Access Projects 2019 -2024

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Project Id Title facility year applicant_name home_institute country
LENS002761 Balancing fluorescence and singlet oxygen formation in push-pull type near-infrared BODIPY photosensitizers LENS 2021 Wouter Maes Hasselt University Belgium
ULF-FORTH002788 Beam steering with the enhanced hyperprisms on fibre tip ULF-FORTH 2021 Edik Rafailov Aston University England
HILASE002699 Bright source of fast neutrons at high repetition employing HiLASE HILASE 2021 Satyabrata Kar Queen's University Belfast UK
LACUS002824 Broadband Visible Transient Reflectivity Investigation of Spinel Cobalt Oxide Below the Antiferromagnetic LACUS 2021 Giulia Fulvia Mancini University of Pavia Italy
LLC002730 Capturing the interplay of laser induced plasma and atmospheric pressure plasma jet LLC 2021 Dean Popovic Institute of Physics Zagreb Croatia
LOA002784 Characterization and control of the spatial properties of high-order harmonics LOA 2022 Hugo Dacasa Pereira Universidad Complutense de Madrid Spain
FERMI002798 Charge carrier dynamics of large band-gap MgO material by resonant stimulated XUV raman at the Mg L2,3 edge FERMI 2021 Hugo Marroux CEA Saclay laboratoire du LIDYL France
PALS002628 Comprehensive investigations of optical generators of strong magnetic fields and magnetized plasmas for ICF and astrophysical applications PALS 2021 Tadeusz Pisarczyk Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion Poland
CUSBO002679 Coupling of femtosecond spin- and charge-dynamics in non-linear regime CUSBO 2021 Davide Bossini TU Dortmund Germany
LOA002662 Demonstration of Free Electron Laser gain LOA 2020 Victor Malka Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
ULF-FORTH002663 Detecting hidden sketch drawings and fresco layers using a novel non-invasive photoacoustic diagnostic approach ULF-FORTH 2021 Antonina Chaban University of Padua Italy
FERMI002830 Detecting magnetic texture formation from high-temperature fluctuation phase FERMI 2021 Bastian Pfau Max-Born-Institut Germany
UC-CLL002690 Development of a label-free, high-throughput Alzheimer's drug screening assay and investigation into the role of Copper and Zinc ions on the origin of amyloid autofluorescence and acceleration of amyloid aggregation. UC-CLL 2020 Tommy Loan University of Edinburgh UK
GSI002392 Diffusive particle acceleration in a turbulentmagnetized plasma GSI 2021 Gianluca Gregori University of Oxford England
CLPU002776 Direct comparison of nonlinear, relativistic Thomson scattering radiation, ejected electrons and parent ion charge state CLPU 2022 Wendell Hill University of Maryland USA
FERMI002799 Direct sub-cycle probing of the phase shift induced by two-photon Rabi cycling in helium FERMI 2021 Johan Mauritsson Lund University Sweden
FELIX002764 Discrimination of isomeric flavanones based on IR ion spectroscopy FELIX 2021 Davide Corinti Sapienza University Italy
CNRS-CELIA002677 Dynamics of electronic excitations in two lead halide perovskites with different cations: Cs+ and methyl-ammonium group CH3NH3+ CNRS-CELIA 2020 ANDREY VASILYEV Moscow State University Russia
HILASE002702 Effect of laser shock peening on mechanical property, microstructure and phase transition of medical NiTi shape memory alloy HILASE 2021 Hao Wang Ruhr-University Bochum Germany
SLIC002583 Electronic structure and carrier dynamics of Ruddlesden–Popper 2D perovskite SLIC 2019 Huifang Geng ELI alps Hungary
FELIX002811 Elucidating the Acid-Base-Properties of Magnesium- and Silicon-Oxide Clusters and their Potential as CO2 Activation Catalysts FELIX 2021 Sandra Lang Ulm University Germany
ULF-FORTH002697 Enantiomeric Excess Measurements in Multi-Component mixtures Using Nanosecond Photoelectron Circular Dichroism ULF-FORTH 2021 Tim Schäfer University of Göttingen Germany
FERMI002717 Evidencing the phonon trapping in a nanophononic material for wavelengths smaller and comparable to the nanostructure lengthscale FERMI 2020 Valentina Giordano Institut Lulière Matière, UMR 5306, CNRS France
LLC002760 Exciton trapping in biological light-harvesters LLC 2021 Erling Thyrhaug TU Munich Germany
FELIX002769 FELIX / FELion spectroscopy of fundamental halocarbon ions: Protonated Chloromethane (CH3ClH+) and Chloromethylium (CH2Cl+) FELIX 2021 Philipp Schmid University of Cologne Germany
CNRS-LP3002707 Femtosecond laser induced structuration of silicon substrates for 2D materials orientation LP3 2021 Mario Garcia-Lechuga Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Spain
SLIC002604 Femtosecond Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Pyracylene SLIC 2021 Ingo Fischer University of Würzburg Germany
ULF-FORTH002745 First application of photoacoustic imaging to the analysis of a XIX century painting ULF-FORTH 2021 Alice Dal Fovo Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (CNR-INO) Italy
FELIX002806 Gas phase routes to interstellar dimethyl ether (CH30CH3) probed by IR action spectroscopy of ionic intermediates and products of the reaction CH30H2+ + CH30H FELIX 2021 Daniela Ascenzi University of Trento Italy
FERMI002731 Ghost spectroscopy with x-ray free-electron lasers FERMI 2020 Sharon Shwartz Bar-Ilan University Israel
CLPU002770 High Harmonic Hot Spot CLPU 2022 Robert Fedosejevs University of Alberta Canada
LENS002735 High-sensitivity Cantilever-Enhanced Photoacoustic Sensor LENS 2021 Zhen Wang The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
CUSBO002616 Highly efficient charge separation at vanishing driving force: the role of electronic and vibrationalcoherence in organic photovoltaics CUSBO 2020 Luis Bañares Complutense University of Madrid Spain
FELIX002766 Host-guest complexes between beta-cyclodextrins and small drugs for SERS detection in drinking water. FELIX 2022 Nicolas Nieuwjaer Université Sorbonne France
HZDR002795 Hybrid Laser-Wakefield/Direct-Laser Accelerator (LWDA) HZDR 2021 Michael Downer The University of Texas at Austin United States
LLAMS002654 Hyperfine effects in vibrational transitions of the water molecule: H2(17)O LLAMS 2020 Mattia Melosso University of Bologna Italy
CUSBO002670 Impact of phonon modes on singlet fission in thin films of deuterated tetracene and pentacene CUSBO 2020 Clemens Zeiser University of Tübingen Germany
PALS002750 Increase of Efficiency of CD2 Foil Acceleration Applying Cavity Targets at PALS Facility PALS 2021 Tomasz Chodukowski Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion Poland
ULF-FORTH002686 Influence of surface crystalline orientation on fs laser generated periodic nanostructures. ULF-FORTH 2021 Luc Museur USPN - CNRS Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers France
LENS002671 Infrared Spectroscopy for Water Dynamics in Lipidic Cubic Phases LENS 2021 Yang Yao ETH Zurich Switzerland
CNRS-CELIA002675 Interaction of excitations in GAGG:Ce scintillating crystals under dense laser irradiation CNRS-CELIA 2020 Dmitry Spassky Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia
FELIX002720 Interaction of Free Manganese Oxide Clusters with Diketones and Nitrogen Containing Heterocyclic Compounds FELIX 2020 Sandra Lang Ulm University Germany
FELIX002767 Investigating agostic interactions in organometallic complexes via IRMPD spectrometry FELIX 2022 Alexandra Tsybizova ETHZ Switzerland
FELIX002809 Investigating the Structure of Aza-Phenanthrene Dimers by IR/UV Double Resonance Spectroscopy FELIX 2021 Ingo Fischer Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg Germany
LULI002672 Investigation of C-H-O mixtures in the context of planetary interiors and nanodiamond synthesis LULI 2021 Dominik Kraus Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf Germany
GSI002685 Investigation of efficient ion shock acceleration using high energy lasers in dense gas jet targets and laser-shaped plasmas GSI 2020 Jean-Raphaël Marquès Laboratoire pour l'Utilisation des Lasers Intenses France
PALS002660 Investigation on the role of ablator composition on the parametric instabilities growth and hot electron generation PALS 2020 Gabriele Cristoforetti Istituto Nazionale di Ottica - CNR Italy
FELIX002768 IR induced chemistry in condensed films of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – a possible route to interstellar chemical complexity FELIX 2022 John Thrower Aarhus University Denmark
FELIX002726 IR/UV Double Resonance Spectroscopy of the Fulvenallenyl Radical FELIX 2020 Ingo Fischer Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg Germany
FELIX002765 IRMPD spectroscopy experiments on some metal-acetylacetonate and gold-ligand complexes compared to quantum chemistrycalculations FELIX 2021 Charles Desfrançois CNRS-Université Sorbonne France
HZDR002701 Laser driven proton Flash irradiation HZDR 2020 Emília Rita Szabó Laser Institute ELI-ALPS Hungary
CNRS-LP3002792 Laser-induced deep amorphization of silicon with temporally tuned ultrashort laser pulses LP3 2021 Jan Siegel Instituto de Optica, CSIC Spain
FELIX002808 Low-lying electronic excitation of small cobalt clusters FELIX 2021 Piero Antonio Ferrari Ramirez Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium
ULF-FORTH002669 Luminescence-based gas sensing of lead halide perovskite nanocrystals (NCs) ULF-FORTH 2021 Maria Luisa De Giorgi University of Salento Italy
FELIX002814 Mechanistic studies of unidirectional triple-hydrogen rearrangement reactions in ESI-MS/MS FELIX 2021 Mathias Schäfer University of Cologne Germany
LULI002754 MHD Turbulence in the Laboratory LULI 2022 Paul Mabey Freie Universität Berlin Germany
ULF-FORTH002794 Micro-optics for photonic nanojet generation ULF-FORTH 2021 Ivan Kassamakov University of Helsinki Finland
LOA002655 Micrometric plasma targets for near-single cycle laser accelerators - MITASILA LOA 2020 Gediminas Raciukaitis Center for Physical Sciences and Technology Lithuania
VULRC002832 Milk analysis by LIBS VULRC 2022 Stelios Couris University of Patras Greece
ULF-FORTH002540 Multichannel UV photodissociation dynamics and stereodynamics ofbromoiodomethane and mercaptan by pulsed slice ion imaging ULF-FORTH 2021 Luis Bañares Complutense University of Madrid Spain
ULF-FORTH002625 Multiphoton Rydberg state dynamics in acetylene (C2H2) studied with Velocity Map/Slice Imaging ULF-FORTH 2021 Agust Kvaran University of Iceland Finland
PALS002674 New frontiers of nuclear reactions induced by laser-matter interaction: understanding and enhancing alpha-particle energy and yield in proton-boron fusion PALS 2020 Pablo Cirrone INFN-LNS Italy
FERMI002718 Nonlocal transport phenomena revealed by X-ray transient grating spectroscopy FERMI 2020 Clemens von Korff Schmising Max-Born-Institute Germany
FELIX002727 Old materials with new functionality - Interstellar MgSiO-clusters as novel and cheap catalysts FELIX 2020 Sandra Lang Ulm University Germany
FELIX002721 Oligorotaxane Foldamers: Redox-Active Artificial Molecular Machines FELIX 2019 Denis Morsa University of Liège Belgium
MBI002741 Optical transitions in InGaN quantum wells of varying thicknesses in LED structures MBI 2021 Witold Trzeciakowski Institute of High Pressure Physics Poland
GSI002689 Optimization of laser-plasma instability based hard x-ray sources GSI 2020 Sebastien Le Pape Laboratoire pour l'Utilisation des Lasers Intenses France
HZDR002800 Plasma torch injection in a hybrid plasma accelerator HZDR 2021 Bernhard Hidding University of Strathclyde Scotland
CLPU002775 Plasma undulators based on laser-plasma interactions: towards an ion channel free-electron laser CLPU 2022 Dino Jaroszynski University of Strathclyde UK
HILASE002698 Proton Acceleration at 1 kHz for Proton-Boron Nuclear Fusion Studies HILASE 2021 Daniele Margarone Queen's University Belfast Northern Ireland
MBI002647 RABBITT (Reconstruction of Attosecond Beatings By Interferences of Two-photon Transitions) experiments for water MBI 2020 Luis Bañares Universidad Complutense de Madrid Spain
FERMI002734 Rabi flopping and electron correlations interplay at the XUV regime FERMI 2020 Antonio Picón Autonomous University of Madrid Spain
FELIX002816 Reactive oxygen species (ROS) damages on biomolecules probed by IRMPD spectroscopy: further investigations at FELIX FEL facility FELIX 2021 Debora Scuderi CNRS-Univ France
CUSBO002712 Singlet fission in pentacene blends: Tuning the energetic resonance of singlet and vibrationally excited triplet-pair state CUSBO 2021 Frederik Unger University of Tübingen Germany
LLAMS002692 Spectroscopic-network-assisted precision experiments for H2O-18 LLAMS 2021 Roland Tóbiás ELTE Eötvös Loránd University Hungary
VULRC002634 Stopped light in chirped photonic crystal structure VULRC 2020 Kestutis Staliunas Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Spain
FELIX002807 Structural elucidation of active intermediates in organocatalytic processes FELIX 2021 Maria Elisa Crestoni Sapienza University Italy
FELIX002725 Structures and Bonding Properties of Cationic Coinage Metal Clusters on Buckminsterfullerene FELIX 2020 Gaolei Hou Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium
PALS002696 Study of collisional plasma jets and nonlocal electron transport in magnetized plasmas PALS 2020 Katerina Falk Technische Universität Dresden Germany
LENS002746 Study of the Intersystem Crossing of Thionated Naphthalimide Compunds: Effect of Singlet/Triplet States Energy Matching and More LENS 2021 Jianzhang ZHAO Dalian University of Technology China
CNRS-LP3002793 Study of ultrafast structural dynamics of gold single crystals with time-resolved x-ray diffraction LP3 2021 Noémie Jourdain ELI-Beamlines Czech Republic
LULI002747 Studying the interplay between shocks and magnetic fields in the Universe LULI 2021 Paul Mabey Freie Universitat Berlin Germany
CNRS-CELIA002691 Sub cycle chiral rescattering by tailored laser fields CNRS-CELIA 2020 Nirit Dudovich Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
VULRC002714 Supercontinuum generation in all-normal nanostructured fibers VULRC 2021 Ryszard Buczynski Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics Poland
LENS002738 Supramolecular association of alcohols under high pressure LENS 2021 Sebastian Pawlus University of Silesia in Katowice Poland
FELIX002763 The interaction of magnesium- and silicium-oxide clusters with water: Novel insight into the growth process of stardust silicates FELIX 2021 Sandra Lang Ulm University Germany
FELIX002815 The vibrational fingerprint of the sulfur•••aromatic interaction in peptides FELIX 2021 Lucas Schwob Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY Germany
FERMI002708 Time-resolved detection of ultrafast optical skyrmion nucleation FERMI 2020 Bastian Pfau Max-Born-Institute Germany
HZDR002846 Towards a laser plasma acceleration driven seeded Free Electron Laser HZDR 2022 Marie Emmanuelle Couprie Synchrotron SOLEIL France
LLAMS002743 Ultra-high resolution spectroscopy of the first vibrational overtone of HT via NICE-OHMS LLAMS 2021 Magnus Schlösser Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
ULF-FORTH002658 Ultra-short pulsed laser deposition of B thin films for its potential application in neutron detectors ULF-FORTH 2021 Alessio Perrone University of Salento Italy
CLF002627 Ultrafast demagnetization in ferromagnetic oxides: exciting the phonons vs the electrons CLF 2020 Karol Hricovini Université de Cergy France
CUSBO002822 Ultrafast dyNamics of hybridized excItons in Transitional metal dichalcogenides BilaYers (UNITY) CUSBO 2021 Alexander Tartakovskii University of Sheffield England
LACUS002739 Ultrafast electron diffraction of memristive gold nanoparticles assemblies LACUS 2020 Petra Rudolf University of Groningen Netherlands
LACUS002836 Ultrafast electron dynamics in the multi-valleys chiral crystal of CdAs2 LACUS 2022 Alberto Crepaldi Politecnico di Milano Italy
FELIX002762 Unravelling the mechanism of the oxidation of model peptides containing methionine by IRMPD spectroscopy: neighbouring group effect. FELIX 2021 Debora Scuderi Université Paris Saclay France
FERMI002759 Unveil the characteristic time scale for the onset of magnetic chirality due to interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Pt/Co based ultrathin multilayers FERMI 2020 Nicolas Jaouen Synchrotron SOLEIL France
CUSBO002823 Uptake of labelled fatty acids by the inflamed endothelium studied at the micro- and nanoscale CUSBO 2021 Ewelina Matuszyk Jagiellonian University Poland
LACUS002827 Valence and conduction band structure evolution Se-Te substituted Murunskites LACUS 2022 Neven Barisic PMF Zagreb Croatia
GSI002500 X-ray absorption spectroscopy of a titanium wire isochorically heated by laser-accelerated electrons GSI 2019 Francesco Barbato University of Zurich Switzerland