Summer School on Hands-on Design of Metasurfaces for Ultrafast Lasers, 24-26 July 2024, Graz, Austria

Laserlab-Europe organizes a Summer School on Hands-on Design of Metasurfaces for Ultrafast Lasers held on July 24 to 26, 2024 (Wednesday - Friday) at the Institute for Experimental Physics at Graz University of Technology, Austria.

Application for this 3-day training course is now open, and we invite (graduate) students in photonics to submit their applications by May 05, 2024.


During the course, you will experience:

✔ 3 days of focus classes on the background and hands-on design of optical metasurfaces, covering topics such as

  • principles of optical metasurfaces and finite-difference-time domain simulations
    design of uniform metasurfaces and phase-based optics
    description, generation, and manipulation of ultrashort and attosecond laser pulses
    polarizing metaoptics and geometric phase
    metasurface resonators and nonlinear metaoptics

✔ highlight lectures by 5 invited experts in the field:

  • Ileana-Cristina Benea-Chelmus, HYLAB, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
    Ahmed Dorrah, Harvard University
    Amit Agrawal
    Thomas Weiss, University of Graz
    Martin Schultze, Graz University of Technology

✔ network with students from across Europe in a poster session and a course dinner.



Attendance is limited to 20 participants. All applications are welcome. Applications from scientists in Ukraine and from underrepresented groups are encouraged. Please apply by filling in the application form (Google Forms) until May 05, 2024.


Registration and Travel Support

There is no registration fee. A limited number of travel and accommodation bursaries of up to 500 € are funded by Laserlab-Europe.



Bachelor's degree in physics, electrical engineering, or similar and interest in metasurface optics or ultrafast lasers.


Training Course Organization

Marcus Ossiander, Graz University of Technology (contact: Email)