Laserlab-Europe Talk: "Time-resolving energy dissipation pathways in materials" on 20 September 2023, 4pm CEST

We are pleased to announce the next Laserlab-Europe Talk:
Jens Biegert (ICFO, Spain) will present ‘Time-resolving energy dissipation pathways in materials’.

A standing challenge in material and molecular sciences is identifying how excitation dissipates. Jens Biegert will show that attosecond soft x-ray spectroscopy provides a powerful new analytical tool for an engineered approach to remedies. After describing the attosecond methodology, he will discuss recent graphite results, a material that is relevant to many technological applications. He will explain how their method allows them to detect the time-evolution of electron-electron interaction, specifically the scattering mechanisms and the dispersion of electron-phonon coupling, including detecting non-Raman active modes.

Speaker: Jens Biegert (ICFO, Spain)
Date: Wednesday, 4 October 2023, 3:00pm CEST


Watch the recording on our YouTube channel >>


The Laserlab-Europe Talks consist of a series of online seminars and panel discussions proposed and organised by our community on specific topics (thematic or research-specific) and provide a platform for regular information exchange and knowledge sharing.

The talks take place on a Wednesday afternoon at 16h00 CEST each month and are open to all interested parties, from PhD students to experts in the field and industrial and medical partners as appropriate.