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The LLC is the largest unit in the Scandinavian countries in the field of lasers and their use in spectroscopy, diagnostics and analysis. It consists of a number of divisions with complementary expertise in different aspects of advanced spectroscopy and diagnostics:

Lasers, basic and applied spectroscopy:

  • High power laser-matter interaction
    • high harmonics
    • attophysics
    • particle acceleration
    • time-resolved X-ray absorption and diffraction
    • laser/synchrotron radiation physics
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy of atoms and ions
  • Environmental monitoring of air and water,
  • Quantum information
    • quantum computing
    • optical storage

Laser diagnostics in harsh environments:

  • Laser spectroscopic analysis for species detection and imaging as well as thermometry
  • Advanced diagnostics for studies of combustion, plasma, catalysis, and creation of nanostructures.

Chemical physics:

  • Ultrafast and single-molecule spectroscopy of molecules and materials:
  • Natural and artificial photosynthesis -
  • Light-induced processes in solar energy conversion materials -
  • Photoprotection processes -
  • Photocatalytic reaction dynamics.

Biomedical laser applications:

  • Optical spectroscopy and imaging of malignant disease 
  • Spectroscopic analysis of gas in tissues for medical diagnostics.

Excellence: Research with short-pulse and high-intensity lasers, X-ray sources, astrophysical spectroscopy, chemical physics, quantum information, high-temperature gas diagnostics, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics and treatment.


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