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The Multifunctional Laser Facility (MLF) of Vilnius University Laser Research Center (VULRC), Lithuania is a versatile research centre, where all the major directions of fundamental and applied laser research are represented. The research topics pursued in MLF scientific laboratories include femtosecond laser micromachining, nanophotonics, standardized metrology of optical components, development of novel laser and parametric sources, investigation of spatiotemporal light structures and nonlinear phenomena in the mid-IR spectral range, generation and application of broadband terahertz pulses, fluorescence spectroscopy and nonlinear microscopy for biomedical diagnosis.


Excellence: Relevant research achievements were obtained in field of parametric interaction of high-intensity light fields with crystals, liquids and atomic gases; development of optical parametric generators and amplifiers for the production of broadly UV, VIS and IR tunable ultrashort light pulses including pioneering works on parametric chirped pulse amplification; nonlinear optical phenomena in Bessel type light beams, the space–time localization of wave packets in solids, liquids and gases. The research personnel at VULRC have a world-wide recognized expertise in standardized measurements of laser-induced damage thresholds of optical components and coatings, ultrafast spectroscopy of energy transfer and relaxation processes in condensed matter, organic and biological molecular complexes, shaping and characterization of beams with different topological charge and their application for particle manipulation and plasma physics.


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- Investigation of the S-1/ICT equilibrium in fucoxanthin by ultrafast pump-dump-probe and femtosecond stimulated Raman scattering spectroscopy, K. Redeckas et al., Photosynthesis Research 128, 169-181 (2016)
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