10-12 May 2017, Joint JRA Meeting, Berlin, Germany

  • When May 10, 2017 01:00 PM to May 12, 2017 08:00 PM (Etc/GMT+2 / UTC-200)
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Max Born Saal, Max Born Institute, Berlin, Germany (Travel to MBI, hotels (pdf), link to MBI webpage with instructions)

Satellite Workshop:
Metrology of high power ultra-short pulse lasers: user and supplier perspectives
Wednesday May 10, 08:30-13:00


Schedule Joint JRA Meeting:

Wednesday May 10, 14:00-18:30
- Joint session 1: PHOTMAT - BIOAPP (Laserlab-internal, closed session)
- Joint session 2: ILAT - LEPP (Laserlab-internal, closed session)
evening: joint session of all JRA and buffet dinner

Thursday May 11, 09:00-19:00
- 09:00-12:30 + 14:00-17:00, Continuation of joint session 1: PHOTMAT - BIOAPP (Laserlab-internal, closed session)
- 09:00-12:30 + 14:00-17:00, Continuation of joint session 2: ILAT - LEPP (Laserlab-internal, closed session)

- 17:00-19:00, Plenary session: Best practice for turning scientific results into innovative products and companies (round table, open session)

evening: poster session and buffet dinner at MBI


Presentations of the joint sessions may be found in the internal section of the JRA:

BIOAPP internal >>

ILAT internal >>

PHOTMAT internal >>

LEPP internal >>


Friday May 12, 09:00-12:00
Laserlab-internal, closed sessions:

- JRA BIOAPP Meeting - cancelled


Organizing PHOTMAT reporting and set-up of responsibilities

- JRA ILAT Meeting

Open discussion session going through the ten individual tasks for:
- giving the opportunity to present additional information that are not exhaustively presented by the short overview talks on the common session for those individuals who want to.
- discussing next steps for cooperation, sample exchange and report preparation
- fix the responsible persons for the deliverable reports of month 24
- order of the tasks are adapted depending on those who have to leave early (please give a notification to ) (otherwise in order from 1.1. to 5)

- JRA LEPP Meeting

GOAL: Preparation of mid-term report; preparation of Technical Review
9:00 Marta Fajardo: Review of LEPP commitments, Preparation of mid-term review procedure
9:15 Discussion on Tasks 1-4: identification of main successes and critical points.
Task 1
9:45 Task 2
10:15 Break
10:45 Task 3
11:15 Task 4
11:45 Discussion: Distribution of responsibilities for Mid-term report
12:00 End of internal meeting


Friday May 12, 14:00-17:00
Laserlab Meeting of Network of National Contact Points (by invitation)



is closed.



A number of rooms at special rates for 10-12 May 2017 have been blocked at three hotels close to MBI. >> Details and reservation information. Please, observe the deadlines for the special rates.



MBI is located at the Berlin-Adlershof technology park, close to the Berlin-Schönefeld Airport and with a fast connection to the city centre by S-Bahn (city train station S Adlershof). Check the connection on the Network map, Adlershof can be found in the south east, 3 stations from the Airport Schönefeld.

Public transport to MBI:

From the city center
S-Bahn station Adlershof is reached by trains S8, S9, S45 and S46 heading towards Schönefeld, Grünau, Zeuthen or Königs Wusterhausen (Ticket A-B, 2.80 Euro). 

From S Adlershof
- Leave the station Adlershof at the north entrance (Rudower Chaussee) and pass under the bridge, the bus stop is located to your right.
- Take Bus 162 or 164, direction U Rudow or Flughafen Schönefeld, to Magnusstrasse (second stop)
- or take Tram 61 or 63, direction Karl-Ziegler-Str., to Magnusstrasse (second stop).
- Walk a few steps further down Rudower Chaussee and turn right onto Max-Born-Strasse.
- After 50 m you can see the MBI to your left (a complex of laboratory buildings with metal panelling). Turn left onto Scheelestraße to reach the institute buildings.
- From the S-Bahn station Adlershof you can also walk 15 minutes instead of taking the bus. Simply walk down the Rudower Chaussee until you pass the bus stop Magnusstrasse.

Berlin-Schönefeld Airport (SXF)
Schönefeld Airport is 5 km from the Adlershof campus and hotel.
Public transport (~20-30 min, Ticket B-C, 3.10 Euro):
- Bus number 164 in front of Terminal A until bus stop Magnusstrasse (for MBI)
or by foot or shuttle bus from the airport to S-Bahn station Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld, then take
- S-Bahn S9 (Direction Pankow) or S45 (Direction Südkreuz) to station S Adlershof
By Taxi it takes 15 min (ca. 18 Euro) to MBI.

Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL)
The Berlin-Tegel Airport is situated on the other side of the city, about 28 km away.
Public transport (~70-80 min, Ticket A-B, 2.80 Euro):
- Bus TXL to S-Bahn station Beusselstrasse (bus stop on a bridge)
- S-Bahn S41 (Direction Ringbahn) to station S Ostkreuz
- S-Bahn S9 (Direction Flughafen Berlin Schönefeld) or S8 (Direction S Zeuthen) to station S Adlershof
By Taxi it takes about 30-60 min (ca. 50 Euro) to MBI.

Public transport to the hotels:

As above, but bus and tram stop Walter-Nernst-Strasse (first stop).


Financial information:

Travel and accommodation are covered by individual JRA budgets. Costs for the organisation of the meeting, meals, etc. are covered by Laserlab centrally.


Contact: In case of questions, please contact the .