25th International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication (11-14 June 2024)

Miniaturization and high precision are rapidly becoming requirements in many industrial processes and products. As a result, there is greater interest in the use of laser micro fabrication approaches to achieve these goals. 

The aim of this symposium is to provide a forum for discussion of fundamental aspects of laser‐matter interaction, the state‐of‐the‐art of laser materials processing, and topics for the next generation with fundamental scientists, end users and laser manufactures. LPM2024 will play an important role not only for understanding fundamental knowledge of laser precision microfabrication but also forecasting future technologies to be developed and the future laser market.


Venue: San Sebastián, Spain

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  • Fundamental aspects (Dynamics, modelling, simulation, etc.).
  • Laser and photochemistry.
  • Ultra‐short pulse laser processing.
  • Burst ablation.
  • Advanced laser processing (Fiber laser, disc laser, FEL, etc.).
  • Glass/Ceramic processing.
  • VUV laser and X‐ray processing.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Nano ripple formation.
  • Nano‐ and micro‐particles (including laser synthesis and processing in liquids).
  • Micro‐machining.
  • Micro‐drilling and micro‐cutting.
  • Micro‐welding and micro‐bonding.
  • Micro‐forming.
  • Micro‐patterning and micro‐structuring.
  • Surface processing (Texturing, cleaning, annealing, modification, etc.).
  • 3‐D micro‐ and nano‐fabrication.
  • Film deposition and synthesis of advanced materials (PLD, CVD, etc.).
  • Laser‐based direct‐write techniques.
  • Laser‐induced forward transfer (LIFT) techniques.
  • Lithography (including EUV source and application).
  • Laser devices.
  • Beam shaping.
  • Optics and systems for laser microprocessing.
  • Process monitoring and control.
  • Packaging and mounting process.
  • Manufacture of micro devices and systems.
  • Medical and biological applications.
  • Industrial applications.