseum / Cultural heritage agency of the Netherlands / Delft University of Technology
CUSBO002363 Ultrafast exciton dynamics in DNA adenine single strands Dimitra Markovitsi 2017 LIDYL, UMR 9222 CEA-CNRS-Paris Saclay University
CUSBO002402 Following the dynamics of excimer formation in liquid benzene with two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy Sanford Ruhman 2018 Hebrew university
CUSBO002439 Femtosecond quantum dynamics of the antiferromagnetic order parameter Davide Bossini 2019 TU Dortmund
CUSBO002475 Biofeedback Augmented Software Engineering: cognitive and autonomic neural manifestations captured using wearable sensors for reliable software development Paulo de Carvalho 2019 Universidade de Coimbra
CUSBO002482 Characterization and manufacturing of phantoms for imaging scenarios in presence of turbid media Enrique Tajahuerce 2019 Universitat Jaume I
CUSBO002516 An ex vivo study of change in optical properties with radiofrequency ablation Francis Kalloor Joseph 2019 University of Twente
CUSBO002554 Measuring optical properties of infant tissue mimicking optical phantoms and infant tissue in vivo Stefan Andersson-Engels 2019 Tyndall National Institute
CUSBO002577 Time Resolved Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy for non-invasive analysis of tissues and organs Sara Mosca 2019 CLF, RAL, STFC
CUSBO002598 Ultrafast transient absorption of adamantyl-phenol and the formation of quinone methide Silvije Vdovi? 2019 Institute of Physics
DP-USZ002339 Ultra-intense, low-frequency terahertz radiation from KrF-laser-pumped large-aperture photoconductive antennas Tsuneyuki Ozaki 2018 Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)
DP-USZ002584 Cu thin films deposition by pulsed laser ablation for photocathodes application Antonella Lorusso 2019 University of Salento
FELIX002213 Selective THz Radiation Spectroscopy of Interstellar Water Ice Analogues Sergio Ioppolo 2015 Department of Physical Sciences, Open University
FELIX002214 Far-IR spectroscopy of beta-sheet peptides: original experiments meet anharmonic calculations for detailed interpretations Marie-Pierre Gaigeot 2016 Universite d/Evry val D'Essonne
FELIX002234 High-frequency magnetic-resonance study of the high-field phase transition in non-collinear frustrated antiferromagnet Bi2Fe4O9 Vassil Skumryev 2016 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (ICREA)
FELIX002240 IR/UV spectroscopy of ortho-benzyne and its high-temperature reaction products Ingo Fischer 2016 Universität Würzburg
FELIX002248 Gas-phase spectroscopy of neutral dipeptides without chromophore Vitali Zhaunerchyk 2016 Department of Physics, University of Gothenburg
FELIX002251 Tunneling motions and interactions in PAH - water clusters Melanie Schnell 2016 Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter
FELIX002254 Electron-phonon coupling in THz metamaterials Ewald Janssens 2016 KU Leuven
FELIX002257 Selective THz Radiation Spectroscopy of Interstellar Water and CO2 Ice Sergio Ioppolo 2016 The Open University
FELIX002305 IR spectroscopic studies of HCl-H2O clusters: Studying dissociation of HCl in water, at a molecular level. Gerhard Schwaab 2017 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002306 THz-dynamics of aqueous salt and alcohol solutions Gerhard Schwaab 2017 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002307 THz/IR spectroscopy of glycine-water in helium nanodroplets Gerhard Schwaab 2017 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002308 Microsolvation of ions and small solutes in helium nanodroplets Gerhard Schwaab 2017 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002309 Ditoptic behaviour of valynomicin: characterization of anionic and cationic complexes Bruno Martinez-Haya 2016 Universidad Pablo de Olavide
FELIX002310 IRMPD Spectroscopy of charge-tagged Breslow Intermediates and respective keto Tautomers Mathias Schäfer 2017 University Cologne, Germany
FELIX002311 Enantiomeric recognition of chiral samples by gas-phase far-IR spectroscopy Vitali Zhaunerchyk 2017 Department of Physics, University of Gothenburg
FELIX002312 Spontaneous folding of gas-phase penta-alanine peptides Vitali Zhaunerchyk 2016 Department of Physics, University of Gothenburg
FELIX002315 IR spectroscopy of Rh-doped gold clusters Ewald Janssens 2017 KU Leuven
FELIX002316 Gas-phase IRPD and IRMPD spectroscopy of cold cationic PAHs: A case study on three naphthalene ions Sandra Brünken 2017 Universität zu Köln
FELIX002317 Thermal quenching mechanisms in garnet-type phosphors Maths Karlsson 2016 Chalmers University of Technology
FELIX002318 Selective Methane Activation and Oxidation Mediated by Free Gold Clusters Sandra Lang 2017 University of Ulm
FELIX002503 IR/UV Double Resonance Spectroscopy of Xylyl Radicals Ingo Fischer 2018 University of Wuerzburg
FELIX002504 Measurement of the vibrational spectra of the isomers of the C3H3+ cation Wolf Geppert 2018 Stockholm University
FELIX002505 Elucidating the Mechanism for Catalytic Water Oxidation Mediated by Free Manganese-Oxide Clusters Sandra Marianne Lang 2018 Ulm University
FELIX002506 THz/IR Spectroscopy of Glycine-Water in Helium Nanodroplets Gerhard Schwaab 2018 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002507 Microsolvation of ions and small solutes Gerhard Schwaab 2018 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002508 The Smallest Droplet of Acid: Effect of Full Deuteration Gerhard Schwaab 2018 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002605 IR signatures of homo- and hetero-chiral 1-Methoxy-2-Propanol dimers studied with IRMPD-VUV action spectroscopy Vitali Zhaunerchyk 2019 Department of Physics, University of Gothenburg
FELIX002606 Diastereomer-specific IR-MPD spectroscopy of proton-bridged dimers of asparagine and serine Vitali Zhaunerchyk 2019 Department of Physics, University of Gothenburg
FELIX002607 Interaction of Free Manganese-Oxide Clusters with Formic and Acetic Acid: The Next Step in a Hierarchical Modeling Strategy of the Natural Oxygen Evolving Complex Sandra Marianne Lang 2019 Ulm University
FELIX002608 Structure and reactivity of multinuclear coinage metal phosphine complexes under control of oxidation state Christoph Riehn 2019 TU Kaiserslautern
FELIX002609 IR Spectroscopy of gaseous H and O Functionalized PAH ions and of their dominant fragments Liv Hornekær 2019 Aarhus University
FELIX002610 Tracking isomers of the –H fragment of methylated PAH cations by gas-phase IRPD spectroscopy Gabi Wenzel 2019 IRAP, Université de Toulouse, CNES, CNRS, Francee
FELIX002613 Microsolvation and zwitterion formation of glycine Gerhard Schwaab 2019 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002614 Effect of Deuteration on reactivity and dynamics of ultracold systems Gerhard Schwaab 2019 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002639 IR/UV Double Resonance Spectroscopy of Fulvene Ingo Fischer 2019 University of Würzburg
FELIX002641 Spectroscopy of H2+, D2+ and HD+ solvated in helium Oskar Asvany 2019 Uni Köln
FELIX002642 Transient transmission of THz metamaterials on a silicon substrate: the role of impact ionization and electron-hole recombination Ewald Janssens 2019 KU Leuven
FELIX002643 Oligorotaxane Foldamers: Redox-Active Artificial Molecular Machines Denis Morsa 2019 University of Liège
FELIX002644 Measurement of the vibrational spectra of the isomers of cations relevant for the interstellar medium and planetary atmospheres: C3H3+ and H3CN+ Wolf Geppert 2019 Stockholm University
FELIX002649 Microsolvation Induced Zwitterionization of Glycine Gerhard Schwaab 2019 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
FELIX002653 Structure and reactivity of coinage metal complexes under variation of ligand size: reduction, dioxygen adducts and hydrides Christoph Riehn 2019 TU Kaiserslautern, Dep. of Chemistry
FERMI002357 Near-resonance three-wave mixing in correlated materials Justine Schlappa 2017 European XFEL GmbH
FERMI002358 X-ray specular and off-specular scattering of magnetic interface structures - investigating ultrafast spin transport processes Christian Gutt 2017 University of Siegen
FERMI002359 Two-color imaging of resonantly excited helium nanodroplets Daniela Rupp 2017 Technische Universität Berlin
FERMI002360 Magnetoelasticity beyond FMR: Probing Phonon-Magnon Interactions Proposal number: 20144055 Raanan Tobey 2017 University of Groningen
FERMI002453 Coherent manipulation of dissociative ionization and autoionization of H2/D2 and of dissociation of H2+/D2+ in two-color ultra-short optical laser pulses Horst Rottke 2018 Max-Born-Institut
FERMI002455 Photodynamics of Crystal Field Multiplets in MnxMg(1-x)O Single Crystals by Resonant Stimulated XUV Raman Scattering at Mn M2,3-edge Thomas Rossi 2018 EPFL
FERMI002458 Two-color imaging of dynamic phase separation in VO2 Bastian Pfau 2018 Max-Born-Institut
FERMI002459 Stimulated Raman adiabatic passage with two-color XFEL pulses Antonio Picon 2018 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
FERMI002481 Double slit interference in time observed via intense laser-pulse induced ionization of Helium atoms in the XUV regime Saikat Nandi 2018 Lund Laser Center, Lund University
FERMI002490 Soft-x-ray distributed feedback laser from periodic multilayer structure pumped by FERMI FEL-2 Philippe JONNARD 2019 CNRS – Sorbonne Université
FERMI002509 Coherent control with attosecond phase resolution of wavepacket dynamics in atoms and molecules Kyoshi Ueda 2018 TOHOKU UNIVERSITY
FERMI002546 UV-Induced Ring-Opening and Dissociation of Thiophenone David Holland 2018 Daresbury Laboratory
FERMI002576 Two-color imaging of resonantly excited helium nanodroplets Daniela Rupp 2019 Max Born Institut Berlin
FERMI002582 Study of a Norrish type-I chemical reaction in real time. 2: Core Maria Novella Piancastelli 2019 Physics Dept Uppsala University
FERMI002590 Disentangling the laser-induced magnetic and electronic femtosecond dynamics around the M-edge of transition metals Boris Vodungbo 2019 Sorbonne Université
FERMI002592 Time resolved study of magnetic super-exchange interaction in NiO Gheorghe Sorin Chiuzbaian 2019 Sorbonne Université
FERMI002618 Time scale for the onset of magnetic chirality due to interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Pt/Co based ultrathin multilayers nicolas JAOUEN 2019 Synchrotron SOLEIL
FERMI002619 Nanoscale thermal transport far from diffusive regime studied with XUV transient gratings Keith Nelson 2019 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
FERMI002621 Simultaneously Imaging and Understanding the Surface of a Nanoparticle in Transmission Geometry MICHAEL ZUERCH 2019 Fritz Haber Institute
FERMI002622 Role of resonant and non-resonant Auger decay in the generation of highly charged ions by valence and core-shell sequential ionization. Giuseppe Sansone 2019 University of Freiburg
FERMI002626 Tracking phonon anomalies in the nanocomposite GeTe-C, responsible for thermal transport inhibition Valentina Giordano 2019 ILM
FERMI002629 Temperature- and momentum-resolved dynamics of charge-density-wave fluctuations in copper oxide high-temperature superconductors Riccardo Comin 2019 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
FERMI002632 Using VUV femtosecond pulses to control dissociative/non-dissociative ionization rates of H2 and D2 and to probe the wave packet dynamics in the excited molecule. Danielle Dowek 2019 ISMO, CNRS Université Paris-Sud
GSI002075 Absorption of ultra-intense laser pulses in near-critical density plasma Paul McKenna 2015 University of Strathclyde
GSI002167 X-ray generation by laser hole-boring and channelling in dense plasma Paul McKenna 2017 University of Strathclyde
GSI002285 Plasma jets in expanding foils undergoing relativistic induced transparency Paul McKenna 2018 University of Strathclyde
GSI002286 X-ray phase contrast imaging of laser-produced shock wave propagating in low-density material Luca Antonelli 2017 University of Rome "La Sapienza"
GSI002404 Investigation of thermodynamic properties of non-equilibrium dense matter states with enhanced x-ray Thomson scattering Katerina Falk 2019 ELI Beamlines, Czech Academy of Sciences
GSI002449 Experimental plateform to characterize temperature and density of a Titanium wire isochorically heated by laser-accelerated electrons test of a novel approach to study EOS in the WDM regime Luca Antonelli 2018 University of York
GSI002497 Absorption in the transition from surface- to volume-dominated intense laser-foil interactions Paul McKenna 2019 University of Strathclyde
GSI002637 Interaction of relativistic laser pulses with near critical plasma for optimization of the laser based sources of photons and particles. Nikolay Andreev 2019 Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS
GSI002645 Plasma magnetization by interaction with chirality for laboratory astrophysics and applications Philipp Korneev 2019 NRNU MEPhI
HIJ-FSU002290 Suprathermal electron induced K-alpha transitions from open 3d-shell configurations of partially ionized Cu and Fe at near solid density Frank Rosmej 2016 Sorbonne University, Pierre and Marie Curie
HIJ-FSU002344 Femtosecond multi-terawatt superfilament in air Massimo Petrarca 2017 Sapienza
HIJ-FSU002441 Investigation of EUV and soft X-ray emission from confined clustered gases under irradiation with intense femtosecond pulses Karol Adam Janulewicz 2019 Institute of Optoelectronics, Military University of Technology
HIJ-FSU002531 Realignment-free switching between interferometric and background-free mode of operation of an inverted field autocorrelator by using a vortex phase plate Alexander Dreischuh 2019 Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Faculty of Physics, Dept. of Quantum Electronics
HIJ-FSU002561 Probing for Ultra-High Electric Fields in Relativistic Laser-Matter Interactions Using Forbidden-Line X-Ray Spectroscopy Maron Yitzhak 2019 Weizmann Institute of Science
HIJ-FSU002569 Spatio-temporal dynamics of large- and small-scale strong magnetic fields in a laser plasma outflow with comparable energies of electrons and ions Victor Malka 2019 Weizmann Institute of Science
HIJ-FSU002630 Gate-tunable terahertz high-harmonic generation in graphene Yunyun Dai 2019 Aalto University
ICFO002147 Nano infrared spectroscopy with broadband laser Alexandre DAZZI 2017 Laboratoire de Chimie Physique
ICFO002227 Novel compact and cost-effective laser sources for Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy Alberto Dalla Mora 2016 Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Fisica
ICFO002264 Imaging time-resolved structural dynamics in C60 with laser-induced electron diffraction in a pump-probe configuration. Pawel Wnuk 2016 Max Planck Insitute for Q.O.(MPQ) / Ludwig Maximilian University
ICFO002272 Depiction of the ESIPT process on phenolic betalains via attosecond C- and N- K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy Jacinto Sa 2016 Uppsala University
ICFO002295 High-order harmonic generation in crystals assisted by plasmonic enhancement Dominik Franz 2017 CEA Saclay
ICFO002377 Towards an hand-held probe for DCS: test of a newly developed detector Laura Di Sieno 2017 Politecnico di Milano
ICFO002388 Laser-induced electron diffraction of complex molecules Arne Senftleben 2018 Universität Kassel
ICFO002484 Optimizing new molecular tools for high resolution detection of cellular events regulated by ubiquitin family members Manuel S RODRIGUEZ MEDINA 2018 ITAV-CNRS
ICFO002590 Live-imaging of cytoskeleton and cell adhesion proteins dynamics during optical guidance of fibroblasts and neurons Elisa Tamariz 2019 University of Veracruz
ICFO002597 Interactions between anti-cancer antibodies (Ab) and the tumour micro-environment (TME) Catarina Brito 2019 iBET
ICFO002603 Spectroscopic and storage characterization of complex rare-earth-based integrated devices fabricated by femtosecond laser micromachining Giacomo Corrielli 2019 IFN-CNR at Politecnico di Milano
LASERIX002173 Element specific ultrafast magnetization dynamics in Ni-ferrite and Fe/MnAs epitaxial layers Giovanni De Ninno 2015 Sincrotrone Trieste (Italy) and University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia)
LASERIX002425 Testing Thin Film Compression toward Few-cycle Petawatt-scale Laser Systems Razvan Dabu 2017 IFIN-HH, ELI-NP
LASERIX002496 Comparison of the efficiencies of several multi-cycle THz pulse generation schemes Thomas Vinatier 2018 Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY)
LENS002098 pi dimerization of lineal paraphenylenes: high pressure and laser induced. miriam peña alvarez 2016 Universidad Complutense Madrid
LENS002163 Study of ancient pigments from Russia and Middle Asia by means of spectroscopic techniques Vadim Parfenov 2016 St.Petersburg State Electrotechnical university
LENS002176 Liquid crystals, doped with graphene nanoplatelets for applications as ellectrically controllable phase shifters for the THz range Jordanka Tasseva 2016 Insitute of Optical Materials and Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
LENS002221 Spectral imaging of dielectric Mie resonators marco abbarchi 2018 IM2NP, CNRS, Aix Marseille University
LENS002275 pi dimerization of lineal paraphenylenes: high pressure and laser induced Miriam peña alvarez 2017 Universidad Complutense Madrid
LENS002289 Understanding the Photoswitching Mechanism of Donor-Acceptor Stenhouse Adducts Michael Lerch 2017 Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
LENS002378 Understanding Energetic Disorder and Exciton Delocalization in Stabilized Molecular Aggregate Nanotubes Justin Caram 2017 UCLA
LENS002436 Investigations on the Photoisomerization of Donor-Acceptor Stenhouse Adducts Michael Lerch 2018 University of Groningen
LENS002533 Linking the load-dependence of myosin's working stroke to the release of phosphate and ADP. Edward Debold 2019 University of Massachusetts
LENS002558 Confirmation of pressure-induced polymerization in co-crystals of arenes and perfluoroarenes via infrared spectroscopy Alexandra Friedrich 2019 Julius-Maximilians-Universitaet Wuerzburg
LENS002624 ultrafast time resolved visible-pump/IR-probe spectroscopy of the Iminothioindoxyl photoswitch Mark Hoorens 2019 University Medical Center Groningen
LENS002635 Ultrafast photophysics of substituted diphenylacetylenes Anatoly Melnikov 2019 International Tomography Center SB RAS
LLAMS002132 Imaging co-transcriptional scanning of AID with correlative tweezers-fluorescence microscopy David Rueda 2016 Imperial College London
LLAMS002152 Excitation trapping in photosystem I Bruno Robert 2016 CEA
LLAMS002197 AC-Stark line shapes in the EF-X system of H2 for precision test of quantum electrodynamics in molecules Piotr Wcislo 2017 Nicolaus Copernicus University
LLAMS002199 Linking molecular mechanics and architecture of vimentin intermediate filaments by simultaneous stretching and fluorescence imaging Sarah Köster 2016 University of Goetitngen
LLAMS002206 Stark spectroscopy of bacteriochlorophyll c aggregates in chlorosomes Jakub Psencik 2016 Charles University in Prague
LLAMS002215 Extended and precision measurements of the A-X bands on the basis of the CO isotopologues. Rafal Hakalla 2016 University of Rzeszow, Department of Experimental Physics
LLAMS002223 Improved precision measurements of the H2 dissociation energy with a laser in deep UV Shuiming Hu 2016 University of Science and Technology of China
LLAMS002238 Using two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy (2DES) to investigate the possible role of quantum coherence in the light dependent enzyme protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase (POR) David Farmer 2016 The University of Sheffield
LLAMS002291 Estimating energy diffusion bottlenecks in PSI by selective excitation in the red absorption tail. Stefano Santabarbara 2016 Institute of Biophysics of the National Research Council (CNR)
LLAMS002300 Fluorescence suppression in Raman spectroscopy Franziska Hanke 2017 German Aerospace Center
LLAMS002328 Study of protein-DNA interaction of the novel helicase RadA by C-trap, optical tweezers-fluorescence microscopy Chiara Rapisarda 2016 Institut Pasteur
LLAMS002332 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS) of molecular hydrogen including tritium containing molecules Magnus Schlösser 2017 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
LLAMS002347 Photoredox properties of naphthalimide-bipyridinium conjugates Zoltán Szakács 2017 Budapest University of Technology and Economics
LLAMS002356 Capturing the mechanical dynamics of DNA using optical tweezers and single-molecule orientation measurements Adam Backer 2017 Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico
LLAMS002376 Photoionization Spectroscopy and Photoelectron Circular Dichroism in alpha-Pinene Ivan Powis 2019 University of Nottingham
LLAMS002381 Spectroscopic characterization of charge transfer states in a water-soluble protein analogue of photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes Dror Noy 2017 Migal-Gallilee Research Institute
LLAMS002444 High-Resolution Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS) of DT and HT at 15 MHz accuracy Magnus Schlösser 2019 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
LLAMS002452 Spectroscopical characterization of voltage sensitive fluorescent sensors QuasArs. Peter Hegemann 2018 Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
LLAMS002454 Transition and Resonance Lineshape of small Molecular Systems by Ultra-sensitive NICE-OHMS in the NearInfraRed Patrick Dupré 2018 LPCA/ULCO
LLAMS002495 Investigation of Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering spectral line shapes in air at different polarizations and charaterization of a novel temperature lidar receiver Benjamin Witschas 2019 German Aerospace Center (DLR)
LLAMS002512 Precision measurements of water lines Roland Tóbiás 2019 ELTE Eötvös Loránd University
LLAMS002535 Structural dynamics of the photocontrolled transcription factor EL222 in presence of DNA Gustavo Fuertes Vives 2018 Institute of Biotechnology CAS, v.v.i.
LLAMS002557 In-depth Characterization of Fluorescently Labeled Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases Klaus Benedikt Möllers 2019 University of Copenhagen
LLAMS002615 Controlling nuclei position during Drosophila embryo gastrulation Matteo Rauzi 2019 University Côte d'Azur
LLC002153 Investigation of triplet pair intermediate states in singlet exciton fission using 2D electronic heterodyne photon echo spectroscopy. Hannah Stern 2016 University of Cambridge
LLC002154 Recollision induced superradiance in the sky Yi Liu 2015 Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée, ENSTA/CNRS/Ecole Polytechnique
LLC002166 Spectrally-resolved RABBIT measurements in the vicinity of Fano autoionizing resonances Pascal SALIERES 2016 CEA-Saclay
LLC002259 The study of bond-hardening during melting of metals using laser driven betatron source Katerina Falk 2016 ELI Beamlines, Institute of Physics, ASCR
LLC002268 Radiative rates for spectral lines depopulating highly excited states of astrophysical interest in singly ionized vanadium (V II), yttrium (Y II), zirconium (Zr II) and niobium (Nb II) Pascal Quinet 2016 University of Mons
LLC002269 Characterization of photoluminescence spectra and local polarization properties of YMnO3 thin films on substrates with and without metallic bottom electrode and spectral investigation of luminescence from resistively switched YMnO3 Heidemarie Schmidt 2016 Technical University Chemnitz, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Department of Materials for Nanoelectronics
LLC002273 Infuence of electrostatic field on spectroscopic properties of carbonyl carotenoids Marcel Fuciman 2016 Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia
LLC002276 Study of the correlation between wavefronts of high-harmonic beams and their driving laser Hugo Dacasa Pereira 2016 Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée (LOA)
LLC002287 XUV attosecond ionisation of ferrocene: fragmentation and charge dynamics Patrick Rousseau 2018 université de Caen Normandie - CIMAP
LLC002346 Two-photon pumped high excitation concentration effects in wide bandgap two-dimensional organometal halide perovskite micro-disks Bin yang 2017 Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
LLC002386 Mechanistic study of Dihydroazulene-Vinylheptafulvene photoswitch Thorsten Hansen 2017 University of Copenhagen
LLC002398 A novel approach to study the nonlinear dynamics from gas filaments Milutin Kovacev 2017 Leibniz University
LLC002401 Ultrafast energy-transfer dynamics in membrane-embedded LH1 Erling Thyrhaug 2018 TU Wien
LLC002415 Origin and Role of Coherences in Light-Harvesting Antenna Complexes of Purple Bacteria Marco Schröter 2017 University of Rostock
LLC002443 Study the opto-electronic properties of organometal halide perovskites and layered two dimension materials Supriya Ghosh 2018 Indian Institute of Technology Mandi
LLC002450 Compressive imaging of ultrafast carrier dynamics employing random speckle patterns Karel Zidek 2018 research center TOPTEC, IPP, Czech Academy of Sciences
LLC002451 Investigation of apical f-actin aggregation in healthy and cholestatic liver tissue using 2D polarisation imaging Daniela Täuber 2018 Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology
LLC002476 Fast and robust creation of an arbitrary single qubit state by nonadiabatic shortcut pulses in a three-level system Ying Yan 2018 Soochow University
LLC002478 Pump-probe spectrocopic experiments under electrochemical control: a new tool to probe charge carrier dynamics Csaba Janaky 2018 University of Szeged
LLC002487 Single-shot measurements of spatiotemporal couplings in high-order harmonic generation Stefan Witte 2018 Laserlab Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
LLC002553 Probing Charge-transfer in covalent polyoxometalate–bodipy hybrids Elizabeth Gibson 2019 Newcastle University
LLC002556 Laser-driven acceleration using nano-structured and nanowire targets Patrizio Antici 2019 INRS
LLC002559 Probing the electron recollision effect in nitrogen ion lasing with external seeding pulse Yi Liu 2019 School of Optical-Electrical Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
LLC002578 Controling XUV harmonics focusing properties Eric Constant 2019 ILM CNRS University of Lyon
LLC002617 Optical near-field streaking of electrons photoemitted from a sharp gold taper by attosecond XUV pulses Christoph Lienau 2019 Carl-von-Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
LOA002181 Single-shot measurement of spatial coherence of plasma-based X-ray lasers Jaroslav Nejdl 2017 Institute of Physics ASCR
LOA002204 Optimized compression of high-energy pulses in large hollow fibers Tamas Nagy 2017 Leibniz Universität Hannover
LOA002209 Calibration of XUV Optics and new Hartmann wave front sensors Lu Li 2017 Queen's University Belfast
LOA002277 Impact of the wavefront shape in imaging with in-line holography Marta Leitão Mota Fajardo 2016 Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear
LOA002302 Investigation of Coherence Properties of a Seeded X-ray Laser using Ptychography Michael Zuerch 2017 FSU Jena / IOQ
LOA002314 Spatially Encoded Arrangement for Spectral Phase Interferometry for Direct Electric field Reconstruction (SEA-SPIDER) for pulse duration characterization of XUV pulses Marta Fajardo 2017 Instituto Superior Técnico
LOA002361 Rotation of polarization ellipse in gases for temporal filtering Mikhail Kalashnikov 2017 Max-Born-Institut
LOA002367 Alignment of the two mirrors of a Schwarzschild objective designed for Extreme ultraviolet Lithography Mabel Ruiz-Lopez 2018 DESY
LOA002440 Wave front study of attosecond pulses from surface high harmonics generation Lu LI 2019 Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)
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LOA002485 Simultaneous observation of electron, high harmonic (HHG), and ion emission in the few-cycle relativistic laser intensity regime as a function of plasma gradient and carrier envelope phase (CEP). Eyal Kroupp 2019 Weizmann Institute of Science
LOA002489 Investigation of self-generated magnetic fields in laser plasma accelerator using a new concept of compact polarimeter Yuji Fukuda 2019 Kansai Photon Science Institute (KPSI), National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST)
LOA002549 Pump probe second harmonic generation spectroscopy of VO2 transition in infrared range. Alessandro Belardini 2019 Sapienza Università di Roma / Dip. SBAI
LOA002586 Table-top surface-sensitive nonlinear X-ray spectroscopy of aluminum Michael Zürch 2019 Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society
LULI100TW002076 Enhanced proton acceleration with near critical solid hydrogen targets Stephan Kraft 2016 Helmoltz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR)
LULI100TW002184 Time-controlled fast electron self-collimation luca volpe 2016 CLPU
LULI100TW002189 Nanostructure synthesis using laser-accelerated protons Patrizio ANTICI 2017 INFN
LULI100TW002270 Relativistic Laser-Plasma and Atomic Physics in High-Energy-Density Nanowire Targets Robin Marjoribanks 2016 University of Toronto
LULI100TW002322 Nonlocal Heat Transport in Strongly Magnetized Plasmas Alberto Marocchino 2018 INFN
LULI100TW002323 Relativistic Laser-Plasma and Atomic Physics in High-Energy-Density Nanowire Targets Robin Marjoribanks 2017 University of Toronto
LULI100TW002422 Orbital angular momentum laser coupling with a plasma medium through stimulated Raman scattering Kevin Glize 2019 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
LULINANO2000002071 Particle acceleration in laser-produced shocks by lower-hybrid wave turbulence Gianluca Gregori 2015 University of Oxford
LULINANO2000002183 Experimental study of accretion processes in X-ray binary stars using an external B-field Alexander Pelka 2016 HZDR
LULINANO2000002186 Proton irradiation of human cell lines at ultrahigh dose rates Marco Borghesi 2016 Queen's University Belfast
LULINANO2000002320 Dynamics of Stars Death and Birth: from the cosmos to the laboratory Gianluca Gregori 2018 University of Oxford
MBI002168 Ultrashort pulse generation in Ho -doped crystals above 2 microns with novel saturable absorbers Magdalena Aguiló 2016 University Rovira i Virgili
MBI002239 In search of Intramolecular Coulombic Decay in a polyatomic dissociating molecule Luis Banares 2017 Universidad Complutense de Madrid
MBI002288 Time-resolved measurements using thermal streak-camera in pulsed regimes on high power laser diode at 975nm. Laurent Bechou 2017 IMS Laboratory
MBI002365 High gain pulse amplification around 2050 nm by using Tm,Ho:KYW or Ho:KYW waveguides as a part of the pre-amplifier in a high-energy, picosecond CPA system based on Ho:YLF. Francesc Díaz 2018 University Rovira i Virgili
MBI002442 High Harmonic Generation in the water-window Gildas Goldsztejn 2018 ISMO
MBI002483 Time-resolved imaging of terahertz-driven spin dynamics Nanna Zhou Hagström 2018 Stockholm University
MBI002493 Sub-100 femtosecond laser pulses in the 2-µm spectral range Xavier Mateos 2019 University Rovira i Virgili
MBI002502 Revealing the role of chiral interactions in ultrafast all-optical switching of magnetic materials Felix Buettner 2019 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MBI002528 Orbital Momentum Excitation of Nanomaterials (OMEN) Frank Güell 2019 Universitat de Barcelona
MBI002530 XUV/IR photodissociation dynamics of neutral and cationic water and acetonitrile molecules by Coulomb explosion velocity map imaging Luis Banares 2019 Universidad Complutense de Madrid
MBI002587 Pulses compression by using Multi pass cell Gustavo Torchia 2019 Centro de Investigaciones Opticas
MBI002588 Angle-resolved RABBITT in the molecular frame using a 100 kHz HHG facility Danielle Dowek 2019 ISMO CNRS Université Paris-Sud & Paris-Saclay
MBI002594 Power optical parametric amplification of broadband 2 micron pulses to the multi-Millijoule pulse energy level Tianli Feng 2019 Shandong University
MBI002595 Sub-10 optical cycle pulse generation from saturable absorber assisted Kerr-lens mode-locking solid state laser at 2-micron Weidong Chen 2019 Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences
MBI002596 Generation and characterisation of attosecond solitons at 100 kHz repetition rate Christian Brahms 2019 Heriot-Watt University
MBI002600 Full angle-differential Electron Rescattering in the Molecular Frame Varun Suresh Makhija 2019 Bowdoin College
MBI002638 Optical Waveguides fabricated with few cycles laser pulses in Lithium Niobate and Silicon samples Gustavo Torchia 2019 Centro de Investigaciones Ópticas (CIOp)
PALS002110 Characterization of laser energy profile in the focal spot, obtained with random phase plate, with <10 micron resolution Gabriele Cristoforetti 2016 National Institute of Optics - CNR
PALS002126 Laser Induced Aneutronic Fusion Reaction by Advanced Materials Giuseppe Antonio Pablo Cirrone 2016 INFN-LNS
PALS002128 Generation of MG ?elds using novel capacitor-coil targets Satyabrata Kar 2016 Queen's University Belfast
PALS002196 Laser-driven shock waves in shock-ignition relevant conditions. Understanding the effects of hot electron preheating on shock break-out times and pressure measurements. Luca Antonelli 2017 Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"
PALS002200 Comprehensive investigation of ablative plasma with using femtosecond polaro-interferometry for applications in inertial confinement fusion and astrophysics Tadeusz Pisarczyk 2017 Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion
PALS002368 Space-time measurements of spontaneous magnetic field in correlation with the electron and ion emission from the ablative plasma on the PALS laser in the context of ICF application. Tadeusz Pisarczyk 2019 Institute of Plasma Physicsc and Laser Microfusion
PALS002438 The transition from discrete to continuous spectra in dense media: two channel high-resolution X-ray imaging of Rydberg-transitions Frank Rosmej 2018 Sorbonne Universities, Pierre and Marie Curie
PALS002514 Alternative method of acceleration of dense plasma objects (macroparticles/plasma streams) Tomasz Chodukowski 2019 Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion
PALS002602 Time- and Space-Resolved X-Ray Polarization Measurements of Laser-Affected Lineshapes Evgeny Stambulchik 2019 Weizmann Institute of Science
SLIC002205 Femtosecond time-resolved photoelectron imaging of ortho-benzyne Ingo Fischer 2016 University of Wuerzburg
SLIC002281 Time-resolved study of the laser mediated interactions between peptides and proteins Carlo Altucci 2018 Dept Physics - Università "Federico II" of Napoli
SLIC002341 Double pulse interferometry of free electrons in optical crystals near ablation threshold Sergey Klimentov 2017 General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
SLIC002403 Femtosecond time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of CH2Br and CHBr2 Ingo Fischer 2017 Universität Würzburg
SLIC002405 3 dimensional lensless imaging using a high-harmonics source Milutin Kovacev 2017 Leibniz University Hannover
SLIC002408 Direct electron acceleration with radially polarized laser pulse Diego Guénot 2017 Lund Laser Center (atomic physic departement)
SLIC002409 Time-resolved study of pyrimidine-like dimers repair by 8-oxoguanine Virginie Lhiaubet 2018 CSIC
SLIC002412 Wavefront correction for coherent imaging in the XUV Marta Fajardo 2019 Instituto Superior Técnico
SLIC002446 Test-run towards coherent-diffractive-imaging probing of plasma evolution in irradiated mass-limited object Raz Ezra HALIFA LEVI 2018 Tel Aviv university
SLIC002510 Single-shot coherent diffractive imaging in reflection mode RAZ EZRA HALIFA LEVI 2018 Tel Aviv University
SLIC002601 Time-resolved study of pyrimidine-like dimers repair by 8-oxoguanine Virginie Lhiaubet 2019 CSIC
UC-CLL002298 Effect of aggregation on the photophysical parameters of gold(I) supramolecular aggregates Laura Rodriguez Raurell 2017 University of Barcelona
UC-CLL002329 Laser Lab application Influence of new medicaments to structure-specific intristic fluorescence of amyloids Ondrej Soukup 2017 Biomedical Research Centre, University Hospital Hradec Kralove
UC-CLL002370 photochemical and photophysical investigation on indigo's derivatives Alessandro Porciello 2017 università degli studi di Perugia
UC-CLL002374 Photophysical studies of (bis)-porphyrin peptide compounds Rita Cimino 2018 University of Rome Tor Vergata
UC-CLL002499 Nonlinear optical measurements of sample in liquid and solid state Danilo Dini 2019 University of Rome LA SAPIENZA
UC-CLL002532 Mid-/Near-IR and UV Narrowband Tunable Laser - Induced Rotational Isomerism and Photochemistry in Substituted Five-membered Ring Molecules ARCHNA SHARMA 2019 Model Institute of Engg. and Technology
UC-CLL002537 Exploring photophysical pathways of Au(I) and Pt(II) organometallic aggregates Laura Rodríguez 2019 University of Barcelona
UC-CLL002539 Is Conformational Switching Through Vibrational Overtone Pumping Selective? Benjamin Normann Frandsen 2019 Universtity of Copenhagen
ULF-FORTH002169 An exploration of the complementarity between non-linear microscopy and optical coherence tomography for the examination of paint and varnish layers Haida Liang 2016 Nottingham Trent University
ULF-FORTH002179 Low-energy resonance structures in UV photo-dissociation spectrum of OCS LUIS MENDEZ 2016 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
ULF-FORTH002211 Non-linear microscopy for assessing photochemical modifications upon laser removal of varnishes used in paintings MOHAMED OUJJA 2016 Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano (IQFR), Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
ULF-FORTH002225 Rydberg-valence state interaction dynamics in CH3Br studied with Velocity Map/Slice Imaging Ágúst Kvaran 2016 University of Iceland
ULF-FORTH002252 Deposition by sub-picosecond laser ablation of Au nanoparticles on silica nanowire forest for sensitive optical biosensors Francisco José Gontad Farina 2016 University of Salento
ULF-FORTH002258 Nanostructuring of semiconductor surfaces induced by Soft Laser Structuring luc MUSEUR 2016 Université PARIS 13 Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers
ULF-FORTH002262 UV-VUV photodissociation dynamics of nitromethane and acetaldehyde with universal detection Luis Bañares 2017 Universidad Complutense de Madrid
ULF-FORTH002304 Dynamic tuning of quantum dot based 3D photonic devices. Ioanna Sakellari 2017 4th Physics Institute, University of Stuttgart
ULF-FORTH002342 Study of the interactions of laser radiation with vitreous and ceramic surfaces. Potentials on using lasers as restoration tools of historic ceramics (Azulejos) Silvia Raquel Morais Pereira 2017 Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil
ULF-FORTH002353 Investigation of novel optical fiber structures for use as optical neural network elements Georgios Violakis 2017 Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology)
ULF-FORTH002369 Digital Holographic Interferometry for establishing Museum Environment Austin Nevin 2017 Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IFN-CNR)
ULF-FORTH002371 The effects of double pulses on periodic structures formation on copper and wavelength-dependence study Styliani Maragkaki 2017 Ruhr University of Bochum
ULF-FORTH002373 Analysis of the angular momentum orientation of OCS photofragments near ~223 nm LUIS MENDEZ 2017 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
ULF-FORTH002407 Laser-based Electron Diffraction for Femtosecond and Sub-atomic scale imaging Patrizio Antici 2018 University of Rome / INFN
ULF-FORTH002411 Photoelectron circular dichroism of fenchone from multiphoton ionization with nanosecond laser pulses Tim Schäfer 2018 University of Göttingen
ULF-FORTH002424 Unveiling mechanisms of grooves generation in crystalline silicon irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses Salvatore Amoruso 2018 Università di Napoli Federico II
ULF-FORTH002445 Photo-Acoustic Signal Attenuation Analysis (PAcSAA) and Non-Linear Optical (NLO) techniques for the non-destructive determination of thickness and composition of multi-layer painted objects. Alice Dal Fovo 2018 INO-CNR
ULF-FORTH002456 Soft laser structuring of semiconducting films for microfluidic photocatalysis. luc museur 2018 University PARIS 13
ULF-FORTH002568 Ultra-short pulsed laser deposition of B thin films for its potential application in neutron detectors. Alessio Perrone 2019 University of Salento
VULRC002260 Investigation of laser damage processes in optical coatings by time-resolved phase imaging laurent gallais 2017 Institut Fresnel - Ecole Centrale Marseille
VULRC002267 Conical emission in high density potassium atoms by a well-detuned fs pump Thomas Efthimiopoulos 2016 Laser, Nonlinear and Quantum Optics Labs
VULRC002271 Supercontinuum generation in air by bichromatic femtosecond laser pulses Ihar Babushkin 2017 Institute of Quantum Optics, Leibniz University of Hannover
VULRC002274 Nano- and Micromachining of a cell colonization membrane in photosensitive glass and fused silica by femtosecond laser technology for potential use in a Blood-Brain-Barrier-on-a-Chip. Andreas Dietzel 2016 Institute of Microtechnology
VULRC002334 laser direct write of 3D biocompatible and biodegradable polymer microstructured scaffolds for osteochondral repair Frederik Claeyssens 2017 University ofSheffield
VULRC002343 Singular optomechanics from nanostructured micro-optical components Etienne Brasselet 2017 CNRS, University of Bordeaux
VULRC002355 Coherent rare-earth pair excitation in Li6Y(BO3)3 crystals Vitali Nagirnyi 2017 Institute of Physics, University of Tartu
VULRC002362 Coherent control and enhanced four-wave-mixing in epsilon-near-zero media Thomas Roger 2017 Heriot-Watt University
VULRC002551 Reconfigurable photomechanical microstructures for micro-robot and tunable photonics application Hao Zeng 2019 Tampere University of Technology
VULRC002571 Creation of high concentrations of NV centres in synthetic diamond through femtosecond laser writing Florian Gahbauer 2019 University of Latvia -- Laser Centre
VULRC002599 Effect of laser pulse duration on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) hardness Estimation Ahmed Galmed 2019 National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (NILES), Cairo University