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The Centro de Láseres Pulsados is a key Spanish User facility included in the strategic Roadmap of Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) in Spain and its main mission is to promote scientific and technological development by offering national and international user access. The Uniqueness of CLPU is the multi Terawatt laser system VEGA composed by three independent and synchronised 30 fs long, Ti:Sa based laser pulses of 1 PW (VEGA-3), 200 TW (VEGA-2) and 20 TW (VEGA-1) working up to 10 Hz. The VEGA system is offered to users with several possible configurations and several smaller scale laser systems (CEP4, 1KHz, 2 mJ @25 fs, 0.6 mJ, in post-compression <6 fs) plus side supporting internal facilities like a mechanical workshop, laser micromachining, microscopy (SEM and optical), X-ray microfocus source and others. The VEGA2 laser system has been successfully commissioned in 2016-2017 in collaboration with University of Alberta, Polytecnico of Milano and ELI-ALPS. The first official user access started in February 2018. Several international recognised research teams accessed VEGA 2 up to now and preliminary experimental results were presented recently. The PW laser is now fully operative.


The CLPU scientific and laser divisions are fully involved in an integrated scientific and technological programme, in collaboration with many EU and extra EU research groups for laser and target area development and improvement. Laser metrology, Targetry and Diagnostic for ultra short and high repetition rate PW-class lasers and generated secondary sources is the main subject of investigations. The scientific area of CLPU, supported by the laser-Plasma chair at the University of Salamanca, is involved in a research programme encompassing the secondary sources’ development and their employment in high density and intense laser-plasma interactions, material science, detectors’ development, ultrafast probing of dynamic systems, nuclear physics etc…


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