ECLIM 2024 - 37th European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter (16-20 September 2024, Lisbon/Portugal)

The 37th European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter (ECLIM 2024), to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 16-20th of September 2024.

The Conference will be held at the IST Congress Centre, Instituto Superior Técnico, Alameda Campus, Lisbon.

ECLIM is a biennial conference hosted in Europe representing, since its first edition in 1966, a historic meeting for scientists working on the physics of laser-matter interaction with emphasis on laser fusion, laser-produced plasmas, particle generation and acceleration, laser-driven X-ray and EUV sources. The Conference is aimed to stimulate the development of research in the broad field of laser-matter interactions using high-power lasers, offering the opportunity to present and discuss new results and projects in a rather informal atmosphere.


The Conference topics include:

  • Physics of laser-matter interaction
  • Laser-generated plasmas
  • Laser-plasma particle accelerators
  • High-intensity Laser Facilities
  • Physics of structured light
  • Attosecond laser pulses
  • XUV sources and HH generation
  • Progress on Laser Fusion
  • HIPER+ Initiative
  • Physics of thermonuclear targets
  • Theory of laser-matter interaction
  • QED laser physics
  • Laser and plasma diagnostics
  • Simulation codes

Special Sessions (to be confirmed), on Laser Fusion in Europe (HIPER+), on QED laser physic, on Twisted Laser Pulses, High-Harmonic Generation and other topics will be organised. 


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