Laserlab-Europe Newsletter #32: Lasers Shaping the Nanoworld

Issue 32 of the Laserlab Newsletter is now available.

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In this issue:


  • Hybrid, micro-ring resonator devices photo-imprinted on optical fibres (ULF-FORTH, Greece)
  • Shaken, not stirred: a recipe for spin switching (FELIX, the Netherlands)
  • Lasers for nanolithography (LaserLaB Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Using femtosecond laser pulses to modify bimetallic nanoparticles (CLUR, Spain)
  • Laser crystallisation of titanium dioxide nanotubular layers for photo- voltaic applications (HiLASE Centre, Czech Republic)
  • Nanostructured materials to improve the efficiency of laser-driven ion sources (LLC, Sweden)
  • Ultrafast skyrmion reshuffling (MBI, Germany)
  • Microtargetry for the Nanoworld (CLF, United Kingdom)
  • Femtosecond laser pulses modify the properties of 2D materials (Laserlab-NSC, Finland)
  • Laser nano-printing of 3D crystalline structures (VULRC, Lithuania)


  • Laserlab-Europe AISBL elects Jens Biegert as new Executive Director
  • NIF achieves breakthrough in laser fusion
  • Leibniz Centre for Photonics in Infection Research Officially Launched
  • Explore the FELIX laboratory behind your computer
  • X-ray microscope for nanoscale virus imaging
  • A new technique deepens insights into asthma
  • New Facilities at the CLF

ACCESS HIGHLIGHT AT FERMI: Ghost spectroscopy: an efficient and high-resolution approach for absorption measurements using free electron lasers radiation

X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) is one of the most powerful investigating tools of X-ray based science, facilitating access to the electronic and magnetic properties of condensed matter. Indeed, tuning the photon energy to a specific absorption edge allows, for instance, determination of the oxidation state of an atomic species, or combing core level resonance with light polarisation allows investigation of the spin degree of freedom in magnetic materials.

Editorial Team:

Rebecca Davenport, Daniela Stozno, Julia Michel

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