29-30 September 2016, Laserlab User Meeting, Crete, Greece

  • When Sep 29, 2016 09:00 AM to Sep 30, 2016 06:30 PM (Etc/GMT+2 / UTC-200)
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Annual User Meetings bring together the Laserlab Users and facilitate and foster their exchanges with the infrastructures. They are a unique opportunity for the Access providers to present to the User community recent upgrades, new experimental set-up or diagnostics, and for the Users to present their scientific results. We especially encourage presentations from young scientists who participated in Laserlab access projects.

Users are invited by the facilities where they performed their research project, and travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed by this host facility. There is no registration fee.

Please contact your host facility if you want to present the results of your project at the user meeting!



The 2016 User Meeting of Laserlab-Europe took place at the access-providing laboratory IESL-FORTH in Heraklion, Crete and was organized by Dimitris Charalambidis and his team. The User Representatives had taken an active part in the planning of the scientific programme, which finally turned out to be interesting and of very high quality, and which made high energy and low energy laser communities meet, exchange ideas and report their accomplishments aided by the Laserlab-Europe access programme.

More than 30 participants attended the two-day meeting, where results of recent transnational access projects performed at different Laserlab laboratories were presented. The meeting had four sessions titled: ‘Coherent short pulse radiation sources’, ‘Nanoscale physics and chemistry’, ’Ultrafast fs/as dynamics in atoms, molecules and surfaces’, and ‘Biophotonic applications’. 18 presentations on access projects performed in 14 Laserlab host institutions were given. The users came from the Czech Republic (Academy of Sciences), France (Univ. of Burgundy), Germany (Univ. Hannover, DESY, XFEL), Greece (Univ. of Patras, Univ. of Athens), Hungary (ELI-ALPS, Wigner Research Centre for Physics), Ireland (Dublin City Univ.), Italy (National Institute of Optics-CNR, IMRIM Torino), Lithuania (Univ. of Vilnius), Netherlands (Eindhoven Univ. of Technology), Poland (Univ. of Warsaw), Portugal (Univ. of Porto), Romania (ELI-NP), Spain (Technical Univ. of Valencia), and UK (Univ. of Cambridge).

As a special feature, general talks were included about the opportunities offered by advanced laser-light providing installations and their capabilities. Karoly Osvay gave a presentation on the new European large-scale laser facility ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) and the different research lines being pursued. Flavio Captondi presented the free electron laser (FEL) laboratory FERMI, one of the two FELs that recently joined Laserlab-Europe and participate in the Laserlab access programme. The rapidly developing field of FELs will have a strong impact in many fields of research from biochemistry, chemistry to solid state and plasma physics. A beautiful example of the use of a free electron laser on ground and excited state geometries of the yellow protein was given by Gerrit Grönhof from the Nanoscience Center, University of Jyväskylä, Finland who reported on work performed using the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) at SLAC, USA.

At the end of the first day a traditional round table discussion was organized in order to provide a forum for user experiences and suggestions for further improvements for the Laserlab-Europe access programme. For future user meetings it was suggested that, in addition to the PIs of the user groups, students who participated in the experiments should be encouraged to attend. These meetings are excellent occasions to learn about the science done in the different Laserlab facilities and to foster interdisciplinary exchange.

At the end of the second day, the participants had the opportunity to join an impressive visit of the host laboratories showing truly hard-core basic and applied sciences going on at IESL-FORTH.


Topical focus of the 2016 Laserlab User Meeting:

- Ultrafast fs/asec dynamics in atoms, molecules and surfaces
- Nano-scale physics and chemistry
- Biophotonic applications
- Coherent short pulse radiation sources


You will find here the draft programme of the User Meeting for download.


A book of abstracts can be downloaded.


Day 1 (29 September): IESL-FORTH, Heraklion
Day 2 (30 September): ATLANTIS Hotel, Heraklion

>> How to reach Heraklion and IESL-FORTH (on the FORTH webpage)