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Contact: Luis G. Arnaut, Director
Carlos Serpa, Managing Director


Tunning the Master Oscillator at the Cryo & Bio Spectroscopy Lab

CLL is a research infrastructure of the University of Coimbra and integrates the Reaserch Infrastructure Roadmap of the Portuguese Science Foundation. It is the largest laser facility in Portugal. Its mission is to promote and support the use of lasers in the study of the interactions between radiation and matter at the molecular level. CLL core research groups have 60 PhD holders and ca. 60 PhD and MSc students. Current work at CLL focuses on areas such as photodynamic therapy, organic, polymeric and inorganic photovoltaics for solar energy conversion and storage, optical sensors, matrix isolation spectroscopy and photochemistry, conformation dependent reactivity, hot vibrational chemistry, properties of transient species, photocatalysis, light emitting devices, DNA delivery and skin permeation, and photochemistry to art conservation. CLL is at the origin of start-up companies, such as Luzitin SA and LaserLeap SA.


CLL is: (i) a leader in time-resolved photoacoustics; (ii) a leader in matrix isolation spectroscopy, photochemistry and solid-state hot vibrational chemistry; (iii) a reference laboratory for time-resolved single photon counting; (iv) equipped for state-of-the-art femtosecond transient absorption measurements with NIR/VIS/NIR detection; (v) a unique facility integrating fs/ps/ns measurements of transients in solutions, films, supercritical fluids, cultured cells flow cytometry, and low temperature matrices. CLL recently installed photoacoustic tomography in an associated animal facility, and is installing 2D-IR and fluorescence upconversion equipment.


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