Access Facilities - HILASE, Dolni Břežany, Czech Republic

Hilase, Dolni Břežany, Czech Republic

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Contact: Tomas Mocek

The HiLASE Centre ( is a new research & development infrastructure supported by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports which started full operation in 2016. Its main mission is to promote the development of cutting-edge diode-pumped solid-state laser technology and to offer access, including Open Access, to external users from hi-tech industry and academia. HiLASE infrastructure offers laser systems with unique parameters and advanced laser applications stations for laser induced damage threshold measurements of optical components, laser shock peening and micro-machining. HiLASE operates currently the world’s most powerful diode-pumped solid-state laser delivering over 1 kW of average power in 105 J, 10 ns pulses at 10 Hz. Advanced in-house laser development includes PERLA, which is a compact high-average-power thin-disk laser platform able to generate < 2 ps pulses in broad spectral region from DUV (206 nm) to mid-IR (3 microns) at repetition rates from 100 Hz up to 100 kHz. HiLASE is located at the centre of the STAR Region (Science and Technology Advanced Region,, one of the fastest growing areas in Central Bohemia (Czech Republic), that hosts several world-leading research institutes, including ELI Beamlines.


Development of kW-class diode-pumped solid-state lasers. Development of optical parametric generators and amplifiers for the production of broadly tunable ultrashort light pulses (from UV to few micron mid-IR). Investigation of laser-matter interaction and laser-material processing with ultra-short pulse lasers.


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