Laserlab-Europe Annual Meeting 2023

From 28-29 November, the Laserlab-Europe Annual Meeting 2023 was held in Croatia. Hosted by CALT at the Institute of Physics, 35 participants came together in the beautiful city of Zagreb, to report on the recent activities and engage in fruitful discussions and exchange. 10 more partners joined the hybrid event online.

The General Assembly meeting was opened by the Coordinator Sylvie Jacquemot (CNRS-LULI), who welcomed the participants and used the chance to congratulate the recent Nobel laureates Anne L’Huillier, Ferenc Krausz and Pierre Agostini who are or have been affiliated with Laserlab-Europe member institutions. Her Coordinator’s report was followed by a presentation of the chair of the Access Board, Pascal D’Oliveira (LIDYL), on the recent Laserlab-Europe Access Activities. Goncalo Figueira (IST) and Lucia Gardini (LENS), on behalf of the JRA coordinators, then presented highlights of selected Joint Research Activities. The chair of the Networking Board, Dusan Chorvat (ILC), took over together with several leaders of networking work packages, to present the progress to date of the Networking Activities.

In addition, related projects, in which several Laserlab-Europe members participate, were briefly discussed, in particular Lasers4EU, which will allow the continuation of serving users on a large variety of scientific topics until 2028, and the more dedicated RI cluster projects ReMade@ARI and RIANA, which both involve several ARIE networks. The INFRA-TECH project THRILL, arising from the NEILS networking activity, was also presented.

After the meeting, all participants had the chance to visit CALT’s laboratories. During an organised walking tour through the streets of Zagreb, the participants also had the pleasure of getting to know more about the beautiful city and its history.

The two days were a great opportunity for personal interactions and the discussion of ideas on some key issues to be addressed in the coming months, also triggering the exchange between the participants in the project regarding future joint research and networking activities.

Photo credit: CALT