Summer School on “Ultrafast Spectroscopy” in Finland

Are you an advanced Master's student, graduate student, or post-doc from the field of Mathematics and Science or Information Technology? Then now is your chance to apply for the 32nd Jyväskylä Summer School in Finland. From 7 August to 11 August, they offer courses in nanoscience for a maximum of 32 participants to study “Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Phenomena, Measurements and Data Analysis Methods”. Laserlab-Europe offers a limited number of travel grants for covering travel and accommodation costs. The deadline for applications is 30 April.

Ultrafast photophysical and photochemical processes play an important role in many photoactive materials such as solar cells, organic LEDs, photocatalysts and molecular-based optical sensors. Thorough understanding of the time scales and yields of such processes is required for the development of more efficient materials. The course provides a thorough introduction to different photophysical and relaxation phenomena in molecules. Furthermore, photochemical processes with a particular focus on charge-transfer processes in molecules and solid materials are introduced. In addition, students are introduced to several ultrafast spectroscopic methods including conventional optical (transient absorption and fluorescence) as well as x-ray based techniques. The introduced processes are illustrated with real spectroscopic data including data analysis and interpretation of the results. Besides the lectures, the course consists of four hands-on workshops focusing on steady-state spectroscopy, fluorescence anisotropy, broadband femtosecond spectroscopy (transient absorption and fluorescence up-conversion) and global analysis of broadband data.

Travel grants available

The course is co-funded by Laserlab-Europe. A limited number of travel grants for covering travel and accommodation costs are available for participants with limited financial resources. Particularly Ukrainian students are encouraged to apply. If you wish to apply for the travel grant, reasons for applying the financial support and approximate estimation of the travel costs should be included in the "motivation" section of the summer school application form in Mobility Online.

The deadline for applications is 30 April.

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