3rd ReMade Transnational Access (TNA) call for proposals is now open

Are you motivated to develop materials for the #CircularEconomy? The 3rd ReMade-TNA call is now open until 10 April 2024.

ReMade offers a wide range of services:
* easy, free and coordinated Transnational Access to more than 50 advanced Research Infrastructures at Europe’s foremost institutions
* user support, from data collection to the final analysis
* scientific guidance offered for newcomers when submitting a pre-proposal

Do not hesitate to submit either your ReMade-TNA full proposal or your idea(s) via a ReMade-Pre-proposal to be further developed.

ReMade-TNA submission deadline: 10 April 2024 
Proposal submission: https://apply.remade-project.eu/submit-proposal?acid=170

ReMade-Pre-proposal submission deadline: 27 March 2024
Proposal submission: https://apply.remade-project.eu/submit-call/?id=212

More information about the user access guidelines can be found here: https://remade-project.eu/index.php/user-access-guidelines/

As one of six networks participating in ReMade@ARI, Laserlab-Europe provides access to state-of-the-art laser research infrastructures in Europe. The project coordinated by HZDR is funded for four years by the EU with a budget of 13.8 million euros. The following Laserlab-Europe members provide access for scientific and industrial users: CALTCoimbra Laser LabCLPUENEAFELIXFORTHHiLASEHZDRICFOLaserLaB Amsterdam and POLIMI.