Laserlab-Europe Talk: "RGB lasers in dermatology and endoscopy " on 20 September 2023, 4pm CEST

We are pleased to announce the next Laserlab-Europe Talk:
Janis Spigulis (University of Latvia) will present ‘RGB lasers in dermatology and endoscopy’.

RGB lasers that emit simultaneously three spectral lines (red, green and blue) are gaining increased applications, mainly related to color projections and color TV. Thanks to the collimated output beam, RGB laser radiation can be efficiently launched in optical fibers which open new application prospects, including uniform three laser line illumination for highly sensitive spectral imaging to improve performance of clinical diagnostics in dermatology and endoscopy.

This talk provides insight into the principles and methodology of triple spectral line imaging under RGB laser-fiber illumination, and its implementation in lab-made prototype devices. For assessment of skin malformations, two RGB laser based prototypes were developed – one for examination of relatively small skin areas (~2-3 cm in diameter) and one for spectral line imaging of larger skin areas of typical dimensions ~40-80 cm, suitable also for full-body skin diagnostic imaging. The obtained three spectral line images are further transformed into distribution maps of three main skin chromophores to help clinicians in diagnosing the malformations with higher precision and reliability. For assessment of mucosa pathologies, a triple RGB laser line illumination system to replace the traditional white light endoscopic illumination has been developed. Some clinical examples will be discussed, as well; clinical tests of the developed devices are underways.

Speaker: Janis Spigulis (University of Latvia)
Date: Wednesday, 20 September 2023, 4:00pm CEST


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The Laserlab-Europe Talks consist of a series of online seminars and panel discussions proposed and organised by our community on specific topics (thematic or research-specific) and provide a platform for regular information exchange and knowledge sharing.

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