CALT (Zagreb, Croatia)

Institut za fiziku (Institute of Physics, IFZg), Centre for Advanced Laser Techniques (CALT), Zagreb, Croatia


The Institute of Physics (IFZg) is a public scientific institute and one of the leading scientific institutions in Croatia. With a research staff of about 35 permanent researchers and 25 postdocs and PhD students the IFZg spectrum of research fields includes ultrafast laser spectroscopy (femtosecond and frequency comb spectroscopy), cold atoms, plasma physics (laser and plasma spectroscopy), nanostructures and surfaces, hybrid systems and biophysics, electronic states and physical properties of new materials (superconductivity, magnetism, electronic charge and spin superstructures, new collective states), and modelling of complex systems. IFZg has, as the only institution in Croatia, several larger laser systems (continuous-wave, pulsed nanosecond and femtosecond) which are the basis for laser-matter interaction studies. Along with the research and technical expertise of the IFZg staff, this infrastructure is unique on the national level, and has been the foundation for establishing the Centre for Advanced Laser Techniques (CALT). With the ERDF investment of about 16 million EUR in building reconstruction and scientific laser equipment in the period 2017-2021, CALT is a strategic research infrastructure project of the Republic of Croatia, and a national centre of laser-based interdisciplinary research.

Excellence: The key IFZg research topics which employ laser techniques are: frequency comb mediated optomechanical effects in cold atoms, quantum light-matter interfaces; laser produced plasma, plasma application for material processing and the formation of nanostructures; structural and electronic properties of clean surfaces, ultra-thin films, assisted nanostructures, and graphene and 2D materials on well-defined surfaces; new materials of highly anisotropic crystal and electronic structures, with charge and spin density waves, and dynamics on ultrashort time scale.

Services for industry

Materials development, Characterization, Microscopy, Testing, Training - Expertise in two-dimensional (2D) materials synthesis and characterization for electronic applications.


Materials development, Characterization, Microscopy, Testing, Training - Expertise in semiconducting nanomaterials optical and strucutural characterization for applications in solar cells, nanoscale electronic devices, light-emitting devices, laser technology, sensors, etc.


Characterization, Testing, Training -  Li-ion batteries have emerged as the battery of choice for electric vehicles. Significant research efforts are devoted to identifying materials that offer higher-capacity for commercial applications.  We provide optical and structural characterization tools for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, with a focus on the structural and electrochemical degradation mechanisms.


Characterization, Microscopy,  Resting, Training - Structure and chemical composition of cereal grains directly influence their processability, and how they influence human digestion systems. Raman spectroscopy and imaging enables us to reveal chemical composition and the spatial distribution of components in a cross section of a grain kernel. 

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