Internal call for proposals for training events to be organised by Laserlab-Europe

Deadline for applications: 24 November 2023


Laserlab-Europe invites all members of Laserlab-Europe AISBL to submit proposals for user training schools and training events, to be held either on-site as in-person event or online as webinar or through any digital platform.

The training events will be organised by Laserlab-Europe under the work package Training and Development of User Communities, Task ‘User Training Schools’. Laserlab-Europe Training schools are expected to focus on specific topics and – wherever possible – should provide demonstrations of theoretical principles as well as hands-on training in experimental techniques and/or simulation tools. Co-organisation with contributing industrial partners is highly encouraged. Co-funding of events that are already planned is not an objective of this call.


  • Training of a new generation of researchers to enable them to make optimum use of laser facilities, to exploit new experimental and theoretical approaches in photonics and laser-related science and to use them in novel applications;
  • Attracting and training of new users from scientific communities with little experience in laser research, but with high socio-economic potential such as (bio)material analyses, (bio)medical diagnosis and treatment, communication and data processing, or new emerging interdisciplinary fields like nano/biophotonics, nano/biotechnology, etc.;
  • In order to increase efficiency, co-organisation with other European facilities, networks, projects, such as FELs of Europe, ELI, etc., and with industry may be considered.

Guidelines for proposals

  • The training school should be held before the end of November 2024.
  • Proposals may be brief but should contain the following information:
    - Event title
    - Proposed date(s) 
    - Name and contact information of the organiser
    - Brief description of the training goals and topics and the targeted audience
    - Preliminary training format and proposed schedule
    - Estimated number of participants
    - Cost estimate
  • Deadline for proposals: 24 November 2023

Proposals should be sent by email to Laserlab Networking.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Daniela Stozno.