Young Researcher Travel Bursaries for the "School on Synchrotron and Free-Electron-Laser Methods for Multidisciplinary Applications", Trieste, Italy, 7-18 May 2018

EUCALL is offering Young Researcher Travel Bursaries (up to 500 EUR per person) to attend the "School on Synchrotron and Free-Electron-Laser Methods for Multidisciplinary Applications" in Trieste, Italy during 7 - 18 May 2018. We especially want to support young scientists from the laser community to attend this school to learn more about science with UV and x-ray photons at synchrotron and FEL facilities. EUCALL is the network of leading large-scale user facilities for free electron laser, synchrotron and optical laser radiation and their users, in which Laserlab-Europe is a partner.


X-ray based analytical methods play an increasingly important role in many domains of fundamental research and applied science. The international cast of lecturers will introduce the basic principles of advanced X-ray spectroscopy and scattering techniques. Emphasis will be given on how these techniques allow accessing the complexity of matter by monitoring the atomic arrangement, electronic, magnetic and chemical properties of individual building blocks and their response to external stimuli like temperature, pressure, electric or magnetic fields and light pulses. The program will be complemented by lectures on recent advances in synchrotron and XFEL sources enabling novel experimental methodologies. Demonstration sessions will be organized at Elettra's synchrotron and XFEL facilities.


• Fundamentals of synchrotron and FEL radiation and production.
• Beamlines: photon transport and handling
• X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
• X-ray Crystallography and Powder Diffraction
• Inelastic and Elastic Scattering (SAXS, WAXS and RIXS)
• Photoelectron spectroscopy
• Imaging techniques using X-rays and advantages using coherent X-rays
• Spectromicroscopy and imaging using X-rays and IR
• Time-resolved approaches using FELs and synchrotrons

For more details and to apply, see the following web page:

The deadline for applications for the school is 31.01.2018

The deadline for applications for bursaries is 15.03.2018