Lasers4EU: Follow-up project of Laserlab-Europe approved

Good news for continued services to the Laserlab-Europe user community: The project proposal of Lasers4EU has been approved by the European Union. The successor of the Laserlab-Europe project will start 1 October 2024, ensuring that users can apply for transnational access projects on a large variety of scientific topics during the next five years.

Lasers4EU’s main objectives are to:

  • provide coordinated access to high-quality services based on a coherent and comprehensive consortium of 27 leading European laser installations offering to users from academia as well as from industry cutting-edge performances at the forefront of laser technologies. If you are interested in taking part in the access programme, please submit your access proposals:
  • structure the European landscape of laser Research Infrastructure through enhanced access, extended geographical coverage, novel science diplomacy activities, improved synergies with other European networks and projects,
  • increase European human resources in the field of laser science by implementing training activities towards researchers from new domains of science and technology and from geographical regions where laser communities are still less developed.

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