User Meeting - Guidelines for presentations

Instructions for user presentations

All contributions are oral presentations. Your talk should be 15 minutes (~15 slides), followed by 5 minutes for questions.

Important: a Laserlab user meeting is not a topical meeting. The background of the audience will be broad and the users had access to quite different laser facilities throughout Laserlab-Europe. Therefore, your presentation should include:
- How did you learn about the possibility to do an experiment at a Laserlab-Europe facility, how was the collaboration started?
- An introduction explaining the aim of your research project and your approach, possibly in comparison to similar studies with a different approach;
- An explanation concerning your choice of the laser facility where your work has been achieved: specific laser parameters, diagnostics, experimental setups available, the expertise of the local physicists, etc.


Instructions for abstracts

1 page, containing:
- Title of your abstract
- Names of scientists involved and affiliations
- Statement of the topic of your talk and your research question
- Brief description of the work to be discussed in your talk and a concise summary of the findings
- Don't forget to mention the facility where your performed your experiments