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Contact: Freek Ariese

The mission of the Institute for Lasers, Life and Biophotonics (LaserLaB) Amsterdam is to perform research, using the interaction of (laser) light and matter, on systems ranging from atoms and molecules to living cells and tissues. Apart from molecular physics and ultra-precise spectroscopy, strong focus is on the further development of new methods, techniques and tools to study fundamental aspects of living systems. This will improve our understanding of, for instance, cellular mechanics and photosynthesis and will pave the way for novel medical diagnostics and treatment modalities. The institute was established in 1992 and expanded in 2010 by including relevant groups at the University of Amsterdam and the medical centers of the two Amsterdam universities. The institute works on the following research themes: Physics of Light; Physics of Energy; Biomedical Physics; Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy; Molecular Biophysics; Light-tissue interaction at the (sub-) cellular, tissue and organ level. The depth and breadth of the research activities as well as the available equipment make it a very attractive host for external users from various disciplines. An extensive overview of the research programs and facilities of LaserLaB Amsterdam is available at


Excellence: LLAMS operates at the forefront of the international developments in laser-applied research, as witnessed by over 100 publications per year, many in highly ranked internationally reviewed journals.


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