Publications 2019-2024

Title Author Reference Year Url / DOI Project Id
1 kHz laser accelerated electron beam feasible for radiotherapy uses: A PIC–Monte Carlo based study Polanek, R et al. Nucl. Instr. Meth. Phys. Res. A 21, 164841 2021
1-Benzyl-1,4-Diazepine as inhibitor of RND Efflux Pumps in Escherichia coli Casalone, E; Vignolini, T; Braconi, L; Gardini, L; Capitanio, M; Pavone, F S; Dei, S; Teodori, E Future Microbiol. 15, 987-999 2020
1-keV emission from laser-plasma source based on an Xe/He double stream gas puff target Wachulak, P., T. Fok, Ł. Węgrzyński, A. Bartnik, P. Nyga, K. Janulewicz, H. Fiedorowicz Opt. Express 29, 20514 2021
2-D nanometer thickness mapping applying a reduced bias soft X-ray NEXAFS approach Wachulak, P; Fok, T; Janulewicz, K; Kostecki, J; Bartnik, A; Fiedorowicz, L; Fiedorowicz, H Opt. Express 28, 22478-22489 2020
3D molecular phenotyping of cleared human brain tissues with light-sheet fluorescence microscopy Pesce, L., Scardigli, M., Gavryusev, V. et al. Commun Biol 5, 447 2022
3D nanopolymerization and damage threshold dependence on laser wavelength and pulse duration Samsonas, D., Skliutas, E., Čiburys, A., Kontenis, L., Gailevičius, D., Berzinš, J., Narbutis, D., Jukna, V., Vengris, M., Juodkazis, S. & Malinauskas, M. Nanophotonics 2023
3D Subtractive Printing with Ultrashort Laser Pulses Hock Ng, S., M. Malinauskas, S.Juodkazis Sugioka K. (eds) Handbook of Laser Micro- and Nano-Engineering. Springer, Cham 2021
8 fs laser pulses from a compact gas-filled multi-pass cell Rueda, P.; Videla, F.; Witting, T.; Torchia, G.A. and F. J. Furch Opt. Express 29, 27004-27013 2021
10-μJ few-cycle 12-μm source based on difference-frequency generation driven by a 1-kHz midwave infrared OPCPA Duda, M.; von Grafenstein, L.; Bock, M.; Ueberschaer, D.; Fuertjes, P.; Roškot, L.; Smrž, M.; Novák, O. and U. Griebner Opt. Lett. 47, 2891 2022
49 W carrier-envelope-phase-stable few-cycle 2.1 µm OPCPA at 10 kHz Seeger, M.F.; Kammerer, D.; Blöchl, J.; Neuhaus, M.; Pervak, V.; Nubbemeyer, T. and M. F. Kling Optics Express 31, 24821 2023
A 10-gigawatt attosecond source for non-linear XUV optics and XUV-pump-XUV-probe studies Makos I, et al. Sci. Rep. 10, 3759 2021
A beamline to control longitudinal phase space whilst transporting laser wakefield accelerated electrons to an undulator Dewhurst, K. A.; Muratori, B. D.; Brunetti, E.; van der Geer, B.; de Loos, M.; Owen, H. L.; Wiggins, S. M. and D. A. Jaroszynski Sci. Rep. 13, 8831 2023
A Bio-Based Resin for a Multi-Scale Optical 3D Printing Skliutas, E; Lebedevaite, M; Kasetaite, S; Rekstyte, S; Lileikis, S; Ostrauskaite, J; Malinauskas, M Sci. Rep. 10, 9758 2020
A feasibility study of zebrafish embryo irradiation with laser-accelerated protons Rosch, TF; Szabo, Z; Haffa, D; et al. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 91, 063303 2020
A guide to perform 3D histology of biological tissues with fluorescence microscopy Laurino, A.; Franceschini, A.; Pesce, L.; Cinci, L.; Montalbano, A.; Mazzamuto, G.; Sancataldo, G.; Nesi, G.; Costantini, I.; Silvestri, L. and F. S. Pavone Int. J. Mol. Sci. 24(7), 6747 2023
A multi-MeV alpha particle source via proton-boron fusion driven by a 10-GW tabletop laser Istokskaia, V.; Tosca, M.; Giuffrida, L. et al. Commun. Phys. 6, 27 2023
A multi-MeV alpha particle source via proton-boron fusion driven by a 10-GW tabletop laser Istokskaia, V., Tosca, M., Giuffrida, L. et al. Commun. Phys. 6, 27 2023 HILASE002698
A quasi-monoenergetic short time duration compact proton source for probing high energy density states of matter Apiñaniz, J I et al. Sci. Rep. 11, 6881 2021
A study of O–H⋅⋅⋅O hydrogen bonds along various isolines in 2-ethyl-1-hexanol. Hachula, B. et al Spectro. Acta A 283, 121726 2022 LENS002738
A visible-light-driven molecular motor based on barbituric acid Kuntze, K.; Pooler, D.R.S.; Di Donato, M.; Hilbers, M.F.; van der Meulen, P.; Buma, W.J.; Priimagi, A.; Feringa, B.L. and S. Crespi Chem. Sci. 14, 8458–8465 2023
α-catenin switches between a slip and a cooperative catch bond with F-actin to regulate cell junction fluidity Arbore, C., Sergides, M., Gardini, L. Pavone, F.S., and M. Capitanio Nature communications 13.1 : 1-11 2022
Ablation holes in tape targets induced by ultra-intense laser pulses Ehret, M.; Apiñaniz, J.I.; Henares, J.L.; Lera, R.; de Luis, D.; Pérez-Hernández, J.A.; Volpe, L. and G. Gatti Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 541, 165-168 2023
Acceleration of a high-charge electron bunch to 10 GeV in a 10 cm nanoparticle-assisted wakefield accelerator Aniculaesei, C. et al. Matter Radiat. Extremes 9, 014001 2023
Additive Manufacturing of SiOC, SiC, and Si3N4 Ceramic 3D Microstructures Merkininkaite, G., Gailevicius, D., Staisiunas, L., Ezerskyte, E., Vargalis, R., Malinauskas, M. and Sakirzanovas, S. Adv. Eng. Mater. 2300639 2023
Agar Gel as a Non-Invasive Coupling Medium for Reflectance Photoacoustic (PA) Imaging: Experimental Results on Wall-Painting Mock-Ups Chaban, Antonina, George J. Tserevelakis, Evgenia Klironomou, Giannis Zacharakis and Jana Striova J. Imaging 8, 235 2022 ULF-FORTH002663
All paths lead to hubs in the spectroscopic networks of water isotopologues H216O and H218O Tóbiás, R. , Meissa L. Diouf , Frank M. J. Cozijn , Wim Ubachs and Attila G. Császár Commun Chem 7, 34 2024 LLAMS002692
Amyloidogenic and non-amyloidogenic molten globule conformation of β-lactoglobulin in self-crowded regime Venturi, S.; Rossi, B.; Tortora, M.; Torre, R.; Lapini, A.; Foggi, P.; Paolantoni, M. and S. Catalini Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 242, 124621 2023
An experimental study of focused very high energy electron beams for radiotherapy Kokurewicz, K., Brunetti, E., Curcio, A. et al. Commun. Phys. 4, 33 2021
Analysis of Ionizing Radiation Induced DNA Damage by Superresolution dSTORM Microscopy Brunner, S.; Varga, D.; Bozó, R.; Polanek, R.; Tőkés, T.; Szabó, E. R.; Molnár, R.; Erdélyi, M. and K. Hideghéty Pathology & Oncology Research 82021 2021
Analyzing the filamentation of MeV-range proton bunches in a laser-driven ion beamline and optimizing their peak intensity Metternich, M., Nazary, H., Schumacher, D., Brabetz, C., Kroll, F., Brack, F.-E., Ehret, M., Blažević, A., Schramm, U., Bagnoud, V. and M. Roth J. Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 25, 111301 2022
Angular-Resolved Thomson Parabola Spectrometer for Laser-Driven Ion Accelerators Salgado-López, C. et al Sensors, 22(9), (2022) 3239 2022
Anisotropic dynamics of two-photon ionization: An attosecond movie of photoemission Autuori, A. et al Science Advances 8, eabl7594 2022
Anti-reflective coatings produced by atomic layer deposition for hybrid-polymer 3D micro-optics Astrauskytė, D.; Galvanauskas, K.; Gailevičius, D.; Drazdys, M.; Malinauskas, M. and L. Grineviciute Nanomaterials 13(16), 2281 2023
Application of a deep-learning technique to non-linear images from human tissue biopsies for shedding new light on breast cancer diagnosis Tsafas, V. et al IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 28, 1188-1195 2022
Attosecond state-resolved carrier motion in quantum materials probed by soft x-ray XANES Buades, B et al Appl. Phys. Rev. 8, 011408 2021
Automatic imaging of Drosophila embryos with light sheet fluorescence microscopy on chip Memeo, R; Paie, P; Sala, F ; Castriotta, M; Guercio, C; Vaccari, T; Osellame, R; Bassi, A; Bragheri, F J. Biophoton. 14, e202000396 2020
Axiparabola: a new tool for high-intensity optics Oubrerie, K., et al J. Opt. 24 045503 2022
Balancing fluorescence and singlet oxygen formation in push–pull type near-infrared BODIPY photosensitizers Deckers, J., Cardeynaels, T., Doria, S., Tumanov, N., Lapini, A., Ethirajan, A., Ameloot, M., Wouters, J., Di Donato, M., Champagne, B. and Maes, W. J. Mater. Chem. C 10, 9344 2022 LENS002761
Balancing fluorescence and singlet oxygen formation in push-pull type near-infrared BODIPY photosensitizers Deckers, J. ,Cardeynaels, T., Doria, S., Tumanov, N.,Lapini, A.,Ethirajan, A.,Ameloot, M.,Wouters, J., Di Donato, M. Champagne, B.,Maes, W. Journal of Material Chemistry C, 10, 9344-9355 2022
Beam pulse structure and dose rate as determinants for the flash effect observed in zebrafish embryo L. Karsch et al. Radiother. Oncol. 173, 49 2022 HZDR002701
Beam pulse structure and dose rate as determinants for the flash effect observed in zebrafish embryo L. Karsch, J. Pawelke, M. Brand, S. Hans, K. Hideghéty, J. Jansen, E. Lessmann, S. Löck, M. Schürer, R. Schurig, J. Seco, E. R. Szabó, E. Beyreuther Radiotherapy and Oncology 173 (2022) 49–54 2022
Biocompatibility enhancement via post-processing of microporous scaffolds made by optical 3D printer Jeršovaitė, J.; Šarachovaitė, U.; Matulaitienė, I.; Niaura, G.; Baltriukienė, D. and M. Malinauskas Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol., 11:1167753 2023
Biocompatible poly(ethylene succinate)polyester with molecular weight dependent drug release properties Abdelghafour MM, Orbán Á, Deák Á, Lamch Ł, Frank É, Nagy R, Ziegenheim S,Sipos P, Farkas E, Bari F, Janovák L Int J Pharm.2022 Apr 25; 618:121653 2022
Biosensing the presence of nanoparticles using endogenous fluorescence in live algae Marcek Chorvatova A, Teplicky T, Valica M, Mateasik A, Chorvat D Proc. SPIE 11254, 1125402 2020
Biosensing the Presence of Metal Nanoparticles by Spectrally- and Time-Resolved Endogenous Fluorescence in Water Moss Fontinalis antipyretica Marcek Chorvatova A., Uherek M., Chorvat D. Front. Phys. 9, 634324 2020
Birefringent optical retarders from laser 3D-printed dielectric metasurfaces Varapnickas, S., S. C. Thodika, F. Moroté, S. Juodkazis, M. Malinauskas, and E. Brasselet Appl. Phys. Lett. 118, 151104 2021
BRAin-wide Neuron quantification Tool reveals strong sexual dimorphism in the evolution of fear memory Franceschini, A., Mazzamuto, G., Checcucci, C., Chicchi, L., Fanelli, D., Pavone, F.S., Silvestri, L. bioRxiv 2022.09.12.507637 2022
Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Extended-Wavelength–Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (EW-DRS) - Proof of Concept in Ex Vivo Breast Specimens Using Machine Learning Chaudhry, N.; Albinsson, J.; Cinthio, M.; Kröll, S.; Malmsjö, M.; Rydén, L.; Sheikh, R.; Reistad, N. and S. Zackrisson Diagnostics 13(19):3076 2023
Broadband coherent diffractive imaging Huijts, J; Fernandez, S; Gauthier, D; Kholodtsova, M; Maghraoui, A; Medjoubi, K; Somogyi, A; Boutu, W; Merdji, H Nat. Photonics 14, 618-622 2020
Broadband soft X-ray source from a clustered gas target dedicated to high-resolution XCT and X-ray absorption spectroscopy Janulewicz, K.A., Węgrzyński, Ł., Fok, T., Bartnik, A., Fiedorowicz, H., Skruszewicz, S., Wünsche, M., Eckner, E., Fuchs, S., Reinhard, J., Abel, J.J., Wiesner, F., Paulus, G.G., Rödel, Ch., Kim, Ch.M. and P.W. Wachulak Opt. Expr. 30, 47867 2022
Calcination-Enhanced Laser-Induced Damage Threshold of 3D Micro-Optics Made with Laser Multi-Photon Lithography Gailevicius, D., Zvirblis, R., Galvanauska, K., Bataviciute, G., Malinauskas, M. Photonics 10, 597 2023
Characteristics of femtosecond laser-induced shockwaves in air Koritsoglou O., Loison D., Uteza O., Mouskeftaras A. Optics Express 30, 37407-37415 2022
Characterization and application of nonlinear plastic materials for post-CPA pulse compression Tamer, I; Hornung, M; Lukas, L; Hellwing, M; Keppler, S; Van Hull, R; Hein, J; Zepf, M; Kaluza, MC Opt. Lett. 45, 6575-6578 2021
Characterization of laser wakefield acceleration efficiency with octave spanning near-IR spectrum measurements Streeter, M. J. V. et al Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 25, 101302 2022
Characterization of substituted piperazines able to reverse MDR in Escherichia coli strains overexpressing resistance-nodulation-cell division (RND) efflux pumps Casalone, E.; Vignolini, T.; Braconi, L.; Gardini, L.; Capitanio, M.; Pavone, F.S.; Giovannelli, L.; Dei, S. and E. Teodori Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Volume 77, Issue 2, Pages 413–424 2022
Characterizing ultrashort laser pulses with second harmonic dispersion scans Sytcevich, I et al. J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 38(6):1756 2021
Charge Separation/Recombination, Intersystem Crossing, and Unusually Slow Intramolecular Triplet−Triplet Energy Transfer in Naphthalenediimide−Anthracene Compact Energy Donor−Acceptor Chen, X., Sukhanov, A.A., Taddei, M., Dick, B., Zhao, J., Voronkova,V.K. and Di Donato, M. J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 13, 8740 2022 LENS002746
Chemical Dosimetry in the “Water Window”: Ferric Ions and Hydroxyl Radicals Produced by Intense Soft X Rays Vyšín, L; Wachulak, P; Toufarová, M; Medvedev, N; Voronkov, R A; Bartnik, A; Fiedorowicz, H; Juha, L Radiat. Res. 193, 372-382 2020
Chromatic aberrations correction of attosecond high-order harmonic beams by flat-top spatial shaping of the fundamental beam Veyrinas, K, M Plach, J Peschel, M Hoflund, F Catoire, C Valentin, P Smorenburg, H Dacasa, S Maclot, C Guo, H Wikmark, A Zaïr, V Strelkov, C Picot, C Arnold, P Eng-Johnsson, A L'Huillier, E Mével and E Constant New J. Phys. 25, 023017 2023 LLC25385
Cluster Beam Study of (MgSiO3)+-Based Monomeric Silicate Species and Their Interaction with Oxygen: Implications for Interstellar Astrochemistry Mariñoso Guiu, Joan, Bianca-Andreea Ghejan, Thorsten M. Bernhardt, Joost M. Bakker, Sandra M. Lang, and Stefan T. Bromley ACS Earth Space Chem. 6, 2465-2470 2022 FELIX002727
Cluster Size Dependent Interaction of Free Manganese Oxide Clusters with Acetic Acid and Methyl Acetate Lang SM, Bernhardt TM, Bakker JM, Barnett RN, Landman U J. Phys. Chem. A 125, 4435-4445 2021 FELIX002811
Coherent fluctuations in time-domain diffuse optics Colombo, L; Samaei, S; Lanka, P et al. APL Photonics 5, 071301 2020
Compact portable multiphoton microscopy reveals histopathological hallmarks of unprocessed lung tumor tissue in real time Van Huizen, L M G; Radonic, T; Van Mourik, F; Seinstra, D; Dickhoff, C; Daniels, J M A; Bahce, I; Annema, J T; Groot, M L Transl. Biophoton. 2, e202000009 2020
Complex interferometry of magnetized plasma: Accuracy and limitations Kochetkov, I., Pisarczyk, T., Kalal, M., Chodukowski, T., Rusiniak, Z., Dudzak, R., Dostal, J., Krupka, M., Juha, L. and Korneev, P. Phys. Plasmas 28, 102110 2021 PALS002628
Controlled acceleration of GeV electron beams in an all-optical plasma waveguide Oubrerie, K., Leblanc, A., Kononenko, O. et al. Light Sci Appl 11, 180 2022
Controlling the group velocity of an intense laser pulse using a pre-pulse Yoffe, S. R., B. Ersfeld, D. N. Gupta, A. Jain, M.P. Tooley, G. K. Holt, and D. A. Jaroszynski Proceedings of SPIE 11778, 1177809 2021
Controlling the non-linear optical properties of MgO by tailoring the electronic structure Hussain, M. et al. Appl. Phys. B 126, 46 2020
Cr:ZnS-based soliton self-frequency shifted signal generation for a tunable sub-100 fs MWIR OPCPA Fuertjes, P.; von Grafenstein, L.; Mei, C.; Bock, M.; Griebner, U. and T. Elsaesser Opt. Express 30, 5142 2022
Cryogenic Liquid Jets for High Repetition Rate Discovery Science Curry, CB; Schoenwaelder, C; Goede, S; Kim, JB; Rehwald, M; Treffert, F; Zeil, K; Glenzer, SH; Gauthier, M J. Vis. Exp. 159, e61130 2020
Deconvolved Image Restoration From Auto-Correlations Ancora, D; Bassi, A IEEE Trans. Image Processing 30, 1332-1341 2020
Deficiency of the ywhaz gene, involved in neurodevelopmental disorders, alters brain activity and behaviour in zebrafish Antón-Galindo, E., Dalla Vecchia, E., Orlandi, J.G. et al. Mol Psychiatry 27, 3739–3748 2022
Demonstration of near edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy of transition metals using Xe/He double stream gas puff target soft X-ray source Fok, T., Wachulak, P., Węgrzyński, Ł., Bartnik, A., Nowak, M., Nyga, P., Kostecki, J., Nasiłowska, B., Skrzeczanowski, W., Pietruszka, R., Janulewicz, K. and H. Fiedorowicz Materials 14, 7337 2021
Detecting chirality in mixtures using nanosecond photoelectron circular dichroism Ranecky, Simon T., G. Barratt Park, Peter C. Samartzis, Ioannis C. Giannakidis, Dirk Schwarzer, Arne Senftleben, Thomas Baumert and Tim Schäfer Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 24, 2758-2761 2022 ULF-FORTH002697
Dihydroazulene-Azobenzene-Dihydroazulene Triad Photoswitches Mengots, A., Erbs Hillers-Bendtsen, A., Doria, S., ... Cacciarini, M., Brøndsted Nielsen, M. Chemistry - A European Journal, 27(48), pp. 12437–12446 2021
Diode-pumped, electro-optically Q-switched, cryogenic Tm:YAG laser operating at 1.88 μm Körner, J., V. Jambunathan, F. Yue, J. Reiter, O. Slezák, P. Navrátil, M.C. Kaluza High Power Laser Sci. Eng. 9, E11 2021
Dissecting Mechanoenzymatic Properties of Processive Myosins with Ultra Force-Clamp Spectroscopy Gardini, L., Kashchuk, A. V., Pavone, F. S., Capitanio, M. J. Vis. Exp. (173), e62388 2021
Distinguishing tumor from healthy tissue in human liver ex vivo using machine learning and multivariate analysis of diffuse reflectance spectra Reistad, N. and C. Sturesson Journal of Biophotonics 15(10): e202200140 2022
Dose Rate Effects in Fluorescence Chemical Dosimeters Exposed to Picosecond Electron Pulses: An Accurate Measurement of Low Doses at High Dose Rates Precek, M.; Kubelik, P.; Vysin, L.; Schmidhammer, U.; Larbre, J.-P.; Demarque, A.; Jeunesse, P.; Mostafavi, M. and L. Juha Radiation Research, 197(2):131-148 2021
Dosimetry for new radiation therapy approaches using high energy electron accelerators Kokurewicz, K; Schüller, A; Brunetti, E; Subiel, A; Kranzer, R; Hackel, T; Meier, M; Kapsch, R-P; Jaroszynski, DA Front. Phys. 8, 493 2020
Dosimetry for radiobiological in-vivo experiments at laser plasma-based proton accelerators Reimold, M.; Assenbaum, S.; Bernert, C.; Beyreuther, E.; Brack, F.-E.; Karsch, L.; Kraft, S.; Kroll, F.; Nossula, A.; Pawelke, J.; Rehwald, M.; Schlenvoigt, H.-P.; Schramm, U.; Umlandt, M. E. P.; Zeil, K.; Ziegler, T. and J. Metzkes-Ng Physics in Medicine and Biology 68, 185009 2023
Double-pass optical parametric generator pumped by Yb thin-disk laser for efficient 1.4–2.9 µm mid-IR radiation generation Csanaková, B.; Novák, O.; Roškot, L.; Mužík, J.; Cimrman, M.; Huynh, J.; Smrž, M.; Jelínková, H. and T. Mocek Laser Phys. 33, 025005 2023
Effect of Dexamethasone on Thermoresponsive Behavior of Poly(2-Oxazoline) Diblock Copolymers Majercikova, M; Nadazdy, P; Chorvat, D; Satrapinskyy, L; Valentova, H; Kronekova, Z; Siffalovic, P; Kronek, J; Zahoranova, A POLYMERS 13 9 1357 2021
Effect of laser pulse duration on relative hardness estimation using LIBS Galmed, A. H.; Balachninaitė, Ona; Aied Nassef, O. Optics and laser technology 161, 109184, 1-7 2023 VULRC002599
Efficient generation of few‑cycle pulses beyond 10 μm from an optical parametric amplifier pumped by a 1‑μm laser system Heiner, Z.; Petrov, V.; Panyutin, V. L.; Badikov, V. V.; Kato, K.; Miyata, K. and M. Mero Sci. Rep. 12, 5082 2022
Electron Collision Rate in Ultrashort Laser – Metal Interaction Inferred from Reflectivity Measurements Genieys, T.; Sentis, M. and O. Uteza J. Laser Micro. Nanoeng. 16, 2 2021
Electron dose rate and oxygen depletion protect zebrafish embryos from radiation damage Pawelke, J., Brand, M., Hans, S., Hideghéty, K., Karsch, L., Lessmann, E., Löck, S., Schürer, M., Szabó, E. R., Beyreuther, E. Radiotherapy and Oncology 158 (2021) 7–12 2021
Electronic structure of multi-layered graphene oxide membrane moderately reduced in vacuum Fok, T., Janulewicz, K.A., Wachulak, P., Bartnik, A. Nasiłowska, B., Kostecki, J., Budner, B., Fiedorowicz, H., Djas, M., Kuzmiuk, P., Lawniczak-Jablonska, K. J. Phys. Chem. Sol. 164, 110623 2022
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Energy absorption and coupling to electrons in the transition from surface- to volume-dominant intense laser–plasma interaction regimes Williamson, S D R; Gray, R J; King, M; Wilson, R; Dance, R J; Armstrong, C; Rusby, D R; Brabetz, C; Wagner, F; Zielbauer, B; Bagnoud, V; Neely, D; McKenna, P New J. Phys. 22, 053044 2020
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Enhanced ion acceleration from transparency-driven foils demonstrated at two ultraintense laser facilities Dover, N.P. et al. Light Sci Appl 12, 71 2023
Enhanced quantum conductivity and many-body effects in a semi-metallic light-matter hybrid Sidiropoulos, T.P.H.; Di Palo, N.; Rivas, D.E.; Summers, A.; Severino, S.; Reduzzi, M. and J. Biegert Nature Communications 14, 7407 2023
Enlarged Field of View in Spatially Modulated Selective Volume Illumination Microscopy Calisesi, G., Ancora, D., Tacconi, C., Fantin, A., Perin, P., Pizzala, R., ... & Bassi, A Microscopy and Microanalysis, 28(5), 1622-1631 2022
Establishing PQ-ERA photoclick reactions with unprecedented efficiency by engineering of the nature of the phenanthraquinone triplet state Fu, Y.; Alachouzos, G.; Simeth, N.A.; Di Donato, M.; Hilbers, M.F.; Buma, W.J.; Szymanski, W. and B.L. Feringa Chem. Sci. 14, 7465–7474 2023
Estimation of activation energy of nonradiative processes in nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in vitro Chorvát, D; Biathova, A; Marček Chorvátová, A Book of Contributions 9th Slovak Biophysical Symposium, September 16-18 2020
EUV and Hard X-ray Hartmann Wavefront Sensing for Optical Metrology, Alignment and Phase Imaging de la Rochefoucauld, O et al. Sensors 21, 874 2021
Evaluation of newly synthesized potential NLO-phores for 2-photon and SHG imaging Marcek Chorvatova, A., M. Uherek, I. Sigmundova, P. Magdolen, D. Chorvat Jr. Proc. SPIE 11244, 1124410 2020
Evaluation of the effect of environmental pollution on water moss by time- and spectrally-resolved microscopy Marcek Chorvatova A., Uherek M., Chorvat D. Jr. European Biophysics Journal 50 (Suppl. 1): S117 2021
Evidence for “dark charge” from photoluminescence measurements in wide InGaN quantum wells Bercha, A., W. Trzeciakowski, G. Muziol, J. W. Tomm, and T. Suski Opt. Express 31, 3227-3236 2023 MBI002741
Experimental investigation of size broadening of a K⍺ x-ray source produced by high intensity laser pulses Gambari, M., Clady, R., Videau, L., Uteza, O., Ferré, A. and M. Sentis Sci. Rep. 11, 23318 2021
Exploring phase contrast imaging with a laser-based Kα x-ray source up to relativistic laser intensity Gambari M, Clady R, Ferré A, Utéza O. and Sentis M Sci. Rep. 10, 6766 2020
Extremely fast triplet formation by charge recombination in a Nile Red/fullerene flexible dyad Faroldi, F., Bardi, B., Tosi, I., ... Sansone, F., Terenziani, F. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9(33), pp. 10899–10911 2021
Fabrication of glass-ceramic 3D micro-optics by combining laser lithography and calcination Balčas, G.; Malinauskas, M.; Farsari, M. and S. Juodkazis Adv. Funct. Mater. 33(39), 2215230 2023
Fast intraoperative histology-based diagnosis of gliomas with third harmonic generation microscopy and deep learning Blokker, M, Hamer, PC, Wesseling, P, Groot, ML, Veta, M Scientific Reports 12 (1), 1-12 2022
Fast time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy with superconducting nanowire single-photon detector: system validation and in vivo results Parfentyeva, V., Colombo, L., Lanka, P. et al. Sci. Rep. 13, 11982 2023
Femtosecond multi-10-mJ pulses at 2 µm wavelength by compression in a hollow-core fiber Nagy T, von Grafenstein L, Ueberschaer D, and Griebner, U Opt. Lett. 46, 3033-3036 2021
Femtosecond-laser direct writing 3D micro/nano-lithography using VIS-light oscillator Gonzalez-Hernandez D, Varapnickas S, Bertoncini A, Liberale C, Malinauskas M J. Cent. South Univ. 29, 3270-3276 2022
Few-cycle 65 µJ pulses at 11.4 µm for ultrafast longwave-infrared spectroscopy Fuertjes, P.; Bock, M.; von Grafenstein, L.; Ueberschaer, D.; Griebner, U. and T. Elsaesser Optica 9, 1303 2022
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