Events 2008

24-25 January LASERLAB Participants Council 2008, CESTA, Bordeaux, France
2-15 April "Fascination of Light" in Dublin, Ireland
16-17 June N4: Miro Users Meeting
CEA-CESTA, Bordeaux, France
18-19 June N4: Miró Software Training Session for beginners
CEA-CESTA, Bordeaux, France
9 July Management and Strategy Board Meeting
Paris, Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport
21 July General Assembly Meeting of LASERLAB
at the Municon Conference Center at Munich Airport, Germany
30 August - 05 September Related Event:
30th European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter
August 31 – September 5, 2008, Darmstadt, Germany
15-19 September Related Event:
University Bordeaux Training session
Optical Metrology in Laser and High Field Science
23-24 October LASERLAB Foresight Workshop and Users Meeting "Trends of Laser Applications in Biology and Biomedicine", Heraklion, Crete Greece
27-28 October LASERLAB N4 Workshop on EU Target Fabrication Capabilities
CLF, Cosener's House, Abingdon, UK

12 November-3 December "Fascination of Light" in Barcelona, Spain
14-17 December LASERLAB N4 Workshop on "Radioprotection Safety", Chamonix, France
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