Data Analysis in Imaging and Spectroscopy

The aim of the expert group on Data Analyisis in Imaging and Spectroscopy (DAIS) is to boost effectiveness, to foster synergies and to establish a regular forum in which knowledge about data acquisition and information extraction methodologies in imaging and spectroscopy are discussed, improved and exchanged. This forum will thus draw from advances in a certain field and cross-pollinate other fields in which similar techniques may provide a significant advance, but are not established yet. For instance, recent years have seen a spectacular advance of data extraction methods for bio imaging and spectroscopy, but these methodologies are equally relevant for the X-ray and attosecond communities. DAIS addresses such a need with a dedicated knowledge sharing platform within the Laserlab-Europe consortium. The expert group will especially focus on overlapping applications such as spectral imaging where image is treated as multi-modal photon-distribution dataset, obtained from simultaneous measurement with spectral (excitation, emission, polarization), spatial and temporal resolution. Activities of this platform also aim at advanced data analysis techniques (such as principal component analysis, machine learning, neural networks), as well as at data extraction methods, Bayesian Inference, reconstruction of diffused imaging data, etc.

For additional information on the Expert Group please contact Dusan Chorvat (ILC SCSTI).