FERMI (Trieste, Italy)

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is a multidisciplinary international laboratory of excellence, specialized in generating high quality synchrotron and free-electron laser light and using it in materials science
Research highlights

Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy,
Free-Electron Laser facility FERMI



Contact: Giovanni De Ninno

Atomic and Molecular Physics (Attophysics)

Internal view of the experimental equipment inside one of the FERMI end-station.

High-energy (microjoule level) attosecond waveforms are available at FERMI. We demonstrated amplitude and phase manipulation of the harmonic components of an attosecond pulse train in combination with an approach for its temporal reconstruction. The results open the way to performing attosecond time-resolved experiments with free-electron lasers.

Secondary Sources (harmonic generation)

We implemented a technique for generating intense, femtosecond, coherent optical vortices at a free-electron laser in the extreme ultraviolet. Extreme-ultraviolet vortices may be exploited to steer the magnetic properties of nanoparticles, increase the resolution in microscopy, and gain insight into local symmetry and chirality of a material.

Laser Technology and Optics (Innovative lasing schemes)

We demonstrated high-gain EEHG lasing producing stable, intense, nearly fully coherent pulses at wavelengths as short as 5.9 nm (211 eV) at the FERMI FEL. Observation of stable, narrow-band, coherent emission down to 2.6 nm (~474 eV) make the technique a prime candidate for generating laser-like pulses in the X-ray spectral region, opening the door to multidimensional coherent spectroscopies at short wavelengths.

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Unique among the only five FEL sources currently operating in the ultraviolet and soft x-ray range worldwide, FERMI has been developed to provide fully coherent ultra-short (10-100 femtosecond) pulses with a peak brightness ten billion times higher than that made available by third-generation light sources. FERMI is opening opportunities for exploring the structure and transient states of condensed matter, soft matter and low-density matter using a variety of diffraction, scattering and spectroscopy techniques.

Equipment offered to external users

Presently, five beamlines are operational at FERMI: one devoted to elastic and inelastic scattering, one to diffraction and projection imaging, one to low-density matter studies, one to the study of transient magnetic states of matter, and one to THz spectroscopy.

  • DiProl
    • Diffraction, emission, reflection, imaging, and scattering
    • for Physics
    • Absorption, emission, reflection, and scattering
    • Absorption, emission, reflection, and scattering
    • for Chemistry, Energy & Environment, Materials Sciences, and Physics
  •  LDM
    • Ion spectroscopy, photoelectron transmission, and scattering
    • for Chemistry, Physics

      Researchers of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste during data collection.

  • MagneDyn
    • Absorption, emission, reflection, imaging, and scattering.
    • for Physics
  • TeraFERMI
    • Absorption, emission or reflection
    • for Life Sciences, Materials Sciences, Physics

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