Laserlab-Europe Talk "Laser microscopy for the study of infectious disease"

We are pleased to announce that Laserlab-Europe Talks are back from summer break!

On October 19, Dave Clarke, Head of Division Lasers for Science at CLF, will give a speech on “Laser microscopy for the study of infectious disease”.

Speaker: Dave Clarke (CLF)

Wednesday, 19 October 2022, 4pm CEST

Infectious diseases of humans, animals, and plants have very significant societal and economic impacts. The COVID-19 pandemic is an obvious example, and another major threat is the increasing problem of antimicrobial resistance. Climate change is bringing increasing pressure on crops, making them more susceptible to diseases, with potentially serious consequences for food supplies.

Optical microscopy techniques have made a significant impact across many areas of human, animal, and plant biology, and research into infectious disease is no exception. In this talk Dave Clarke (CLF) will give an overview of some of the latest laser-based optical microscopy methods, and show examples from the Central Laser Facility’s research programme showing how they are providing valuable insights into the biology underlying infectious disease, and helping point the way to new treatments.

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The Laserlab-Europe Talks consist of a series of online seminars and panel discussions proposed and organised by our community on specific topics (thematic or research-specific) and provide a platform for regular information exchange and knowledge sharing.

The talks take place on a Wednesday afternoon at 16h00 CET each month and are open to all interested parties, from PhD students to experts in the field and industrial and medical partners as appropriate.