Laserlab-Europe Workshop on Data Handling and Open Data, 7 December 2018 - Documentation

Data management and open data are core concepts within Horizon 2020. Initiatives such as the Open Science concept and the adoption of the European Open Science Cloud Implementation Roadmap earlier this year imply that EU researchers will very soon have to work in an environment where data sharing, access and reuse are the norm. With the increasing amount, size and complexity of the data generated at laser research facilities, it becomes necessary for individual infrastructures to become proficient and invest more resources in data management. Simultaneously, there is a need for streamlining and standardising these procedures across the European facilities in order to enhance the services to the user community.

Laserlab-Europe held a Workshop on Data Handling and Open Data at Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon on 7 December 2018, co-organised by the ELI Delivery Consortium. The workshop focussed on exchange of experience regarding a strategy for data management of Laserlab-Europe, its partners and the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI).

The presentations are available at the webpage of the Workshop on Data Handling and Open Data.